Thanksgiving Reminders

With Thanksgiving fast approaching I just wanted to cover a few reminders before the big feast. For Thanksgiving day, we are only having two classes, an 8:00 am and 9:00 a.m. The day after Thanksgiving, 11/24, we will be having an 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00 a.m. class. After that we will be back to a normal schedule for Saturday and Sunday.

In addition to the schedule announcements I wanted to talk about Thanksgiving day itself, mainly the eating and drinking. The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a post that resonated with me and I am sure will resonate with others as well. It came from Jordan Syatt who is well known personal trainer, and even the personal trainer for serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. If you want to know more about him you can click here. The post I saw talked about how people can go a little crazy when it comes to worrying about what they eat and drink during Thanksgiving, and other Holidays. When it comes to Holidays and special occasions, its not the time to try and hunker down on our diet and follow it to the T, its the time to enjoy our food and drink! Diets are successful when they are followed consistently over a long period of time. One or two days of deviation is not going to throw off your diet completely. Have that extra piece of pie, throw some gravy on those potatoes, have another glass of wine, just enjoy the holidays! Take the time you have to enjoy a meal with family, or friends, and forget about those everyday stressors.

Now, in saying all this, every Saturday should not be a Thanksgiving day. Its as I said before, diets are successful because they are followed consistently over a long period of time. Follow the diet 80% of the time, go ahead and enjoy yourself the other 20%. Think of Holidays or special occasions as a light at the end of the tunnel. For example after Thanksgiving, get back on the diet, stay fairly diligent, and come Christmas go ahead and enjoy yourself once more! You’ve earned it! If you want to see the post that sparked this idea go ahead and give it a read below!

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