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Another year, another BIG thanks to my Sweat Shop family! As many of you know, I take a yearly trip to Peru or the Dominican Republic for a non-profit organization, Here For Kids International. We serve impoverished communities and at-risk children who have been rescued from abusive and neglectful environments. We run sports camps and do construction work projects that will help Kids Alive continue to house, feed, and educate vulnerable children.

This will be my 6th trip (alongside Marko for his first), and with each new year, Sweat Shoppers always come through in the clutch! Thanks so much to everyone who donated shoes, clothes, school supplies, sports equipment, and money for these communities. I’m amazed at how quickly you all come to my aid during these trips and I get humbled seeing how pumped you guys get to give, whether it’s reaching out to me, sharing facebook posts, texting me how fun it was to go shopping for kids shoes, or simply being there to help if I reached out to you. I like using a glass analogy I heard somewhere down the road. A full glass represents a life filled with happiness and love. We all have different upbringings, stories, pasts, pains, and triumphs and our glasses are not always full nor are equal. Sometimes they’re empty. And while donating something small like shoes or a couple bucks might seem like adding a simple drop to the glass, it’s a start to making that glass full. Not only for someone else’s glass, but for your own. And while it might just be a small drop in one’s glass, it might be a “pour” in another’s! I see and feel it both ways on these trips. So again, I really appreciate your help and can’t wait to get down there!

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  1. Jacqueline Janet
    Jacqueline Janet says:

    You have a good heart JB! Hope You and Marko have a wonderful meaningful, inspiring and generous experience.


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