The Best Part About CrossFit


Why do we Love CrossFit?

As many of you know I celebrated my 23rd birthday yesterday. I truly appreciated the kind words from many of you via in person, on Facebook, or through text message. It really means a lot to me! It reminded me to really appreciate where I am in my life. I am surrounded by amazing people every day at the Sweat Shop and am fortunate enough to get to work with them as well! I have been able to immerse myself in a very supportive community in which I not only get to work with, but also get to workout with. This makes participating in the classes one of the highlights of my day. The community aspect is a huge reason why I love CrossFit

Yeah Community!

, and why I think its been such a big success.. This is one of the pieces that provides me with the motivation that I need to make sure fitness is a big part of my life, and I am sure it is the same for a lot of you!


Humans are social beings, there is no denying that. We thrive when we are able to interact with others through relationships, friendships, networks, etc. As said before its also a big reason why a lot of us enjoy doing CrossFit. It allows us to be a part of a community where the collective mindset is not only to better ourselves, but also others through exercise. One of the things that really defines the CrossFit community is the  support you get from others. We have all been there. You’re finishing up the last round or  last couple minutes of a workout and you hear: “COME ON YOU CAN DO IT”……”LETS GO! YOU’RE ALMOST DONE!” Or maybe it comes in the form of a fist bump or back clasp after you’re done with the workout. The encouragement from coaches and fellow gym members can make the world of difference for people. I know I can think back to many times where I was battling with a tough workout, everything in my body was telling me to slow down, I was uncomfortable, I wanted to REST, but I kept going because someone was encouraging me, motivating me to push past what I thought was my limit. I am sure many of you can agree that you’ve run into a tough workout where the support from someone else is what really got you through it.



I understand that some of you might not be very social beings, and cheering on a complete stranger can be intimidating. Trust me I am right there with you, I am sure most of you know I am not the social butterfly. But still I encourage you just to give just a few words of support to someone finishing up a workout, or a fist bump to someone when they’re done. Remember that no one is too good, or too new to receive the support from the CrossFit community. Wether its day 1 or day 1,000 they will appreciate it all the same! It doesn’t have to be a Vince Lombardi caliber quote or an extravagant handshake, just a simple “lets go!”, or high five will do the trick. It can make the world of a difference to someone and it will instill good community morals on everyone.

Getting Back to Community

It can be easy for us to get caught up in the quantitative aspect of CrossFit, all the flashy gear, the flashy movements, but lets get back to why a lot of us started doing CrossFit. You hear it time and time again but it never gets old: people love CrossFit because it is such a supportive community. We live our lives very individually focused most of the time, but while we are at CrossFit we can forget about those individual tasks. Forget about texts, e-mails, errands you have to run, and just have fun for 60 minutes!  The next time you’re done with a workout, or you’re watching the previous class finish up, try to give just a few words of encouragement, just a few fist bumps to some people. The phone can wait, and you can always jot down your time in your notebook later, but its never a bad time to support your fellow Sweat Shoppers!



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