Weekly WOD insights 1/20/20


Since we are coming fresh off of doing some back squats for volume, I thought I would do the same for front squats. Don’t immediately write it off, volume is extremely important when it comes to building wholistic strength. For the finisher today you’ll notice that the Rx’d movement is a down up.  I have linked a video with a proper movement demo if you haven’t had the chance to do them in class yet. Even though the down up is a little less rigorous than the burpee, there are still some important technique points. You want to be very careful that you maintain solid midline and hip positioning  as you get into the bottom position of the down up. Its easy to allow the hips to rise or sink too low when you’re tired but try to pay extra close attention when you’re going through the movement!


A.) Front Squat 


B.) For time 
12 Pull ups (ADV C2B) (Beef 4/2 BMU every set)
12 Down ups (ADV 10 Burpees) (Beefy 12 Burpees)
10 Pull ups
8 Pull ups
6 Pull ups


Squat deep when Bri is around and she’ll be impressed!


As you all have may noticed we have acquired a lot more D balls and sand bags. They’re a great tool to change up your conditioning and today you’ll have the opportunity to work with them. The technique is fairly similar to a clean in terms of using your lower body as the main driving force to get that bog over your shoulder, so if you feel comfortable with the clean you could probably take a crack at that bag! If you are unsure of the technique ask a coach and we will help you out! If you want to get a head start on the technique, check out this video for a good explanation!


A.) 9 Min amrap 
5 D ball or SB over shoulder or 70m sled push 15/empty
8 Calories any machine (adv 12 cals)


-2 Minute rest-


B.) 9 minute amrap
8 Box Jump overs (adv 10) (Beef 12)
10 single leg v-ups (adv V-ups) (Beef toes to bar)
*Adv/Beef start with part B*


The main focus for the part A is quality. I want you all to refine your pushing technique so you all can maximize the benefit you can receive from the movement. Even if you feel comfortable with the push up, you’re never too good at them to improve your technique. If you’re someone who is still developing the push up, this is the perfect opportunity to work with a coach on refining technique, and potentially figure out an appropriate scaling option if needed. The finisher today will be on the grippy side so break up the farmer carries strategically early on to prevent those forearms from seizing up!


A.) 3 sets 
6-12 Push ups (adv weighted push ups) (Beef strict HSPU or ring dips)
-at least :40s of rest-
6-12 reps Ring rows or assisted pull ups (Strict Pull up) (weighted strict pull up)
-at least :40s of rest-


B.) 5 Rounds 
8 Front Squats 75/55 (10 @ 95/65)
10 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44)
70m Farmer carry  45/25  50/35 or D ball/SB carry


Beefy Version 


Buy in: 200m Farmer Carry 55+/40+  or D ball/SB carry
3 rounds 
18 Front Squats 115/75
18 American KB swings 70/53
Cash out: 200m farmer carry 55+/35+ or D ball/SB carry

Never be afraid to scale back a movement. It will always lead to better results in the long run!


Feel free to make today a combo meal (mixing different levels) kinda day!


800m Run
14 Dumbbell snatch 45/25 (adv 18 @ 50/35)
14 Single DB lunge 45/25 (adv 18 @ 50/35)
603m (adv 800m)
14 Dumbbell snatch 45/25 (adv 18 @ 50/35)
14 Single DB lunge 45/25 (adv 18 @ 50/35)
403m (adv 603m)
14 Dumbbell snatch 45/25 (adv 18 @ 50/35)
14 Single DB lunge 45/25 (adv 18 @ 50/35)


At some point perform  
Rx’d- 3 rope climbs
Adv- 4 rope climbs or 2 short rope climbs


Beef version 


Buy in: 1 mile run


3 rounds 
20 Alt DB snatch 50+/35+
20 Single DB lunges


Cash out: 800m run


*At some point perform 4 Short or Legless rope Climbs*


Todays olympic lifting will provide you with options that can suit your current abilities and goals. If you’re newer to olympic lifting, I would suggest going with the every minute format as you will get the most volume. If you’re comfortable with olympic lifting (have done it for a year and a half or more) and want to move some heavier weight, go with the advanced option! If you wanna move a bit more weight, and are very experienced/comfortable with the olympic lifts, you can opt for the Beef! For the finisher the intent is to be able to hit it at a high intensity. Choose a weight and pressing option that allows for you to do so. If you are unsure of scaling for the push ups, I would suggest having a scaling option available to you before you get going, just in case you hit a wall with the push ups.


A.) 15 Minute clock 
Rx’d- 2 Clean and Jerks or snatches Emom
Adv- 2 Clean and Jerks or snatches Every :90s
Beef- 1 Clean and jerk or snatch Every :90s


Buy in: 500m/400m row or Assault Bike 25/20 cal
3 rounds
12 Deadlifts 135/95 (185/135) (Beef 225/155) (Bison  255/175)
10/8 Push ups (adv 14/10) (Beef 8/6 HSPU) (Bison 12 HSPU)


This workout is a repeat I programmed from a couple of weeks ago. I think works very well to produce intensity for all levels, and doing partner style always allows for more of a push. Any machine is fair game for this one! Be sure to keep track of each round separately as it will determine the burpees at the end.


2 rounds         *Compare 12/15/19*
40-30-20-10 (adv/Beef 45-35-25-15)
Calories Any machine
Power Cleans 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)


-Rest 3 minutes and repeat-


*Keep track of each rounds time separately, the difference in time in seconds (faster or slower) between the two, will be the amount of burpees each pair has to do*


Grab your best bud and get after it today!



A.) 6 min alt Emom 
1- Pulling
2- Midline


B.) 7 Rounds  (adv + beef 8 rounds)
200m Run or 250/200m row
12 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (adv 70/44) (Beef am swings at 70/53)
10 Double Under (adv 20) (Beef 40)
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