Drawing Inspiration

What motivates or inspires you? As I ponder that question, I find there is a common theme in what consistently motivates and inspires me. As we begin this new year, often times we are filled with a renewed inspiration. Many turn to health and fitness goals for their New Years resolutions. One thing I admire about the atmosphere at Sweat Shop is I am constantly surrounded by motivated and inspiring individuals. Drawing inspiration looks different for everyone.

As I reflect on my personal inspiration and motivation, my college professor said it best, “Motivation is intrinsic”. I’ve always found I am most motivated when the drive comes from within. I wasted a better part of my life worrying about what others thought about me, what I should wear, how I should look, how I should act, who would like me, how I would fit in? While I had let go of a majority of those stories later in life, I feel like I didn’t really get freed of that thought process until I started CrossFit.

The biggest shift for me was switching my thought process from aesthetic based goals to performance based goals. As a woman, there are certain pressures and perceived beauty standards to uphold. One of the main reasons I was drawn to CrossFit, was every aspect was so measurable. No longer was I looking to the scale for validation, I was looking at my strength and cardiovascular gains. I soon stop focusing on how to get my body to look a certain way, and started focusing on what my body was capable of. Another reason why I was drawn to CrossFit, Sweat Shop in particular, was the people. The comradery is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I loved that no matter your fitness level, we could all be doing a workout together, everyone at their own fitness levels, and come together at the end of it and encourage one another.

So where do I draw my inspiration? I draw inspiration from those around me who are putting in hard work day in and day out. I draw inspiration from where I used to be and from how far by body has taken me. Motivation is intrinsic but it’s sure fun working out with an awesome community.

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