Is Chalk REALLY the Answer???

Way to not go for that chalk bucket and finish the workout!

You have 15 pull ups left in your workout and you do a set of 10…5 pull ups left. Are you one of those people who takes a TREK to the nearest chalk bucket, or are you the one who doesn’t think twice and goes right back to it?

2 clean & jerks left and then you’re done with your workout…are you walking to the chalk bucket or are you picking that bar up for those last 2 reps?

Is that your 30th trip to the chalk bucket in a metcon that consists of running and burpees???

Many times I’ve seen people during a metcon walk to the chalk bucket when really they didn’t NEED to do that. Honestly, chalk isn’t needed THAT much. Don’t get me wrong though, there are times we need chalk. Doing strength movements like the clean & jerk or snatch, when we’re swinging stuff overhead like kettlebell swings for safety purposes, or when we’re getting ready to do some rope climbs. What I’m referring to though is using the chalk bucket as your “crutch”, telling yourself that you need chalk because it gives you a reason to stop moving and take a break during a metcon.

Just like any habit, the more you do it, the easier it gets to stop (when you probably didn’t need to) and go grab some chalk. I know there are some folks out there that are laughing and going “oh that’s me!” “but I always need my chalk” “I need to chalk to do box jumps…” What the heck! haha

More importantly, it’s about building good habits and not the habits that contribute to sabotaging ourselves. I used the chalk example because it’s an easy one to relate to for a majority of you Sweat Shoppers, but there a plenty of examples of trying to build good habits outside of the gym. For example, having an exercise routine (which you all have down pact), resisting the urge to hit that snooze button 20 times before you actually get up, making that healthy food choices, or not getting caught up with any sort of negativity around you. You’d be surprised that getting rid of those bad habits and building better ones is a bit easier when you make the CONSCIOUS decision to do so.

So I challenge you guys, maybe take 1 less chalk bucket trip during your next metcon and break out of your comfort zone! Try to not give into that voice inside your head that tells you “you need chalk!” Be Strong and Chalk Less!

PSA: and it serves to keep the gym a bit cleaner 🙂

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  1. DJ
    DJ says:

    I personally find it necessary to chalk up for air squats.

    In all seriousness I think this is a great point! For a lot of people (including myself) the chalk bucket can be much more of a crutch than an actual necessity. Trying to actively avoid it I think can build up mental fortitude. And yes not chalking so much definitely keeps the gym a little more clean which is always appreciated!

  2. Nabil
    Nabil says:

    Good point Marko! And while for the sake of a cleaner gym I also like your idea about a chalk dispensing machine where you must insert coins or 16 digit pin to get chalk dispensed onto your hands, I can only imagine how much extra rest this would allow some people!


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