Leader Board Challenge & Upcoming Raffle


7 weeks ago I put the challenge out there to you guys to see how much movement we could get on the leader board.

Here’s who got up on the leader board, or moved up (and the respective workout/exercise) in the last 7 weeks:

Taneya – 1 mile Run
Jeff G. – 403m Run
Sekai – Back Squat
Lisa & Melia – (Masters 50+) 2000m Row
Mike Brazil & Jim D. (Masters 50+) 2000m Row
Bri, Ali, Rikus, Trey & Art – 2000m Row
Taneya & Braydan – “Helen”
Bri – “Diane”
Jen M. & Lones – (Masters 50+) 1 Mile Run
Ali & Grames – Handstand Walk
Gomer – Max Pullups
Ali & Lino “Isabel”
Ali – 500m Row
Gomer & Grames – Max Consecutive Double Unders
Bri & Marcus – Deadlift
P.T. – “Grace”
Jenny – “Annie”
Jonathan K. – (Masters 50+) Back Squat

We’ll have a live drawing for prizes this Thursday.  Prizes include:
Free Membership for 1 month
1/2 off membership for 1 month
free private training session with a coach
Lululemon gift certificate
Rooted Coffee gift certificate
Chic-fil-A gift certificate 🙂
Philz Coffee gift certificate
Sweat Shop apparel

Those people that were able to get their name on the board two or more times will get their name in the hat a maximum of 2 times, but will still be limited to just one prize per person.

Leader board as of June 12th

Leader board as of August 6th

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