Featured Athlete: Mayumi K.

Anyone that has been to a 6am class has undoubtedly trained alongside Mayumi.  She’s the one that can be found flying through metcons with a seemingly never-ending battery.  Despite having three young children, she still finds time to get in the gym and smash workouts first thing in the morning.  Read more about Mayumi below!

Q. How long have you been doing CrossFit?

A.  5, maybe 6 years.

Q.  What were you doing for exercise before CrossFit?

A.  Running. Lots and lots of running (full marathon and at least a 1/2 marathon a month). I also took spin and kick boxing classes at the gym.

Q.  How did you begin training at CrossFit Sweat Shop?

A.  I needed a new fix. My youngest son was almost 2 and running marathons took a lot of our weekend family time from us. I wanted something that kept me active, kicked my butt, and gave me more time with my family. A friend had suggested I try it and I did. Sweat Shop was the second place I tried and immediately after walking in I was hooked.The vibe was just what I was needing.

Q.  What has been the most significant benefit or change since you’ve been a member of the Sweat Shop?

A.  I have the energy to keep up with my 3 kids! Well, that and I feel stronger both mentally and physically. CrossFit truly helps keep me sane.

Q.  What is your favorite exercise or workout?

A.  Chipper workouts for sure! I don’t know what it is but they are my absolute favorite. I think I like being scared when I look at the mile long workout on the board and then when I finish I feel a sense of pride.

Q.  What is your least favorite exercise or workout?

A.  Snatches. Ugh! We are not friends.

 Q.  What is your favorite cheat meal/snack?

A.  Chips and Salsa.

Q.  What do you enjoy most about training at CrossFit Sweat Shop?

A.  Everything. Sweat Shop has the most amazing coaches and members. It’s always been a very welcoming place. I look forward to each and every workout and seeing all the friendly faces (even at 6am).

Q.  Now that you’ve been doing CrossFit, what’s one thing you could never see yourself doing again?  (workout, nutrition, lifestyle, etc.)

A.  Hmmm. I don’t think I could see myself doing just one style of workout (running or the gym) anymore. I enjoy a bit of everything.

Q.  What advice would you give someone who is hesitant to try CrossFit?

A.  Try it!!! Plain and simple. Drink the kool-aid!

Q.  What is your most sought after exercise goal?

A.  A muscle up. I mean, come on…it’s about damn time.

Q.  What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit?

A.  Being with the family. We have 3 very active kids. Most of our weekends are spent poolside watching them swim or at the fields playing soccer. I find great joy watching them compete and having fun doing so.

Q.  What is something you have recently purchased for less than $100 (or acquired for free) that you thoroughly enjoy and would recommend to others?

A.  A new diffuser for the house. If you don’t know already, I am obsessed with my essential oils! Honestly cannot survive a day without them 🙂

Q. Any advice you would give your 25 year old self?

A.  Not sure. At 25 I had just had my first son and was over the moon in love. I think maybe spend less on his clothes and toys ? lol


  • Big Mike

    December 22, 2017 @ 2:05 pm

    Not only is Mayumi a really good Crossfitter, she is an amazing person. It’s a pleasure working out with her at 6:00am.

  • Lones

    January 4, 2018 @ 4:41 pm

    I have never seen Mayumi without a smile! She makes tough workouts look easy!

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