Weekly WOD insights 11/22/21



Over the past month we have worked a lot of halting reps. My goal with doing those was to help reinforce good leg drive in the pull portion of the clean or snatch. If you have made it in for all of the halting reps I hope you are able to feel some of the benefits of the halting work today! You are also welcome to do clean and jerks if you feel like the clean of the clean and jerk is more of your weak point. If you have a year or more of olympic lifting experience and would like to do something slightly different than our normal olympic lifts, give the complex a try! Keep in mind that the entire complex must be done without taking your hands off of the barbell. Todays finisher has to simple movements paired with a little skill stress. The double under can be a tricky movement for many and really takes practice (especially under physical stress) to perfect. If you’re in the process of still learning your double unders, don’t spend any longer than :30s on each set of double unders to ensure you can make the time cap.


A.) Every :90s for 15 minutes
2 cleans or snatches or clean and jerks
Adv complex option 
1 hang clean + 1 clean + 2 front squats


B.) 12 Minute time cap
5 rounds 
12 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (15 @ 70/53)
12/9 Row Calories (15) (20) or Assault bike cals 8/5 (12/9) (15)


*Starting at 0:00 and every 2 minutes after Perform 10 Double unders (20) (40)*



This was a workout that Anthony West showed me from his Invictus programming (shoutout to the sweat shop Invictus crew) and I knew I had to program it. The Chief is one my favorite CrossFit workouts because of the simplicity. Three movements that have the potential to create an intense, but manageable workout for all levels. The workout can get a little shoulder-y so be sure to select the push up amount that is appropriate for you. Challenging your upper body is great but don’t do so at the expense of having a not very intense workout. If you feel confident in your cleans and push ups, give the Beefy version a shot!


“Running From the Chief”


20 minute Amrap 
2 Rounds of
3 power clean 95/65 115/75
4/2 Push ups (6/3)
9 air squats
200m run



20 Minute amrap 
1 round of the chief or thicc chief
200m run
2 rounds of the chief or thicc chief
200m run
3 rounds of the chief
200m run……


“The chief & Thicc Chief”
3 power cleans 135/95 (185/125)
6 Push ups (3 HSPU or Ring dips)
9 Air squats


If you made it in for last weeks squat session, the goal would be to build from the previous weeks loading. Same goes for you even if you did the conditioning option instead of just the standard lifting option. Todays finisher should be an all gas no breaks kind of effort. Both movements are fast and relatively low volume. Ideally you would go as unbroken as possible, especially on the snatches since you can distribute the volume across both arms. If you do have ambitions of doing toes to bar at some point, make sure you get a good kip going on your hanging knee raise so you can get some skill development for the hanging work. Keep in mind that tomorrows workout will have pull ups so if you are worried about the wear and tear (pun intended) on your hands then opt for sit ups, or a mixture of bar work and sit ups.



A.) Back or Front Squat 
*Building from previous weeks (11/16/21) loading if possible*


*Conditioning option* 
Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes 
1 minute max calories any machine or 200m run
3 Back squats at 70-75%
*Building from previous weeks (11/16/21) loading if possible*


B.) For time 
25 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) (25 alt 50+35+) or Kb snatch (Pick load and match with corresponding levels reps)
12 Hanging knee raises or sit ups, tuck ups, v ups (4 T2B) (10 T2B)
20 Dumbbell snatches (25 alt)
12 Hanging knee raises or sit ups (4 T2B) (10 T2B)
15 Dumbbell snatches (25 alt)
12 Hanging knee raises or sit ups (4 T2B) (10 T2B)


The goal for today is to give you a solid mover so you can enjoy your thanksgiving dinner guilt free. The goal is to move consistently across both amraps. If you’re someone who is still working on their pull up game, don’t be afraid to band up as need or break up your sets early, so you can keep moving for the 9 minutes. For the middle cardio portion, you can go at a moderate pace that will keep the heart rate down, and maybe even allow for a little bit of recovery. Part B is where you can really push the pace if you want to maximize your calorie burn before the big meal. If you feel like the box jump overs might get a little sketchy, don’t be afraid to switch over to step ups, or a mixture of the two.


