18.3 Warm-Up and Tips

18.3 is a nice little test of double under prowess and gymnastics skills! Nabil posted a nice active warm-up and tips to think about after he did the workout yesterday. Check them out below! Good luck to everyone this weekend!

18.3 Warmup

-Flat 400m course job
-Pigeon and Couch Stretches and Lacross ball shoulders and arm smash

3 Rounds for quality:
10m Toe Walk
10m Heel Walk
10m Heel to Walk
8 Overhead Squats (progressively working up to workout weight)

2 Rounds
70m Run
5 Overhead Squats (workout weight)
5 Kips on bar or 2 MU
5 DB Snatches (workout weight)
5 Kips on bar or 2 Bar MU

-If you are decent at muscle ups, it’s all about the double unders and minimizing huge breaks at end of workout.
-Break them up from the start of the workout as if you had to do 500-600 reps.
-Have a backup rope nearby
-Mentally prep thinking it’s a double under workout!
-If you don’t have muscle ups but still want to go rx’d, take your time on the first two sets of double unders so you can have some fresh attempts at the muscle ups when you get there.
-For scaled folks, maintain a stable pace throughout the workout without a huge drop off.
-If pullups are not your strength, break them up before you reach failure or have to.

**Take extreme caution if redoing this one, especially if you have any ankle issues.

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