Be Great. Not Ordinary.

I read this a couple of weeks ago and was simply reminded that we are capable of much more so long as we are willing to break out of our comfort zone. The ups and downs of success and failure are part of what makes us great. I’m sure you’ve heard something along these lines a million or so times before, but it’s always good to be reminded of the fact every once in awhile. Sometimes this reminder comes when you need it the most!

Regardless, there are little choices that we make each day that help build our greatness! Everyday is filled with unexpectancy and unpredictableness, either good or bad. The good situations are easy to deal with as they make you feel on top of the world, accomplished, and satisfied. Overcoming negative situations on the other hand, just another opportunity to prove to ourselves how great we really are.

Now Discipline. Discipline takes time to mold and can be worked on everyday regardless if you make it to the gym or not. In relation to the first post shared above, there is always a choice in every situation in regards to addressing them. Overtime, these small decisions contribute to building our discipline and give us the tools necessary to continue to overcome negativity and thrive in situations where “ordinary” people shy away. These moments help us grow for the best, preparing you for the next obstacle.

To tie everything together, each day it is more likely than not that something unforeseen will present itself and may or may not throw you off. If it doesn’t great! If it does it’s ok, trust that you have the discipline to take these challenges head on because of what you’ve faced in the past and make it an advantage. Look for ways to be great! Just little food for thought on a Wednesday, enjoy!

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