Weekly WOD Insight 7/16/18


For anyone planning on training Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is some running on each of those days.  While it’s less than 2 miles total, spread out over 3 days, for some it may still be a bit much.  Keep in mind that rowing, bike, or the ski erg are ALWAYS an alternative, even if we don’t list it here or on the whiteboard for the sake of redundancy.  Also, let me know if you find the info on these “WOD Insight”  blog posts helpful.  I feel like there is a lot of useful information, not just in regards to how to perform the best in the workouts, but tips to hopefully help you form an idea of what it is you truly want out of your exercise program, and the best mindset to have to achieve that!

Monday – I recently got some great feedback about our skill development sessions that we have switched back and forth from between those and the alternating EMOMs.  After James and I put our heads together for a while, we came up with something we are going to try out this week.  The first thing we identified is that there is a HUGE variance in people’s ability level when it comes to these higher skill movements.  Some have the movements and are able to perform them even while fatigued in a workout, others have yet to develop the fundamental strength needed to even safely attempt these movements, or even some of their progressions.  And then there are others that fall in the middle.  These folks have the necessary strength, but have not acquired the skill yet.  During these skill development sessions the coach will be working directly with these folks.  The people that have the movement, we’ll call the Beef, we’ll be doing an EMOM with volume that they can sustain for the duration of the skill development session.  The people that don’t yet have the fundamental strength, we’ll call them Rx’d, will be doing an Alternating EMOM to simply develop the strength needed.  For those in between those two levels, we’ll call them ADV., this week we’ll be working on the ring muscle up transition.

For the main workout it’s basically an 18 minute AMRAP with a 6 minute intermission to get some work on some exercises we don’t often do, and of course, a bit a rest!  The movement you choose should take 2 minutes or less to perform.  When finishing the first 10 minutes of the AMRAP, rest 90 seconds to 2 minutes before starting your chosen exercise, this way you aren’t going right into it, still sucking wind from the first 10 minutes… you should then have at least 2 minutes to rest a bit more and re-group, before attacking the final 8 minutes of the metcon.  For this time, pick a movement that you are already relatively familiar with as we won’t have a ton of time to do a full tutorial on all of those optional movements, but let us know if there are any of these you’d like to see more of, or learn more about and perhaps we can set aside some more official times to learn these movements!

A.) 8 minute Muscle Up Skill Development – seated band assisted transition
3-5 sets x 5 reps

B.) 0:00 – 10:00 AMRAP of:
10 Wall Ball (ADV. 15) BEEF 20
10 Hanging Knee Raise or Situp (ADV. 8 Toes to Bar) BEEF 12 Toes to Bar
10 KB Swing 53/35 (ADV. 10 @ 70/44) BEEF 12 @ 70/53

10:00 – 16:00 Pick one:
15 Sandbag Over Shoulder (round sandbag ONLY)
10 Atlas Stone to Shoulder
10 Tire Flips
140m Yolk Carry
3-5 Rope Climbs
50-100 ft. HS Walk
2 Pegboard Ascents
25 GHD Situps
500m Ski
400m Treadmill Run

16:00 – 24:00 resume AMRAP where you left off

——- —————–

Tuesday  –  So for this one, Rx’d and ADV. have a low number of pullups and I’d rather folks do them unassisted if possible.  If however, you still need to use a band, go for the 3 strict pullups, to account for the time getting in and out of the band… just make sure they are still tough!  And regardless of your level, feel free to experiment with a chin-up grip or a mixed grip!  Several ladies have been hitting the 1.5 mile run course before or after workouts just for fun… 2 mile run course needed??

A.) 1 mile Run (ADV. 1.5 mile Run)
or 2K Row, 2K Ski, 5K men/ 4K women Bike

B.) 10 min. AMRAP
1 Strict Pullup (ADV. 3) (BEEF 7)
4 Burpees (BEEF 7)
5 Box Jump Overs (BEEF 7)

———– ————

WednesdayIf it’s been less than a year that you’ve been consistently lifting weights, you’ll get more benefit (and stay safer) by going with 3’s instead of a 1 Rep Max for the Back Squat.  But for those experienced lifters that haven’t tested their 1 RM in a while, here’s your opportunity.  Keep in mind though, anytime going for a heavy single make sure you have a spotter which you’ve communicated your exit strategy to, and/or use the squat safety rack.  If it’ your first time using the safety rack, or you are unsure of how to use it, or set it up correctly, please ask a coach for assistance.  🙂

A.) Rx’d & ADV.
Back Squat
*ascending weights

BEEF –  work up to a 1 RM

B.) Rx’d & ADV.
Buy In: 500m Row
then 4 Rounds of: (ADV. 5 Rounds)
12 DB Snatch 45/25
12 DB Lunge 45/25

5 Rounds
15 Alt. DB Snatch 50/35
15 SA Overhead DB Lunge 50/35
Cash Out: 500m Row

————– ————-

ThursdayThe reason we always have Clean & Jerk as the workout, with Snatch as an “option” is because we feel that the majority of members at the Sweat Shop are there to get fit, get stay healthy, feel great, and look amazing!  All of those things can be achieved without ever doing a barbell snatch!  While there is nothing wrong with doing a barbell snatch, even for those that aren’t competing in the sport of CrossFit, we feel like the risk to reward is simply not worth it for most folks.  However, if you meet these checkpoints and have interest in trying out the barbell snatch, you should be okay!