Turkey day cardio blowout 
A.) 9 Minute amrap 
12 wall balls (15) (20)
5/3 Pull ups (8 or 4 C2B) (8 C2B or 3/2 BMU) (6 BMU)


-4 minute clock-
Run 403m or machine equivalent (600)


B.) 9 minute clock
12/9 Calories on machine (15) (20) or 200m run
10 Box Jump overs (12) (15)


*Adv and Beefy start with part B*


Enjoy your thanksgiving dinner ya’ll!


Today is similar to yesterdays workout in the sense that I am trying to keep you consistently moving for a long period of time. You can approach the machine calories a number of ways. You can go at a faster pace and split your efforts between the machine work and the amrap, or you can go slower on the machine and really try to push the pace on the amrap. Double unders can be tough and sometimes take away from the intensity of the workout if you keep tripping up on them. If you feel like you might be running into this problem, then you might be better off going faster on the machine to get a more optimal overall intensity. Don’t forget about those sled pushes either 🍑 !


Post Turkey Day Flusher 


24 minute clock 
Alternate between
3 Minute calories on any machine (can be chill or go ham)


3 minute amrap 
8 Deadlifts 135/95 (165/115) (185/125) (205/135)
6/3 Push ups (10/6) (4/2 hspu or ring dips)  (6/4 Hspu or ring dip)
10 Double unders (20) (40)


*Pick up amrap where you left off*
**Can alternate starts if you have a bigger class**


*Before time is up, each person must complete*
Rx’d 2 (70m) sled pushes 50/25
Adv- 2 (70m) Sled pushes 75/50
Beef/Bison- 3 (70m) sled pushes 100/75


Not feelin a CrossFit workout? Get outside and go for a ride, hike, or run!

The burpee box jump over is a movement we don’t tackle too often in our programming. Its honestlyy just a pain in the butt kind of movement 😅 , but having the right approach to it can really help with your efficiency. In my opinion people run into trouble on it when they try to move too quickly. I have always found that if I can settle into a nice rhythmic pace, I can manage my heart rate while still moving at a solid pace. Its easy to move too quickly on them, and then have your heart rate sky rocket. I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that the power clean/front squat combo can be a little bit of a low back stressor. If you’re someone who has a “tight” low back (Anthony im talking to you!), its usually a result of having tight hips. Stretching your low back out might give you some relief, but you would be better of spending a little bit of time opening up your hips. I will link a few things below that I like to do to open my hips up if I know I am going to be doing a low back-y workout.


4 rounds (Beef 5 Rounds)
200m run or machine equivalent
8 Burpee Box Jump overs (10)
200m run or machine equivalent
10 Power cleans 95/65 (115/75) (135/95) (5 @ 185/125)
8 Front squats 95/65 (115/75) (135/95) (4 @ 185/125)



Low back irritation prevention


:90s-2min ea side


:90s-2min ea side


6-8 ea side (squeeze the heck out of your butt)


10-12 ea side (go nice and slow)


8-10 reps in each direction


I really like this short, repeatable, high intensity format. And I think the lunge/ midline combo pairs very nicely. I would encourage you to track your round splits and aim to stay consistent across all 7 rounds. A solid goal in my mind is to keep all the rounds within :10-:15s of that first round. Over the past few weeks I have been implementing some single leg work in to some strength sessions, so I hope you can feel the benefit of those sessions today! If you’re someone who really struggles with lunges, be sure to get a lot of warm up reps in on those movements.


7 Rounds 
200m run or machine equivalent
8 barbell lunges 75/55 (95/65) (10 @ 115/75 or DB 40/20) (135/95 or Db 50/35)
8 Hanging knee raises or single leg v ups, tuck ups, v ups(4 T2B) (10 T2B)
70m Run
-:30s of rest-