2017 IWF World Weightlifting Championships

This past weekend the IWF World Weightlifting Championships were held in Anaheim, CA. The best of the best from around the world came together to throw around some heavy weights! This year’s competition was stacked with talent, there were people who medaled at Rio all the way to the up and coming youngsters in the sport of weightlifting. Team USA was represented by 16 individuals as well! Anyway, I was able to watch a few weight classes online and I found myself cheering as loud as I was during the NBA Finals! There’s a lot of intricacies when it comes to coaching/competing on “Game Day”, a lot of which I would love to learn about in the future, but for now I wanted to talk a little bit on what I enjoyed the most.

Besides some legit weights being thrown around, what I particularly found enjoyable was watching these athletes stay in the “zone”. I’ve never been in the warm up or staging area of a weightlifting competition, but from my point of view it looked intense! Not the “intense” like people cheering you on during a workout at the Sweat Shop but in the sense of the level of focus and concentration. Each athlete seemed to stay quite, stay to themselves, and really didn’t show very much emotion warming up or in between lifts. Because I’ve never competed in a weightlifting competition before, I can only imagine the amount of mental/self-talk going on inside each and everyone of these athlete’s heads. Think about it, you only get 3 lifts for the Snatch and then 3 for the Clean & Jerk. What happens when you miss your first lift, or even your second?! Drama!!! To tell you guys the truth I was feeling anxious, excited, and nervous from just watching! Honestly, the mental game is probably what I enjoy the most about playing any sort of sport! That is probably why I enjoy sports and CrossFit so much!

Anyway, enjoy the videos I’ve posted through this post and I hope they get you as pumped up as me and check out the results of the entire competition here! Who knows, you guys may see me in next year’s Right of Passage Competition at SPS!

What a wild weekend! Finished my 1st senior Worlds with a 155kg snatch, 193kg clean and jerk and a 348kg total!!! A massive quad cramp kept me from my 3rd CJ but NOTHING is injured!! 5th in snatch, bronze in clean and jerk and bronze in total. So proud that I was able to help end the 20 year men’s medal drought! New Youth World Record in CJ! I can not say thank you enough to EVERYONE for their support! Big shout outs to my coach Kevin Simons, my family, my teammates, USAW, and my amazing sponsors for your support! THANK YOU!! @teamalphasc @usa_weightlifting @eleikosport @earthfedmuscle @themarcpro @a.phil #snatch #cleanandjerk #2017iwfwwc #youthworldrecord #americanrecords #bronzemedal #usaw #USAWeightlifting #bestcoachever #proud #thankful

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  1. Jacqueline Janet
    Jacqueline Janet says:

    Lots of strategy happening in the warm up area with coaching weightlifting. The Coach determines what weight he’s lifter will attempt and there is many factors considered with that decision and this happens fast. The athletes only concerns and focus is making lifts! Love this sport.


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