Weekly WOD Insights 12/10/18

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Whether you’re in for a good holiday party flush out or simply looking for a simple and “keep it moving” workout, this should get the job done. I tested this one out for ya’ll last week and plan on doing it again. Now, while it is simple in movement nature, you still have to keep your head on to pace it correctly to get its desired effect. In addition, you don’t always have to make every workout a blowout. Keep this in mind on this wod. You’ll be suprised how not blown out sore you can be by simply doing the workout at a moderate intensity. Because it is 25 minutes, move as though you are doing a competitive 3 mile run. While the reps are short and you have a run to break up the muscle endurance build up, “hurrying” and sprinting before any transitions early on will have your pace take a hit.  Think about moving at 75% effort for a majority of the workout. While reps are short, keep moving at a constant pace. Scale your weights and skills accordingly. Take a couple seconds to get ready to run each so you aren’t scrambling around.

“Holiday Flush”

AMRAP in 25 minutes
3 Power Cleans 115/75, 135/95, 155/105
5/3 Pullups (ADV+Beef: 6m/f)
7/5 Pushups (ADV: 7m/f) (Beef: 9 m/f)
9 Air Squats (ADV+Beef: 12)

*Start with and every 5 minutes, complete a 200m Run or 200m Row

While weekly squatting has been in our programming for years, we will be incorporating additional strength alternatives. For one, unilateral strength work (single sided at a time stuff) aids bilateral strength work (squats, presses, deadlifts etc). In addition, unilateral work (upper or lower body) is really the only way you can work to improve upon any assymetries or imbalances that you have from one side to another. Lately, there are a plentiful amount movements outside of the “Crossfit/Power/Olympic lifting” domain that can assisted us in getting stronger for a more diverse set of activities. Again, we aren’t getting rid of anything, but be on the lookout for some newer strength pieces. For today, squats are ascending and alernative strength has some lower/upper unilateral work and some farmer carries. A note on step ups, they can be lateral OR vertical (straight up). The focus on both should be using minimal help from trail leg and good knee position on the ascent and descent.

A.) Front Squat or Overhead Squat
*Ascending Sets*

A.) Alternative Strength
3×6-8e DB or KB Step Ups
3x70m Heavy Farmers Carry 70m
3×8 Z-Press

Compare 5/17/17
“Death by 20m Row”
Men start at 140m in the first 1 min Row and then add 20m every min
Women start at 120m

ADV+Beef: Start bottoms up.3 Rounds
5 Clean and Jerks 115/75, (ADV: 135/95), (BEEF: 155/105)
1 Rope Climb (ADV: 2) (Beef: 3)

3 Rounds
10 KB Russian Swings 53/35, (ADV: 12 Russian 70/44), BEEF:12 American @70/53)
15 Double Unders or 30 Single Unders (ADV: 30) (Beef: 60)

3 Rounds
15 Row Calories (ADV: 20) (BEEF: 25)
12 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (ADV: 7 Toes to Bar) (Beef: 12)

Compare SIMILAR 5/9/17
“Acai Winter Replisher”Run 600m (ADV+Beef 800m)
7 Rounds
7 Front Squats 95/65, (ADV: 115/75, BEEF: 135/95)
7 Burpees (ADV+Beef: Bar Facing)
Row 800m

“Bison Acai”

The creator of the Acai Challenge

*No buy in*
10 Rounds of:
7 Front Squats 135/95
Rest 3 minutes
For time:
800m Row
800m Run

A.) EMOM for 12 Minutes
2 Clean and or Snatch (Keep note of cleans on Monday and Wednesday)
ADV: 1 @80-85% Or up 5lbs from last time.

10 Minute Cap
21 Deadlifts 155/105, 185/135, 205/145, 225/155
21 Single Arm DB Push Press 45/25, 50/35, 70/45 (Beef Gym: 21 HSPU) (Bison Gym: 30ft HSWALK)
70m Run

15 Deadlifts
15 Single Arm DB Push Press (Beef Gym: 15 HSPU) (Bison Gym: 30ft HSWALK)
70m Run

9 Deadlifts
9 Single Arm DB Push Press (Beef Gym: 9 HSPU) (Bison Gym: 30ft HSWALK)
70m Run

4 Rounds
200m Run
8 Pullups
10 Box Jump Overs
200m Run
15 Wall Balls

4 Rounds
9 Pullups
12 Box Jumps Overs
15 Wall Balls
403m Run

4 Rounds
9 C2B or 8/6 Bar MU or 7/4 Ring MU
15 Box Jumps Overs
21 Wall Balls
403m Run

Rather than give you a SET number on the machine like we normally do, the goal here is to focus on perceived effort. Aim to work at 75% effort on the machine and a little harder on the other movements for the entire workout. Think 75% as being able to talk, but a little uncomfy.

Alternating EMOM for 10 minutes
DB Snatches 45/25 (Adv: 50/35) (Beef: 50+/40+)
Row, Bike, Ski, or Air Runner Cals @ 75% Effort
-immediately into-
Alternating EMOM for 10 minutes
Row, Bike, Ski, or Air Runner Cals @ 75% Effort

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