Weekly WOD insights 11/8/21


You will want to build from the previous weeks loading with your squats. If you haven’t already, you can try your hand at some back squat clusters. They are a great way to get volume with some slightly heavier loading. For todays finisher you will be able to attack the higher skill double unders after coming off of a bit of rest. If you are still working on getting your double unders down, the small bit of rest can allow you to focus on maintaining solid technique. Don’t be afraid to push the pace a little more today since you do have that bit of built in rest!


A.) Back squat or Front Squat
Adv option
2.2 – 2.2 – 2.2 – 2.2


B.) 4 rounds
10 Double unders or 30 singles (20) (50)
8 Hanging knee raises (4 T2B) (10 T2B)
12/9 Cal row (15/12) (20) or assault bike cals 9/6 (12/9) (15)
-Rest :30s between rounds-


The barbell weight for today should be on the lighter side. You will be cycling lots of reps so you want to be confident in your ability to move the weight especially as you get more and more fatigued. You will have a good amount of rest between part A and B, so try not to hold too much back when you’re going through part A. For part B try to have an idea of how much time you want to give yourself to finish the 200m run and still make it in time. Don’t be overly conservative though and give yourself too much time at the end!


A.) 9 Minute amrap 
8 Deadlifts 75/55 (95/65) (Beef 115/75) (135/95 (165/115)
6 Power Cleans (Beef does 3 power cleans + 3 hang cleans)
4 front squats

2 Shoulder to overhead

Did somebody say thrusters?! Hell Yeah Brother!

6 Burpees (Beef Bar facing)
Rx’d/Adv only Run 70m


-Rest 4 minutes-


B.) 7 Minute clock 
Run 403m or machine equivalent
Max rep barbell thruster 75/55 (95/65) (115/75) (135/95)
*Run 200m or machine equivalent before time expires*


**Once you complete the run you cannot do any more thrusters**
***Score amrap, and reps on the thrusters***


The focus for todays workout should be on pushing the threshold all the way through that last set of box jumps. The machine activity at the end is really meant to be an active recovery kind of pace. Your heart rate should be able to go down a little bit while maintaining a nice constant movement. As always don’t be afraid to mix and match different levels!


Every 6 minutes for 24 minutes 
Run 403m or machine equivalent (adv 603m)
5 Box jumps
6 Pull ups (10 pull ups) (C2B) (4/2 BMU) (8 BMU)
5 box jumps
14 Russian KB swings 53/35 (70/44) (20 Russian 70/53) (20 american 53/35)
5 Box jumps
-In time remaining perform calories on machine at about 50% effort-


The halt will be in the same position as last weeks reps. You will be halting right at the knee to reinforce good leg drive. If you were here for last weeks olympic lifting you might want to maintain or slightly increase the loading from last weeks session. Todays finisher should be a quick hitter. All the movements are very quick and you should be able to power through them fairly fast. Today would be a good day to try out a more advanced pressing movement. If you’re worried about not being able to make it through all four rounds of a new pressing movement, just revert back if you feel like you are hitting a wall.



A.) 12 Minute Emom 
2 cleans or snatches


Adv option
halting clean + 1 regular


4 rounds 
10 DB snatch 45/25 (50/35) ( 15 alt 50+/35+) or Kb snatch (Choose loading)
8/5 Push up or ring push up (12/8) (Beef 5/3 HSPU or ring dip) (8)
10 Sit ups, tuck ups, v ups (12) (15)


Heavy deads are on the menu for today. pick a weight that will be tough for all five reps. It’s okay to slow down the pace on the deadlifts as needed since they are supposed to be on the heavier side today. Varying up different elements is a big part of CrossFit, so don’t be afraid to try something thats a little outside of your comfort zone!


8 rounds 
Beef/Bison only 25 double unders
5 Deadlifts 165/115 (185/125) (225/155) (275/205)
200m run or machine equivalent
10 Wall balls (14) (18)
-:30s rest between each round-
*Start every odd round with 10 Double unders (20)



 Today you will be knocking out the higher skill stuff first so you can hit the more grunt style work with high intensity. If you’re someone who is developing their toes to bar, don’t be afraid to mix in some hanging knee raises if you feel like you’re hitting a wall. Be sure though if you are doing your hanging knee raises that you really emphasize driving with you lats as this is a key aspect of being able to eventually do toes to bar.


A.) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Hanging Knee raises or sit ups (4 toes to bar) (T2B)
Calories on machine (Beef Bike only)


-Immediately into-


B.) 5 rounds 
8 Down ups (Burpees) (Beef 12)
200m run or machine equivalent
12 Russian KB swings 53/35 (70/44) (16 Russian) (American 53/35 (70/53)


Sunday Funday 
The first portion of todays workout will be mostly centered around developing skills and 0r strength. You will have some opportunities to attack some meat and potato push pull movements. If you’re someone with ambitions of climbing up that rope then be sure to get some practice in today! I will be coaching class so just let me know if you’d like my help to learn how to climb that rope. The second part is more geared towards metabolic conditioning. That is where you will get your intensity work for the day, so save it for that second part and get after it!


9 minute alternating emom
1- 1-2 rope climb (Short rope) or 5-10 Strict pull ups or ring rows
2- 6-12 Push ups, ring push up, handstand push up, ring dip or 10-50 foot handstand walk
3- Max D ball/Sandbag over shoulder Or double Db snatch (Select weight)


-Rest 2 minutes-


4 rounds 
10 Box jump over (12) (15)
8 Power cleans 95/65 (115/75) (12 @ 115/75)
10 Front squats (Beef 15 @ 115/75)