Weekly WOD insights 11/1/21


The goal for today is consistency. The allotted work should not take you the full three minutes. I would say shoot for the 1:50-2:20 range and the try to sustain that pace as best as you can. The last 2-3 rounds should be a very good challenge, but should still be similar in terms of time to your first couple of rounds. My intention with scoring the best and worst round is to allow you to see if you were really able to sustain your chosen pace. Consistency baby!


Every 3 minutes for 21 Minutes 
8 Down ups (Burpees) (10)
12 Russian Kb swings 53/25 (70/44) (15 @ 70/53) (15 am swings 53/35)
15/12 Cal row (18/14) (21) or 12/9 Cal bike (16/12) (20)
*Score best and worst split time*


I am a big advocate of the single leg stuff as I think we don’t get a lot of time with it, especially in a controlled environment.The listed weights for the lunges are merely a suggestion, if you have something in mind that feels more appropriate then by all means go with that! If you select your volume and loading properly for the first part, you should get a moderately challenging cardio stimulus. Especially since lunges can really get the heart rate up 🥵 . For todays finisher you want to select a shoulder to overhead weight you feel very comfortable moving under fatigue. Both the S2O and the hanging knee raises are fast movements, so don’t fall prey to coming out too hot! Have a pace you want to stick to, check in at the halfway point, and adjust from there.


“Functional Bodybuilding”


@ minute 0:00
Alternate every :90s for 13:30 (9 sets)
1- 6-8 ea side lunges (BB or DB) Weight suggestions: 75/55 95/65 115/75 or DB 40/20 (135/95 or DB 50/35


2- 6-12 Ring rows or pull ups


3- :30-:45s tuck hollow hold, hollow hold, weighted hollow hold


@ Minute 18:00 


7 Minute amrap 
7 Shoulder to overhead 75/55 95/65 115/75 or DB 40/20 (135/95 or DB 50/35)
10 Hanging knee raises (4 T2B) (8 T2B)


I really like halting olympic lifts since they really help reinforce good leg drive which can easily get overlooked. For the finisher, you want to aim to go as unbroken as possible on the dumbbell, and maintain an aggressive pace overall. Both movements are fast so don’t be afraid to push the pace!


A.) Every :90s for 15 minutes 
halting clean or snatch (at knee) + 1 regular clean or snatch


B.) 4 rounds 
12 Dumbbell snatch 45/25 (15 @ 50/35)
10 Box Jump overs (12)
30 Alternating dumbbell snatches 50/35 (55+/35+)
15 Box jump overs
20 Alternating dumbell snatches
15 Box Jump Overs
10 Alternating dumbbell snatches
15 Box jump overs


In the past we have had cholula, tapatio, and sriracha, so it’s only fitting now that we give the other sauces some love. My intention for today is to allow you to push the longer pieces of cardio and still feel like you can attack the work inside the gym since there will be a decent amount of rest.  You will want to base your decision off of your front squat ability today as the deadlifts should feel very light. If you’re still working on building up your push up game, ask a coach about scaling options. Today is an excellent day for those as the equipment requirements are very low.


“Chipotle Mayo”


800m Run (1200m)
3 rounds of “Chipotle Mayo”


-Rest :90s-


600m run (800m)


3 rounds “Chipotle Mayo”


-Rest 1 minute-


403m run
3 rounds of “Chipotle Mayo”


“Chipotle Mayo”
8/5 Push ups (10/6 reg PU or ring PU) (4/2 HSPU or ring dips) (8)
8 deadlifts 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
6 front squats


If you have a year or more of squatting experience, feel free to take a crack at the squat clusters. Squat clusters are a simple way to provide you with the opportunity to do a little more weight than you normally would for the given volume. The small break in between the cluster sets will be just enough to add 10-20 pounds more to your normal sets of 6 reps. Todays finisher is directly inspired by Bri. She showed me this finisher from her invictus program, and it looks like a pretty fun one! You will want to move quickly on the buy in portion, but don’t go so fast that you have no energy left to attack the power cleans. After the first cycle, you will have an idea of how many power cleans you will be able to potentially get each time.


A.) Back or Front Squat 


Adv option
(3.3) – (3.3) – (3.3) – (3.3)


B.) Every 2 minutes for 10 Minutes
8 Hanging knee raises (3 T2B) ( 6 T2B)
6 Box Jumps
-In time remaining perform max power cleans 95/65 115/75 135/95 165/115 185/125-


 *If you make it to 50 reps then score is time you finished it at, if you don’t make it to 50 then your score is how many reps you completed*


You will be moving today. There will not be much rest today in the workout so pace accordingly. For the buy in/ cash out portions, the person doing the burpees should find a pace thats around the 75% level. My intention with the burpees is to keep people moving the whole time, but still allow you to hit the cardio at a faster pace than usual. For the middle portion you will be alternating movements as it is the most straight forward way to distribute the work. Given that there is a nice equal number of rounds, you will be able to share the load equally today!


Partner WOD 


6 rounds (partners alternate cardio)
200m run or machine equivalent
*One does cardio while other does burpees*


-Immediately into-


8 rounds 
15 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (am swings 70/53)
10 Shoulder to overhead 75/55 95/65 115/75 135/95
5 pull ups (C2B) (2/1 BMU) (5 BMU)
*Partners alternate movements*


-Immediately into-


6 rounds (partners alternate cardio)
200m run or machine equivalent
*One does cardio while other does burpees*


**Score total time and total burpees**


Simple, arguably boring, but effective. As much as it is very fun and entertaining to come up with complex ways to create a challenge for you all, I can’t deny the effectiveness or necessity of formats like this. It’s always tough to strike the balance between entertaining workouts, and the more boring but necessary things that need to get done. My advice would be to go into todays workout with a specific intention. For example you might want to shorten your rest on the wall balls, or try to optimize your d ball technique. Having something to focus on during these more monotonous workouts will make them not only gp by faster, but allow you to get a little more out of it.


10 Minute alternating EMOM 
1- Cardio machine at 75% effort
2- Wall Balls


-Immediately into-


10 minute alternating EMOM
1- Cardio machine at 75% effort
2- D-ball or sand bag over shoulder or devils press (pick load)