October Challenge: Rope Climbs!

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Time to step up our rope climb game! Since we’ve been implementing our skills sessions during class a lot lately, I think it’s a good time to put a little challenge out there. For October, I’m officially challenging you to a rope climb stamina test….with some prizes for the winners. This is for all Sweat Shoppers to attempt, however, coaches and regional/games athletes do not qualify for any prizes 🙂

The challenge is simple.

2 minutes max reps rope climbs

Standards are simple. 

You must have a judge. You can only use the black ropes. You start with your feet on the ground and each rep counts ONCE YOU HIT THE BEAM. Because there may be several ties on specific reps, the TIEBREAKER is the time you completed your last successful rope climb (hitting the beam). The judge should record the rep and time that it was completed. In order to qualify for the prize you have to post your score and tiebreaker time on the “Sweaty Swag Board” right by the whiteboard. 

Prize Categories:

Male, Female, Male (50+), Female (50+) 

*Coaches, Games, or Regional athletes are not eligible for prizes…just bragging rights!

You can watch the video for a demo! See you all on the rope!


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