Weekly WOD insights 2/4/19


Todays finisher will not be super high intensity. I wanted to incorporate some movements that might seem simple in nature, but actually have some serious technical elements. For the rope climb this is a good time to focus on rope climb technique, not just getting the work done. Same goes for the push up, always strive for movement quality over quantity when it comes to the push up. If you are on the verge of doing regular push ups, go ahead mix in regular and scaled push ups so you get some practice with the full movement. Don’t sleep on the wall sit, its a surprisingly tough movement. If you fancy yourself pretty good at wall site, try adding a little weight to the mix.


A.) 12 minute EMOM 
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches
Adv 1 rep on the minute  @85% or 5 lbs heavier than last time
*Compare 1/17/19*


B.) 12 Minute alt EMOM 
1- Max Cals any machine
2- 1 Rope Climb (adv 2) (Beef 2 regional)
3- 20-30s Wall Sit (adv weighted 25+/15+)
4- Max Push Ups (adv Ring push ups) (Beef Ring Dips or HSPU)
*Score will be Push ups + Cals*

The banded push up is my personal favorite when it comes to scaling push ups appropriately!


This is week 6 of our little tempo cycle we have been having you guys go through. As always with the tempo it’s more important to maintain solid positioning rather than push weight. Be sure to stay very strict to the tempo as well, have someone count out loud if you need to! Work in the accessory movements in between your squat sets. Be sure to disperse your accessory work over the 25 minutes, don’t do all three sets in a row.  Check out some of the video links if you want some movement demos for some of the newer movements. For the finisher, it should be a quick one. Try to go as unbroken as possible on the kettlebell swings, and have a good pace about the burpees the whole time.


25 Minute clock for Part A


A1.) Tempo Front Squat (3203)
*Compare 1/25/19*



2-3x 8 ea side
A3.) Single arm DB row or See Saw Row
2-3x 10ea side


B.) 200m MB Carry (adv and Beef 403m)
15 Russian KB swings 53/35 (70/44) (American swings 70/53)
15 Burpees (adv 18)
15 Russian KB swings
12 Burpees (adv 15)
15 Russian KB swings
9 Burpees (adv 12)
*Rain alternative buy in 20/15 Cal row (adv/beef 30/25)*


I wanted to work a partner workout in today instead of always reserving those for the weekends. You’ll alternate the movements, so you’ll be moving pretty much the whole time. For the runs, you’ll alternate those as well, and the person who is not running will be resting until the partner returns. If you’d like to do something a bit more cardio based, I have a monostructural alternative offered today. Monostructural is targeted at working the aerobic system so you want to be working at a lower intensity than a normal met con.


24 Minute Partner Amrap 
8 Hanging knee raises or Sit ups (adv 6 T2B) (Beef 10 T2B)
10 Double Unders or 30 Single Unders (adv 20) (Beef 40)

Grab you met con buddy and lets get after a long one!

8 Wall Balls (adv 12) (Beef 16)


*@ min 0,6,12,18 one person Run 403m, other person rests until partner gets back*


**Partners Alternate Movements and Runs**


Monostructural Alternative
Every 4 minutes for 24 minutes Row 500m or Assault Bike 25/20 Cal @ 90% effort. In time remaining keep going at recovery pace (about 50%).


The grunt work has returned. I really like these movements because they present very non traditional loadings and movement patterns. I think doing movements like these regularly can add a lot of function into your functional fitness program. They’re really good for expanding your movement horizons, so challenge yourself and try something new! Choose at least two different things, that way you get some exposure to a couple different movements.


A.) 3 rounds
2 minutes each round/1 min rest after each round
Grunt work (pick 2 of the following)

-HEAVY 70m farmer Carry (bars, KB, or DB)      -Max Cal any machine
-Yoke Carry 70m        -Max Roundbag over shoulde
-Max heavy bag over jerk block   -Max Tire flips
-Stone to Shoulder      -Heavy Round Bag Carry 70m
-Heavy Sled Push 70m


-Rest 3 min-


B.) 8 Min Amrap
10 Deadlifts 135/95 (adv 185/135) (beef 225/155)
8 Box Jump Overs (beef 10)
*Adv and Beef Start with Part B*


The isometric skill work is back. Performing Isometric holds regularly is very necessary to improve strength. It also puts a lot less stress on the body compared to eccentric contractions (the portion of any movement thats going with gravity). For the finisher I want people to cycle through the squats and snatches faster than usual, thats why I have used that round within a round format. For the farmers carry, go ahead and match whatever dumbbell you are using with another dumbbell or kettlebell.


A.) 6 Minute Alt EMOM 
1-:30s Inverted pull up hold, ring row hold, chin over bar pu hold
2-:30s deadbug, hollow hold, box support hold, L-sit 


B.) 3 rounds
500/450m Row or 25/20 Cal AB or 403m Run 
3 rounds 
5 Front Squats 75/55 (adv 95/65) (Beef 7 @ 115/75) (Bison Overhead Squat 115/75)
10 Dumbbell Snatches 45/25 (adv 50/35) (Beef 12 Alt @ 50/35) 
70m Farmers Carry (Match Dumbbell Weight) 
**Adv/Beef Start with farmers Carry, end with row**


This workout is based off one of my favorite workouts ever: The Chief. Its short rounds and faster movements allow you to keep moving the entire time. The one minute rest is just enough to afford you a little recovery before getting back to it. Be sure to pick up where you left off on each cycle. This workout can be tough on the push ups, so scale accordingly if you need to!


5 Cycles
3 Minute Amrap 
3 Push ups ( Adv Ring Push Up) (Beef Handstand Push up)
6 Power Cleans 75/55 95/65 115/75 or Power Snatch 95/65
3 Pull ups (C2B) (BMU or RMU)
*Rest 1 min between cycles, pick up where you left off*


JB programmed this lower intensity cardio EMOM a while ago and I remember doing it and really enjoying the controlled cardio aspect. I feel like it allows for quicker transitions to other movements which can be hard to do if you’re going to fast on the cardio portions. Score will be burpee box jumps and SA DB hang clean to overhead combined!


10 Min Alt EMOM 
1-Row/Bike/Ski/Air runner @ 75%
2- Max Burpee Box Jumps


-Immediately Into-


10 Min Alt EMOM 
1-Row/Bike/Ski/ Air runner @75% effort
2- Max Single arm dumbbell hang clean and jerk 45/25 50/35
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