Year: 2017

2017 Wins

When each year comes to a close, a new year of opportunities begin. As a coach, I’ve witnessed you all put in the work week in and week out all year. I’ve seen some really inspiring achievements from all of you and you should be proud! While it’s simply just another day on the calendar, I like […]

How Star Wars Was Saved in the Edit

As most of you know by now, I am a bit of a Star Wars fan, as are a lot of people in the world! I figured with the release of the most recent film this would be a good opportunity to share something I have come across recently. The Star Wars movies are some […]

WOD Review 12/25/17

Monday Merry Christmas Sweat Shop Family! ——- Tuesday Here is a good conditioning piece to get you guys back into the swing of things before the New Year! Although there is some work to be done besides the runs (ie. power cleans and wall balls), I look at this and see it as more of a […]

Featured Athlete: Mayumi K.

Anyone that has been to a 6am class has undoubtedly trained alongside Mayumi.  She’s the one that can be found flying through metcons with a seemingly never-ending battery.  Despite having three young children, she still finds time to get in the gym and smash workouts first thing in the morning.  Read more about Mayumi below! […]

Staying Fit During the Holidays

Its that time of year again. Christmas is fast approaching, and New Years is right on its tail. For many of us, the holiday season is a time  to break away from our daily routine. We usually take some time off work, some may travel to see loved ones, or go on a relaxing vacation. While […]

Push It

The push up is one of the most well known exercises you can find. The act of doing a push up, is essentially holding yourself in a plank position facing the ground, then lowering your body toward the ground by  flexing your elbows and extending your shoulders. After your body reaches the ground, you press […]

WOD Overview 12/18/17

Almost time for the Holidays! Get it in hard this week! MONDAY  This finisher should be a quick burner for Rx’d and ADV. Get in and out of the row and smash on the other work. Only do pistols if you can smash them out relatively quickly. For beefy, this format is intended to have […]

Skills: Before, During, After

These guys love working on skills before ,during, and after the party! Look at those faces! After our class warm-up and whiteboard briefing, you’ll often here the coach say, “if you need any modifications or substitutions come chat with me”. While it’s a wonderful opportunity for folks who need a substitution for an injury, these […]

Moving Your Feet: A Weightlifting Christmas Story

To move, or not to move your feet, a solid weightlifting question. To beginners, I like to cue people to “jump” off the ground during the clean or snatch. I’ve found this cue to be effective in that it teaches people what full extension (extension of the hips, knees, and ankles) feels like. I’ve also used/heard […]