Row’D Royalty Recap!


Shout out to the Sweat Shoppers who competed in the annual Row’d Royalty competition! Row’d Royalty is a 4-week online challenge (similar to the CF Open) which involves some gnarly rowing workouts announced each week. Traditionally, it has been individual only, but this year they added the team division! While the workouts are still performed individually, your score will be added to the teams overall scores. This year we had two teams: 1.) “SWEAT SHOP XL” with Art, Peter, Nadia, and Kasia  and 2.) “SOME BIG SOME SMALL SWEAT SHOPPERS” with Myself, Edna, Kris K, and MO

Beyond the awesome performances by everyone in all the groups, as well as the improvement in overall rowing by EVERYONE, the highlight of this competition, for me at least, was the weekly encouragement and camaraderie I got from my teammates and given what I heard from Art and his BALLER rowing squad, the feelings were mutual. I got to see a side of several of the members that I normally don’t see such as their hidden competitive drive, hilarious sense of humor, and love for self suffering! The one benefit of technology is the ease of communication and we were all able to immediately share tips on workouts, encourage each, and mostly, to send video and pics of the suffering so we could be in it together! While I didn’t get to perform all of the workouts with my teammates, it was really fun and encouraging to do this with a group and encourage more of you to try it next year!

Noteable results:

Sweat Shop XL (Nadia, Peter, Kasia, Art)

– Taking 8th overall!
– Kasia was 8th overall out of 200 women! She took first in the broken up 2k.
– Art 20th in age group/tall guys – Peter 44th in age group/tall guys
– Nadia 13th in age group/tall women

Some Short Some Tall Sweat Shoppers (Myself, Edna, Kris K, and MO)
– MO finishing 4th in her age group/tall women
– Kris 59th in age/tall guys
– JB 15th in age/standard guys 😉
– Edna 32nd in age/standard women 😉
Great work everyone! I had a blast with you all!

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