Small Whiteboard PSA and 18.2 Highlights

Thanks to Erin, we have a collection of  small whiteboard squares sitting in the cubbies (I was originally corrected by Nabil on this, Sorry Erin!). These are great for writing down what the workout is, so we do not have to make trips over to the whiteboard if we forget it, and they can also allow us to keep track of reps and rounds. Unfortunately Brandon Banks has recently brought to my attention (and I agree it is an issue) that a lot of the times when people use these whiteboards, they do not erase them once they are done. He tasked me to put a PSA out about proper whiteboard cleaning practices. Please, if you decide to utilize one of the whiteboards for your workout, take the time to wipe them down once you are done. It only takes 10 seconds, I promise! You all have been great with making sure you clean up your chalky hands, so lets keep the trend going and keep those whiteboards clean!

18.2 Highlight Video

Yes the wait is finally over. The second installment of the highlight videos for this years open has finally arrived. You could really see that people gave it their all on this one, which made it fun to film and edit! Hearing everyones feedback on burpees also gave me a good laugh, along with some surprised reactions. What blew me away was how many people were able to hit clean PR’s at the end of their workout! People never cease to amaze me with their ability to rise up to the occasion. I hope you all enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

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  1. Nabil
    Nabil says:

    Such an highlight video DJ! Nice job!! I wish I could take credit for construction of the mini whiteboards, but those actually came from Erin, I believe she had some extra from her classroom.


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