Weekly WOD Insights 8/27/18

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We haven’t done 4’s on the back squat in a long time on the back squat. We usually are always sticking with our 3’s, 5’s, or 7’s, so I figured I would change things up. The last time we did 5’s was August 1, so use that weight as a reference for today. If you’re an experienced squatter and want a different challenge, you can opt for a two second pause at the bottom of the squat. Note that you will not be able to lift as much weight if you decide to go with the pause option. For the finisher the weight should be something fairly light. Something you could go unbroken on for the hang cleans, and shoulder to overhead IF you wanted to. With that being said don’t forget that both of those barbell movements have a very fast cycle speed, so don’t forget to breath! If you’re going Beef or Bison and are confident in your jumping abilities then feel free to give the higher box a try!

A.) Back Squat

If ya got mad hops like Nate, don’t be afraid to give that tall box a shot!

Beef option: 2 second pause at the bottom
B.) 8 Minute AMRAP
8 Hang Power Cleans 75/55    95/65
6 Shoulder To Overhead
8 Box Jump overs   24/20
Beef and Bison Version
8 minute AMRAP 
10 Hang Clean and Jerks 115/75    135/95
10 Box Jump Overs 24/20    30/24
Continuing with our theme of focused skill work, I wanted to focus in this week on Bar Muscle Ups. I think there are a lot of people who are on the verge of getting them, but just need a little extra guidance. If you’re someone who has recently acquired this skill, or you feel like you need to brush up on technique, take this time to get some guided skill work in. Focus in on improving technique rather than doing the advanced EMOM and making the same mistakes. If you’re doing the EMOM, remember that there is bar work in the workout, so don’t go HAM the muscle ups, or choose to work on getting a strict bar muscle up. For the finisher I intentionally put Russian Kettlebell Swings(only swinging the KB to eye level) in the workout instead of the CrossFit standard American swing. Partially in observance of yesterdays hang cleans, (which tend to make the traps very sore) and the American swing would be adding on to the trap soreness. Also partially because sometimes when people opt for the American swing, they get their shoulders overly involved. Instead of focusing on the extension of the hips, they push the kettlebell up with the shoulders. If you you’re going beefy, the dumbbell burpee will have you holding one dumbbell in each hand, performing a normal burpee, but when you get to the top you do not have to jump.
A.) 8 minutes of Bar Muscle Up Skill Work
8 min alternating EMOM
-4-8 Ring Rows
-:25-:35 second hollow hold
8 minutes Guided Skill Development
-Hips to Bar
-Box Assisted Bar Muscle Up
-Assisted Bar Muscle Up
8 Emom or  E2MOM
-1-5 Bar Muscle Ups
Alternate option 
8 Minutes to practice Strict Bar Muscle Up
5 rounds 
200m run
6 pull ups or 4 chest to bar   (adv 6 C2B)   (Beef 9 C2B)   (Bison 5/3 Bar Muscle up)
9 Russian Kettlebell Swings 53/35   70/44   (12 @ 70/53)   (12 American Swings 70/53)
15 Double Unders or Single Unders (30) (50)
4 rounds
11/8 cal Row  (ADV 14/11)   (Beef 16/13) OR If Rowers are full Assault Bike 11/8  (13/10)  (15/12)
8 Burpees   (12)   (10 Dumbbell Burpees 50/35)
I wanted to take this opportunity to work in some strength movements that maybe don’t fit our traditional strength training format, but are still very beneficial in terms of developing overall strength. The movements will be done in succession, so do one set of A1, one set of A2, one set of A3, then rinse and repeat until all three sets of each movement are done. The barbell lunge is a familiar movement to us, but I want to really encourage everyone to focus on controlling the movement the entire time rather than treating it like a met con and just trying to hammer out reps. For the supine leg lowering, this a movement I have been doing recently and have found that its great for developing midline strength, that is also transferrable to many CrossFit movements. Lastly, the dumbbell shoulder press is a great way to develop strict pressing power and work on shoulder stability simultaneously. If you feel confident in your pressing power and midline strength try the Z press out! Click on the highlighted movements for a movement demo in you aren’t familiar with them. For Part B your score will be the total number of your snatches.
20 Minute Clock 
A1.) Stepback Barbell Luge (front or back rack)
3x 10 ea. leg
A2.) Supine Leg Lowering (Adv. Strict Toes To Bar)
3x 6-10 reps
A3.) Dumbbell seated Shoulder Press (ADV Dumbbell Z-Press)
3x 10 reps
B.) 3 rounds
90 second clock
9-12/6-9 Push ups  (ADV 12/9 Ring Push ups)  (beef 9/6 Ring Dips)  (Bison 20 ft Handstand Walk)
Max Dumbbell Snatch 45/25  (50/35)  (alt 50/35)  (Power Snatch 75/55)
-Rest 1 minute between rounds-
*score is total snatches*

