Mobility Class This Sunday 9/1/19

Hey Sweat Shoppers! I will be holding the first Mobility class this Sunday at 11 am at the Sweat Shop. My intention with this class is to give you all an opportunity to work on your mobility but also to educate you, and give you tools that you can have at your disposal for your own mobility work. The structure for the class will be a combination os tissue work (think foam rolling, lacrosse ball kinda stuff), passive inputs (static stretching, band distraction), and then a lot of active inputs (you are actively trying to expand your ranges of motion). There are so many facets to mobility, so come ready to learn and to be challenged! I will try to make this class available as frequently as possible, but I do get busy on Sundays so for now the class will be on a weekly basis. I will put a little piece up on the whiteboard at the gym, a small bit on the blog, and it will be posted on our socials whether or not the class is happening! So check any of those to be up to date on the mobility class schedule. Hope to see a lot of you guys there!

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