  • good shoulder mobility?  (overhead squat with straight elbows, minimal internal rotation, upright torso, heels stay on the floor)
  • good shoulder stability (snatch balance, sotts press, handstand hold, bottoms up kb press)
  • you already have a good understanding of the mechanics for the Clean (bar path, position, timing)
  • you are able to set your ego aside and understand that the movement must be learned and perfected under light loads ( you are coachable)

A.) 12 min. EMOM
2 Clean & Jerk or Snatch

ADV. 1 C&J or Snatch approx. 75-80% 1RM

B.) 9 min. AMRAP
2 Hang Power Clean 75/55 (ADV. 95/65) (BEEF 115/75) (Bison completely UNBROKEN @ 115/75)
2 Shoulder to Overhead
4 Hang Power Clean
4 Shoulder to Overhead
6 Hang Power Clean
6 Shoulder to Overhead
70m Run

Bison 115/75 barbell can’t be set down until 6 STO complete. (***Bison Only** partial round only counts on final round, however, even on final round if barbell is set down before completing 6 STO, must start back at 2 Hang Power Clean)

———– ————

FridayMore muscle up skill work just like on Monday, however, for those not working the muscle up skill, we’ll have you guys do a little something different since there is already a lot of volume on the bench press, and Beef will even cash out with a set of muscle ups. 

For the main workout, if you don’t already have significant experience with the bench press, go quite a bit lighter than what you think.  Bench press, like pushups, ring dips, and handstand pushups, can reach a muscle fatigue point quickly and abruptly…. which isn’t usually dangerous except on bench press because you are under the barbell!  Select a weight which when warming up you could do 10+ reps with.  During the workout, don’t go to failure on ANY sets, re-rack the bar when you feel as though you only have 3 reps left in you.  Be smart!  If you aren’t sure, ask the coach to help you select a weight, and ask for a spotter on each of your sets!

A.) ADV. 8 minute Muscle Up Skill Development – Band Assisted Seated Transition
3-5 sets  x 5 reps

B.) compare 7/26/17, 1/27/17, 1/11/16, 10/19/15

403m Run
15 Deadlifts
15 Bench Press

403m Run
12 Deadlifts
12 Bench Press

200m Run
9 Deadlifts
9 Bench Press

*** Rope Climbs ****

200m Run
6 Deadlifts
6 Bench Press

**** Cash Out *****

Deadlift – Rx’d 205/135, ADV. 225/155, BEEF 275/185
Bench Press – Rx’d 135/75, ADV. 155/95, BEEF 185/105
Rope Climb – Rx’d 2, ADV. 3, BEEF 4, **BEEFier 3 Regional Rope Climbs**

Rx’d 70m Sled Push
ADV. 60 Double Unders
BEEF 10 MU (men) 8 MU (women)

——— ————-

SaturdayFor Rx’d this should be a good “stay moving” workout.  Spend 60 seconds or less on each set of jump rope.  For Beef this is a moderately high amount of volume on the chest to bar pullups.  If you’re not a pullup ninja break these up before you are forced to!

*compare 4/10/17 (ADV. & BEEF start with Run)
2 Rounds of:

500m Row
10 Front Squat 95/65, 115/75 (BEEF 15 @115/75)
5 Pullups (ADV: 10) (BEEF: 15 C2B)
20 DU or 50 Single unders (ADV: 40) (BEEF: 60)

2 Rounds of:

403m Run
10 Front Squat 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (BEEF 15 @115/75)
5 Pullups (ADV: 10) (BEEF: 15 C2B)
20 DU or 50 Single unders (ADV: 40) (BEEF: 60)

———– ————

FundayAfter the Sweat Shop members suggested more chippers we programmed one back at the end of May which I did and was a lot of fun!  This one has many of the same movements but varies a little in that it has DB Snatches and a Farmer Carry, so it could get a little “grippy”, overall though I’m hoping it’ll be just as fun!  My main suggestion for this one is break the DB Thrusters early and often to keep yourself from redlining early in the set.

20 Dumbbell Thrusters, 45/25 lbs
25 Wall Climbs
20 Dumbbell Snatches, 45/25 lbs
DB Farmer Carry, 140 m  45/25
Run, 603 m
20 Hanging Knee Raises  or Situps
Row, 1000 m

800m Run
25 Toes to Bar
25 Wall Climbs
1000m Row
200m DB Farmer Carry 45/25
25 DB Thruster 45/25
25 DB Snatch

1000m Row
35 Alternating DB Snatch 50/35
35 DB Thruster
200m DB Farmer Carry
25 Wall Climb
35 Toes to  Bar
800m Run

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  1. Big Mike
    Big Mike says:

    Hey Nabil – I find the Weekly WOD Insight very helpful. It gives me a more detailed look at each WOD and the thinking behind them. I really appreciate the effort that’s made to write it each week.

  2. Tara Swarts
    Tara Swarts says:

    I always read ad love learning each coaches insight into the workouts and individual movements! Appreciate the extra time each of you are taking to make all of us better!

  3. Erik Polzin
    Erik Polzin says:

    I depend on the weekly WOD Insights. I find myself reviewing it multiple times throughout the week. With a busy work/travel schedule it gives me a chance to line-up my Hotel Gym WODs with what we’re doing at the Sweat Shop.

  4. Roy
    Roy says:

    I love the Weekly WOD Insights as well. Always give me a way to set targets/expectations as well as your recommended scaling options for the day’s I’m going in.

  5. Alandi
    Alandi says:

    I love the weekly WOD Insights blog postings! Hearing about the coach’s intentions for the weekly programming helps me sync in my *mindfulness* for the week’s workouts to come! (Although, in a less snooze like fashion as Marko has demonstrated in the previous 7/12/17 running post)


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