Recently we have been doing 1 mile or 1.5 Mile time trials, and people have been cranking out some awesome mile times! I wanted to shift gears a little and do some 403m time trials for a different stimulus, and maybe to allow some people to take a crack at that 403m run record 😏. I also think it will help people get a better idea of what their paces for runs should be in workouts. For part B I wanted people to get some strict pulling in with a sprinkle of intensity. If you’re still working on developing your strict pull ups be sure to stick with the Rx’d version so you can keep moving the entire time. If you’re going to be working with a band, try to use a band that will challenge you, but still allow you to move through the workout. If you’re a pull up ninja, go with the advanced option and keep ascending the entire Amrep.

A.) 14 minute Clock 
3x 403m run (Advanced 4x 403m Run) (Nonrunners sub a 500/450m row or 25/20 Cal AB)
Rest 90 sec between efforts
B.) 9 Min Amrep

Strict work with just a sprinkle of intensity

2 Strict Pull up
2 Box Jumps
70m Run
4 Strict Pull up
4 Box Jump
70m run
6 Strict Pull up
6 Box Jump
70m Run (Rx’d return back to 2’s and start over)
8 Strict Pull ups
8 Box Jumps
70m Run
-Advanced Keep Ascending- 
*score is total reps, 70m run= 1 rep*
For this weeks Olympic Lifting session, we will be working with the every 90 second format. This will allow for a bit more recovery between sets for you to really focus in on technique and if you would like, up the weight a little bit. If you’re confident in your lifts then you can go with the advanced option of doing a complex. Complexes are a fun way to mix things up and will provide a different kind of challenge than traditional lifting formats. For Part B it should be short and sweet. The deadlifts should be a good challenge, something you wouldn’t have to go to singles on. This workout would a be a good one to try and push your wall ball sets a bit more than usual, since the deadlifts won’t really affect them. Also take note that the wall balls are not descending, they go back up to 20 at the end. Don’t be afraid to just go for it at the end and see how much you can push yourself!
A.) Every 90 Seconds for 15 minutes
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches
Adv Clean and Jerk Complex option: 1 Hang clean (right above knee) + 1 Clean + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split jerk
Deadlift       185/135  (225/155)  (275/185)
Wall Balls     (Beef does 2 for 1 Wall balls on 10’s)
If you missed the skill session earlier on in the week, then the weekend is your time to get your skill work in. For the finisher don’t be afraid to push the thrusters since the rope climbs shouldn’t take too long and can act as a little “rest.” For the wall climbs, it won’t be the wall climb course. The boxes will be set up with two 30 inch boxes together, but you will just go back and forth over them, as opposed to going through the full course. I am hoping this will build comfortability for those who are still developing their technique, since they won’t have the pressure of someone being behind them. If you want a bit more of a challenge opt for the taller jerk blocks.
A.) 8 Min Bar Muscle Up Skills Session
-3-6 strict pull ups
-:25-:35 second hollow hold
8 min Guided Skill Development
-Hips to Bar
-Box Assisted muscle up
-Assisted Bar Muscle Up
8 min EMOM or E2MOM
-1-5 Bar Muscle Ups
8 Min. Alternating EMOM 
Max Thrusters  75/55  (95/65)  (115/75)  (DB thrusters 50/35)
1 rope Climb  (ADV 2)  (Beef 2 regional Rope climb)
-Rest 3 minutes-
8 Min. Alternating EMOM 
Max Cal Row/AB/ Ski/ Assault Runner
Wall Climbs
*Score is total reps*
For today only opt for the Bison version if you’re very confident in your running and toes to bar. This workout should be a good mover. You want to try and maintain a nice and consistent pace throughout the entire workout. I would suggest keeping track of your times for each individual round. Aim to keep each round within about 10 seconds of your first round. If you’re able to keep the times consistent, then you paced properly.



A.)  8 Min Bar Muscle Up Skills Session

-3-6 strict pull ups
-:25-:35 second hollow hold
8 min Guided Skill Development
-Hips to Bar
-Box Assisted muscle up
-Assisted Bar Muscle Up
8 min EMOM or E2MOM
-1-5 Bar Muscle Ups
5 Rounds 
403m Run
14 Dumbbell Snatch  45/25  (50/35)  (Alt 50/35)
10 Sit-ups or Hanging Knee Raises (Adv 7 T2B)  (Beef 10 T2B)
Bison Version
3 Rounds 
800m Run
22 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 50/35
16 Toes to Bar


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