Weekly WOD Insights 12/17/18


The back squats will be across this week. Find a challenging, but manageable weight. The goal is to make the sets tough, but you shouldn’t be failing any of the sets. Check back to the last time we did them to see if you can beat your old score. If you find yourself at the gym earlier, I would highly recommend getting in some step ups to warm those legs up. If you have taken a class with me that involves squatting you’ve most likely done them. I would highly suggest starting with just bodyweight, working on controlling the entire movement, and then adding a light load if necessary. Check out this movement demo for more info. For the finisher I am blending some isometrics into our conditioning piece. This is a nice element that we do not get to add in often, especially into our met cons. If you are good at side planks, go ahead and do them weighted!

Never Sleep on planks. You’re never too experienced, or inexperienced for them.


A.) Back Squat       Compare 9/25/18
*Sets will be across*

B.) 6 Rounds
30 seconds of Burpees
-10 second Rest-
30 second side plank (alternate sides every round) (ADV weighted side plank)
-10 second Rest-


I am piggybacking off of Nabils incorporation of the odd objects and skills that he implemented into his workouts last week. I think its fun when we get to incorporate some of the odd object stuff into our training so I definitely wanted to work them in this week. Pick at least two of the following items, they can be a mixture of any of them. Definitely take some time to get some technique tips from a coach if you want to use an object you haven’t used before. If you’re doing a farmer carry or sandbag carry just be sure to return it back when the two minutes is done, in case someone else wants to use it. For the Amrap I think single leg v-ups and v-ups are a great way to develop that flexion pattern for the midline without being limited by grip strength, so don’t sleep on those movements!



A.) 3 rounds
2 minutes per round/1 minute of rest between rounds
Grunt work (pick at least 2 of the following)
-HEAVY 70m  Farmer Carry (bars or KB or DB)      -Max Cal Row
-Yoke Carry 70m        -Max Sandbag over shoulder/Over 24 in Box          -Max heavy bag over jerk block
-Long Sand bag Carry 200m         -Max Stone to Shoulder
-Round Bag Carry 70m

-Rest 3 Min-

B.) 8 Minute Amrap
10 Wall Balls (adv 15) (Beef 20)
12 Single leg v-ups (adv 10 V-Ups) (Beef 10 toes to bar)


For the finisher, the focus is quality of movement. I am a big fan of incorporating strict movements into our metcons, because I think its an often neglected aspect. If you feel like regular push ups are easy, try the paralette push up before upgrading to the ring push up. Going from a regular push up, to ring push ups, can be a but too big of a jump for most. The paralettes will give you an increase in range of motion, so it will still be more challenging than a regular push up, but without the stability challenge of the rings. If you’re banding up for the pull ups, try to use as little band as possible to allow you to still complete all the reps.

A.) 14 minute EMOM
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches
Adv option: 1 rep

Always Be sure to utilize proper progressions for your push ups. The band assisted push up on the rig is a great progression!

B.) 9 Minute Amrep
2 Strict Pull ups (adv strict chest to bar) (beefy Bar muscle Up)
2 Push ups (adv pirallete Push ups) (Beef ring Push Ups) (Bison Muscle up into Ring Dips or strict HSPU)
70m Run
4 Strict Pull Ups
4 Push Ups
70m Run
6 Strict Pull Ups
6 Push ups
70m Run

*After 6’s, go back to 2’s and build back up*
** Each round is 30 reps total (every 35m on run=1 rep)**


I was extremely happy with how well received the “alternative strength” option was last week. I wanted to take this week and make it a strength focus, rather than an alternative. The split squat is very similar to the step ups we did last Tuesday in that its great for developing single leg strength. This can be a huge asset in your training and can actually make movements like the back and front squat stronger. This is due to the improvement of your strength imbalances and improved mind muscle connection. Be sure to do the movements in succession of each other. Do one set of A1, one set of A2, one set of A3, and then back to A1, to A2, so on and so forth. For the finisher, select a weight you feel comfortable going unbroken on both movements if you wanted to.

20 Minute Clock 

A1.) Split Squat
3x 8 each leg

A2.) Plank (adv Ring Plank)
3x :40s-1 minute

A3.) Supinated Barbell Row
3x 10 reps

B.) 4 Rounds
200m Run
10 Power Cleans 75/55  (adv 95/65)
8 Front Squats

Beef Version
30 Power Snatches   75/55
Run 403m
30 Thrusters
run 403m
30 Power Snatches


I like utilizing this format of two separate smaller workouts, to create one longer workout. I think it helps prevent the workout from getting monotonous. You can carry the kettlebell however you like, just watch out for bikers and runners out there!

4 Rounds
8 Shoulder to Overhead  95/65  (adv 10 @ 115/75)  (12 @ 135/95)
8 Box Jump Overs  (adv 10) (beef 12)
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings  53/35 (adv 12 @ 70/44) (Beefy: 12 American swings @ 70/53)

-200m Kettlebell Carry-

3 Rounds
12/10 Cal Row (adv 15) (Beef 20 Cal) or    Assault Bike 9/7 Cal (Adv 12) (Beef 15)
6 Pull Ups (adv C2B) (Beefy 9 C2B)

*Adv/Beef start with Row/Pull up*
**Adv/Beef Cash out with KB carry**



You may have noticed we have stepped away a bit from doing the gymnastic EMOMS. Its not because we do not value those movements, we really do! It’ because very tough to squeeze gymnastic sessions in, alongside full on met cons, without one suffering or getting out of class late. I wanted to bring back the gymnastics but with more of a moderate met con to allow for a thorough and on time class. Aim to be done with the met con in 10-15 minutes, so select your barbell movement and weight accordingly

A.) 8 minute Bar Muscle Up Skills Sesh 

Fundamental EMOM 
1-6-10 Ring Rows
2- :30s Hollow Hold

Guided Skill Development: Drills with coach

Advanced Conditioning EMOM or E2MOM
1-5 Bar or Ring Muscle Ups

B.) 14-12-10-8-6-4-2
Front Squat 95/65 (Adv front squat 115/75) (Beef Squat Clean 115/75) (Bison Squat Snatch)
Burpee (adv Bar facing Burpee)

At some point during the workout
Rx’d- 2 Rope Climbs
Adv- 3 rope Climbs
Beef- 3 Regional or Legless rope climbs

Dont forget to relax this weekend before the holiday craziness ensues!


Today is just a nice 20 minute grinder. Nothing should be overwhelmingly hard or undoable, you should be moving the entire 20 minutes. Today is a great day to mix and match skills levels if you can. If you opt for the beefy dumbbell lunges, you can choose to hold them at your sides, or in a front rack, totally up to you! If you opt for at your sides just be wary it may turn into a bit of a grippy workout.

20 Minute Amrap
12 KB Goblet Lunges 53/35 (adv 70/44) (Beef two DB 50/35)
10 Hanging Knee Raises or Sit ups (Adv 6 Toes to Bar) (Beefy 10 Toes to Bar)
15 Double Unders or 30 Singles (adv 30 DU) (Beefy 50 DU)
200m Run


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