Weekly WOD insights 11/15/21

Admittedly I shy away from programming longer sets and just longer workouts in general. I wouldn’t say its intentional…its just not my go to. But it is important! Today you will be working with some bigger sets on some familiar movements. It’s important to vary up the formatting enough in your training to make sure you cover all your bases when it comes to your fitness. Luckily you will have a little rest in todays workout, so I am hoping it allows you to go a little more aggressive than you normally would on how you break up your reps. I would suggest keeping track of each individual round and seeing how consistent you were able to be!


3 rounds 

603m Run (adv 800m)
18 Deadlifts 135/95 (165/115) (185/125) (20 @ 205/135)
15 Burpees (Bar facing) (20)
10 Pull ups (15 or 10 C2B) (15 C2B or 4/2 BMU) (20 C2B or 8 BMU)
-:90s rest between rounds-


You got two options today when it comes to your skwats. You can stick with the traditional formatting or opt for the more conditioning based option and work in a little cardio with your squats. If your end goal is to get stronger in the squat, then go ahead and stick to the normal formatting. Even though the conditioning option will still push you, it will limit how much weight you can put on the bar due to the cardio buy in portion. Todays finisher should be fast and intense. Aim to go unbroken on the farmer carry and push yourself on the calories. You’d be surprised at how long you can stay at that “redline” pace on the machines!


A.) Back or front squat 
@80% of 1rm


*Conditioning option* 
Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes 
1 minute max calories any machine or 200m run
5 Back squats at 70-75%


B.) Calories on any machine 
Rx’d- 20-15-10
Adv- 25-20-15
Beef- 30-25-20


*After each set of calories set perform 70m farmer carry*
Rx’d- 45/25
Adv- 50/35
Beef- 70/50



I just can’t let the hot sauce names die ;). I figured now would be a good time for a re-test and I like the formatting of this one to challenge your upper body, while still allowing you to move quickly from movement to movement. I think it provides a nice contrast to Monday’s format since this one is working with much smaller sets and more movements without any planned rest. Be aware that the middle portion can definitely get a little shoulder-y, so break up the pushing movements earlier rather than later if they tend to give you trouble. If you’re someone who is in the process of getting their handstand push ups down, check out this video on a really great scaling option that will get you towards that full range handstand push up! Using a box is usually better than stacking tons of ab mats because it will allow you to move through a fuller range of motion. Be sure to check back and see if you did this workout on the previous date, and see if you can beat that score!


“Cholula AMRAP”
*Compare 1/26/21*AMRAP in 21:00
8 Power Cleans 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/105
1 round of “Cholula”
15 Double Unders (ADV: 20) (Beef: 30)
1 round of “Cholula”
200m Row or machine equivalentNote: 1 Round of Cholula is
8/6 Pushups ADV: 10/8 (Beef: 12 Pushups or 6 HSPU or Ring Dips)
8 Situps/Tuckups/V-ups (ADV: 4 Toes to bar) (Beef: 8 T2B)
12 Air Squats



Anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me (or give me a better hot sauce!)



This FBB (functional bodybuilding) strength format is very similar to one that I programmed a few weeks ago. I am a big advocate of the single leg work as I think it can have a lot of benefit for a lot of other movements. I have provided a video link to show you an example of the dumbbell step up I would like you all to do. A big thing to keep in mind is that we want the stepping leg to do a vast majority of the work. One thing that can really effect whether or not your back leg has to help is the height of the box. You do not have to do the standard prescribed height (men 24 in/ women 20 in)  for this strength segment. I want you to choose a height that allows you to maximize the usage of the stepping leg, and minimize the usage of the trailing leg. I usually use the 20 inch box when I do step ups just to ensure that I can really utilize my front leg. Todays finisher should be extremely fast. Ideally you are going unbroken on the shoulder to overhead, at the most breaking once towards the end. Be aware that the shoulder to overhead and box jump overs use relatively similar biomechanics, so make sure you pick those knees up when you jump!

Did he make it? Did he fall? The world may never know.

