MEGATRON: Hip Distraction Series

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Got tight/nagging hip issues? We present to you the “Megatron hip distraction series”. In addition to tissue work, basic stretches, and warm-up, using banded joint distraction exercises are extra helpful in alleviating joint-related issues. Like our popular “3-way shoulder mobility drill” with the band, this video demonstrates 5 of our favorite hip distraction exercises you can do each day. If you have hip issues or general tightness, look over them, study them, and do them often. What I like about this “series” is that you can get the entire hip distracted/stretched without a ton of moving around or gadgets. A key take away from this video is how to implement them in your routine. If you are doing it BEFORE exercise, hold each for no more than 10-15 seconds at a time and be sure to move around and re-activate the muscles dynamically (transitional stretches) before jumping into heavy/explosive weights. However, if you do them AFTER heavy and repetitive hip WODs, you can hang out in each for 1-2 minutes. ENJOY, happy mobilizing and transforming!

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