Fraser Details His Regiment

Saw this video a couple days ago on Matt Fraser detailing his regiment and a little into his mindset on the grind of training for the CF Games. Give it a watch if you have a couple minutes. I thought it was really good perspective for not only the elite athlete point of view but also for people who might not yet see the difference between training for the sport of Crossfit and for general fitness. The sport of Crossfit has grown exponentially over the years from this sort of a “pop up a tent” or pickup style competition to a year-long, worldwide qualifying competition for the eventual cash prize. The physical requirements and training are much different from then and now and it really has gone far and above the necessary requirements to be “generally fit”. In hearing him talk, a couple deep things stood out:

1.) He really shows how much physical and mental endurance there is to make the Games and stay at an elite level. If you don’t have dedication or the will to do anything to win, you’ll struggle to make it.
2.) He talks about his “timestamp” at elite level fitness and wants to take advantage of what he has now with no-regrets. This was inspiring to me, but also made me think about how our general fitness goers SHOULD not get confused with this mindset. Training to be healthy and fit should NOT have a timestamp or take a lot of mental stress.
3.) He is super mindful of his workload in order to preserve his body throughout the training week.
4.) He constantly reminds himself of the big picture and that during training, you may not see all of the benefits of the work you put in every day.
5.) His motto HWPO (Hard Work Pays Off) and reminding himself to focus on HIS OWN training weaknesses.

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