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If you have ever worked out at 12 pm class, you have probably gotten to know Alandi. People know her for her contagious laughter and radiating positivity, as well as being a pretty darn good CrossFitter! What many people do not know is that in addition to these things, she is also a Chiropractor. Her office is even located about a five minute drive from the Sweat Shop!

When I found out Alandi was a chiropractor, it did not surprise me she was pursuing a career in the health industry. She is always asking lots of questions on how to improve her fundamental movement patterns specifically in the CrossFit realm. It impressed me since because people so often get caught up in the flash of CrossFit that they forget how to perform the fundamentals well. Coinciding with her educational background, this attitude is something that I think is exuded in her Chiropractic approach which is through the lens of BioGeometric Integration (I did not come up with that she told me about that, I am not that smart). It is an approach that looks at the whole body and the connecting relationship between physical, emotional, and chemical stressors.

Educational Background

Alandi earned a Bachelors Degree from San Francisco State University and a Doctorate degree from Life Chiropractic College West. In addition to her to holding multiple degrees, she has also continued education in Yoga and Meditation under the tutelage of respectable instructors in both fields. She not only has

Alandi displaying a good use of functional fitness!

the prestigious academics and continued education, but also a participation in a wide variety of physical activities such as (but not limited to) rock climbing, surfing, CrossFit, and Yoga amongst many others. The combination of her academic background, care for good physical movement, observance of mindfulness is really what sold me on her methods.




My Personal Experience

One of the things I liked the most about my two visits to see Alandi at her practice, was her systematic approach. She explained that you cannot take an issue within the body and think it is concentrated to specifically that area. The body works as a system, so when there is disfunction in a joint or muscle, it can be expressed as dysfunction in a variety of ways. From a physical standpoint this was an approach that I agreed with, as over the years I have noticed the body is an amazing compensator and will always find ways around its limitations. I have always been plagued with tight ankles as they never seemed to function well throughout my life. During my visit, Alandi addressed not only issues with my ankles, but also my SI joint, psoas, cervical vertebrae, lats, and many other things I did not know needed work on! She really took her time to identify the issues with my body, addressed them, and saw how my body was responding to the treatment.

Another thing that I appreciated was the questionnaire she had me fill out before coming in for my first visit. Aside from asking about physical issues that I had, it also asked me about emotional and chemical stressors. I was surprised by this but she later explained that emotional and chemical stressors can still manifest themselves in the body.

In addition to Chiropractic Care and CrossFit, Alandi is quite the world traveler!

As someone who has seen multiple chiropractors I can safely say this has been the most encompassing approach I have ever seen anyone take in addressing the human body. Even Britney had an appointment with Alandi and commented how impressed she was with Alandi’s approach and her extensive knowledge. I would highly recommend anyone to schedule a few sessions with Alandi, especially if you are in need of some chiropractic care. I never encourage people to wait until they have a problem to address it, but if you do have one, now would be the perfect opportunity to do so! Below is Alandi’s contact information, and if you see her at the gym she would be happy to answer any questions about her practice!


Life Force Chiropractic

Email: alandistecdc@gmail.com

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