After a weekend away with some friends skiing and eating awesome food, I was inspired to take my meal planning and food prep to the next level. I had recently been in a food rut, making the same old thing over and over. Our friends were kind enough to make awesome meals for us, most of which came from the Whole30 Cookbook. I ordered mine on Amazon on the spot and it just came in today! Thank you 2 day shipping! I also ordered a meal prep notepad because I’m an organization geek and that kind of stuff excites me. Above is a picture of my fridge today. I’ve already tried 3 new recipes from my Practical Paleo Cookbook and can’t wait to try out new recipes. What’s great is my daughter, Camille, loves to help me in the kitchen. I use that time to teach her about healthy foods and how to prepare them. If you have some favorite cookbooks or recipes share them in the comments!

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