Murph: Completed

Thanks to everyone who came out Sunday morning to do Murph with me! I was so happy to see such a great turnout and realized that there are a few more crazy people out there other than myself. Ha ha! During the squats, I had plenty of time to think about a lot of things (I had to distract myself somehow haha). But one of the things I distinctly remember thinking about was how lucky I was to be part of our amazing Sweat Shop family. I looked around the room and said to myself, “Dang this is so cool that this many people showed up…on New Year’s Day!!!” and then continued to chip away at the workout. I think it’s a good testament to all of you Sweat Shoppers when I can just post an idea like this online and I can always count on people showing up! You all have built such a positive community, culture, and a standard for quality work ethic. As a coach, it makes doing my job more rewarding when I get to be around such a legit group of people. I look forward to doing more things like this in the upcoming year and beyond, hopefully more of you will be able to join! Keep up the good work everybody!

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