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As CrossFitters we need to have adequate mobility to perform the wide variety of movements that we encounter in our workouts. We need good shoulder, thoracic, hip, and ankle mobility to safely perform all the movements we are tasked with. Working on all of these areas would take quite some time, and we do not always have a ton of time to work on mobility! So in an attempt to expedite the mobilizing process, and give you all some tools you can utilize at the gym, at home, or wherever you need some quick mobility work, I am going to start giving you what I call Money Mobility Moves. These will be stretches or movements that do not take a lot of time, but will give you a lot in terms of improving your mobility. The goal with these will be to arm you with an arsenal of quick, and effective mobility tools that you can always have at your disposal. I know its hard to figure out which area you need to focus on, which stretch is going to be the most beneficial for you, or just finding the time to do them! I am hoping that by giving you some quick go to’s, you’ll be more inclined to fit some mobility work into your day to day life! I won’t make this a weekly occurrence on the blog because there is more to life than mobility (unless you’re Ido Portal), but I will be sure to post often enough to keep things fresh. And as always if you need help with improving specific areas of your mobility, or feel like you don’t know where to start, just ask a coach! We are always happy to answer any questions you have.

The first Money Mobility Move will be the plank wave. I recently came across this movement and I have to say its pretty…..💵 💵 💵 💵 . Its a great movement to improve your thoracic spine, wrist, a bit of shoulders, and a little hip mobility. You start in a downward dog position, and from there you roll your weight forward onto the balls of your feet, and making a big waving motion through your hips ➡️ low-back ➡️ mid back ➡️ upper back/shoulders ➡️ neck ➡️ head. You’ll end up in an upward facing dog position with your weight towards the front of your body. You can choose to hang out there, or go immediately go back into the second portion of the movement. The second portion is where you’ll tuck everything back into a downward facing dog by just going in the reverse order of the way you got there. So starting by tucking the chin to the chest, rounding the upper back and shoulders, mid back, low back, hips, and finally shifting your weight back towards your feet, you will have performed the plank wave. Do this for a couple of reps if you plan on going overhead or being inverted that day. It will open up the thoracic spine for optimal overhead position, and can also prep the wrists for the front rack position. Check out a couple examples I have below and give it a try!




Here is a good example of my Man Crush performing the Plank Wave (bonus: acoustic Spanish guitar music) 



Here is a nice variation of the movement that will get your T-spine a bit more opened up!  



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