17.3 Announcement and Tips

Open week 3 was announced yesterday and we finally get a barbell! This week is very technical and requires dominance in both the squat snatch and pull-ups in order to make it far. For those of you who know the first or second weight are going to be a challenge for you, don’t fret! Think of it as squat snatch and pull-up practice. Also, you can hustle a hair more than those getting in later rounds as the pull-up number is low. However, you shouldn’t hustle so fast that you risk missing a snatch or are too winded to cycle through them with minimal rest. For those who know you can make it to the later rounds, pace is the key! Try to milk the clock and break your reps up early to minimize unnecessary grip, legs, and lung fatigue. Often times bigger sets early on may seem like a great idea in having a buffer on the time cap, however, it also takes longer to recover when doing so. So play smart! Ask the coaches for help before you start!

Suggested Warm-up:
Megatron Hip Series: :20 sec each stretch each side
T-Spine Foam Roll  :8-10 reps
3-way banded shoulder : :20 second hold each

Row or bike: 5x:20 seconds hard

Empty Bar Snatches:
3 Power from pos. 1
3 Power from pos. 2
3 Power from pos. 3
2 Full from pos. 1
2 Full from pos. 2
2 Full from pos. 3
1 Full with pause in catch x3

5 doubles at opening weight
3 singles at second weight
3-5 Singles at 3rd or 4th weight if you can.

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