Weekly WOD Insights 3/30/20

Hey Sweat Shoppers! I hope these at home workouts have provided you with a much needed physical outlet in these crazy times. We miss our sweat shop community dearly but it has been great seeing you guys attack the workouts over social media, and even hopping in to our online Zoom classes! Don’t forget we are having Zoom classes every day at 9 am, and at 12 pm Monday-Friday. If you’re free, hop on so we can see you guys and so you can connect with your fellow sweat shoppers! Also we will keep pumping out workouts you guys can hit with minimal equipment, so keep posting on your socials about how much you enjoy (or hate😝) the workouts! On another note, if you feel like you need more guidance with your workouts, don’t hesitate to reach out to a coach for private programming. Hope y’all are hanging in there!




The Jump rope is a little longer today. I want you guys to be able to get a little higher intensity, so I have increased the jump rope and decreased the time on the push ups. I want you all to still aim for the highest quality possible on the push ups, but I don’t want you guys to hit a roadblock on them!


5 Rounds (Each round = 3 minutes)
-:90s of Jump Rope (Double or single unders)
-:30s of Push ups (Adv Hand stand Push ups)
-1min of Dumbbell snatches (Adv double dumbbell snatch)




The Hip circuit is designed to prep you for the good amount of squat volume you will have today. I have linked videos to all the movements, so feel free to check em out! I would highly advise doing this little circuit as a warm up, or just as some extra hip mobility work.


A.) Hip Circuit
2-3 sets 


B.) 7 Rounds 


Zoom Version
12 Minute Amrap 
10 Single arm Dumbbell or KB Hang Squat Cleans  (14)
20 Mountain Climbers


For the runs, if you don’t have exact distances you can measure out, just run for the amount of time it would usually take you to do each run. If you don’t know how long each run would take you, a pretty standard pace for a 400m run would be about 2:00. You can adjust that up or down depending on how much you like/dislike running! For the zoom version, find a distance that will challenge you, but is still doable. It doesn’t have to be an exact distance, it could be to the end of a street, to a certain house on your lane, or it could be a lap of an apartment complex!


800m Run (Adv 1200m Run)
40 Bodyweight Walking Lunges (adv 60)
40 Single leg V-ups (total) (Adv 20 V-ups + 20 SL v-up)
600m Run (800m)
30 Bodyweight Walking Lunges (adv 50)
30 Single leg V-ups (adv 15 V-ups + 15 SL v-up)
400m Run
20 Bodyweight Walking Lunges (Adv 40)
20 Single leg V-ups (10 V-ups + 10 SL V-ups)


Zoom Version 
10 Min alt EMOM 
1- Bodyweight Walking Lunges (adv Goblet lunge)
2- Run Challenging Distance (Sub burpees or jump rope if no run)


10 Min Alt EMOM 
1- Single leg V-ups (Adv Single leg V-up)
2- Run Challenging distance (Sub burpees or jump rope if no run)


For the planks you’ll want to do around around :20s for each side. Don’t worry if you don’t get exactly :20s each side each round, just focus on getting a good sweat going!


18 Minute Amrap 
2- ~:20s ea side Modified Side star Plank (Adv Side star plank)
3- Down up (Adv Burpee)


 Within each set you are doing a run, then the 3 rounds of work, then on to the next set. I hope the format isn’t too confusing! It should be a beauty of a day today so don’t be afraid to hit this one outdoors 😎



3 sets 

Grab your best bud and hop into one of the sweat shop zoom workouts!

403m Run
3 rounds 
15 Air Squats
12 Renegade Rows  (6 ea side)


Zoom Version
5 rounds (1 round= 4 mins)
-1min of Air Squats
-:30s of toe taps 
-1min of renegade rows 
-:30s of toe taps 
-1min to run challenging distance or Jump rope or Burpees or anything else


Today should be a burner, plain and simple. You will reset each cycle so you can start with the lower rep amounts. Dare I say this should induce the fran cough?


3 cycles 
6 min amrep 
6 single leg v-ups
6 Single arm dumbbell thrusters
9 Single leg V-ups
9 Single arm dumbbell thrusters
12 Single leg V-ups
70m Run (Sub 15 Double unders or 45 singles)
12 Single arm dumbbell thrusters
15 single leg v-ups
15 Single arm dumbbell thrusters
18 Single leg V-ups
18 Single arm dumbbell thrusters
21 Single leg V-ups
70m Run
21 Single arm db thrusters
24 single leg v-ups


-1 min rest b/t each cycle-
*Start from the bottom on each new cycle*

If you have find yourself feeling a little burnt out, go outside! Getting adequate Vitamin D and being the sun can improve your immunity, and it just feels awesome!!


4 rounds
4 minute clock 
12 DB snatches  (adv 15)
20  Bodyweight Russian Twists (Adv weighted)
12 DB snatches (adv 15)
20 Bodyweight Russian Twists
-In time remaining-
Max Down ups or Burpees
-:90s rest b/t rounds-
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