Functional Bodybuilding 2.0
Every :90s for 13:30 alternate between


1) 8-12 Box step ups 30/20 40/25 50/35


2) :30-:45s tuck hollow hold, hollow hold, weighted hollow hold


3) 6-12 Ring rows or Pull ups (Adv Strict C2B) (Beef 2-5 strict muscle ups)


4 rounds 
10 Shoulder to overhead 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
10 Box Jump overs (12) (15)


The halt today on the cleans will be right off the floor. No I am serious. It’s literally right off the ground with the bumper plates hovering a few inches off the floor. The idea behind this is to reinforce good leg drive right from the get go. Often times we cover other aspects of the clean like staying over the bar, sweeping the bar into the hips, getting under the weight quickly, etc. And while all of this is super important, we can’t forget to use our legs! If you’d rather get a little cardio and barbell cycling in today, then go ahead and opt for the conditioning option. We have been working the halt from a different position for the last few weeks, and this will be the last week of the halting work. I am hoping that next weeks cleans will feel very powerful after the past couple of weeks of halting. Todays finisher is a nice low skill piece that won’t beat you up and leave you feeling sore. The volume is relatively low on the non machine based movements, so you can feel free to really attack today without fear of being too sore tomorrow! Pick an aggressive pace and stick to it 😎 .


A.) Every :90s for 15 minutes 
1 halting clean or snatch  (halt is immediately off ground) + 1 regular clean or snatch


Conditioning option 
Every :90s for 15 minutes
:40s Max cals
3 touch and go cleans or snatches


B.) Every 3 minutes for 9 minutes 
12 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (15 @ 50/35) (Beef 15 alt 55+/35+)
9 Down ups (Adv Burpee) (Beef lateral burpee over DB)
-Max calories in time remaining-





In contrast to yesterday, today is much more on the higher skill side (I consider wall balls to have a certain amount of skill). The first portion is aimed at having the cleans being on the heavier side, technique permitting. Obviously it can become a bit of a grippy workout so I am totally fine with you mixing in sit ups or any variations of them with your bar work. Even if you are doing the advanced/beefy versions I am okay with you mixing some sit up variations in (preferably V ups 😁 ). Part B is all about your mental game and being strategic-ish. It’s going to be uncomfortable, your legs are gonna hurt, but this will be a good test of how hard you can really push yourself mentally. That being said I do not believe that trying to rip off a massive set at the start and piecing together what you can is a great strategy. Try to have an idea of how you would like to break things up, see how it feels as you go along, and adjust accordingly.


A.) 8 Minute amrap 
8 Hanging Knee raises or sit ups, tuck ups, v ups (4 toes to bar) (10 toes to bar)
5 Power cleans 115/75 135/95 (165/115) (185/125) (205/135)
-Rx’d only 70m run-

You all should compliment Nabil on his commitment to bringing you the highest quality media content. I mean just look at that angle!


-Rest 3 minutes-


B.) Wall Ballin 
70 Wall balls for time (100) (125) (150 😱 )


*Every time you break perform*
Rx’d/adv- 70m Run
Beef/Bison- 70m med ball carry


*13 Minute time cap*


Rightfully named the devils press is a fairly challenging movement. While it is challenging, there is still an optimal way to do them and I have linked a video of my man crush Marcus Filly demoing how to do them properly. Notice how after he stands up he uses lots of momentum in a snatching motion to get the dumbbell up. This is where I see a lot of people go wrong as they try to use their upper body to do most of the work. Make it easier on yourself and use those hips! Todays formatting is a chipper so be ready to move steadily for a while. Don’t come out too hot!


Chipper Sando 


2 wall walks (3 or 30 foot handstand walk) (60 foot handstand walk)
12 Single arm devils press 40/20 (15 @ 45/25) (50/35) (Bison 2 DB 40-50/25-35)
20 Single Dumbbell lunges 40/20 45/25 (50/35) (Bison 2 DB 40-50/25-35)
20 Box Jumps (25) (30)
30/25 Calories any machine (40/30) (50)
20 box Jumps
20 Single dumbbell lunges
2 wall walks (3 or 30 foot handstand walk) (4 or 60 foot handstand walk)


*At some point during the workout perform (can be cumulative in increments of 70m)*
Rx’d/Adv- 140m of Farmer carry, odd object carry, sled push
Beef- 210m of Farmer carry, odd object carry, sled push


If we learned anything from this last years open, its that wall walks are freaking hard!