Audiobooks To The Rescue

Due to the recent holiday season and vacationing I have done, I do not have any controversial coffee topics or epic Star Wars information to share with you all. I do however have something that might make your commute or travels a little more bearable. Something I like to utilize whenever I am traveling for an extended period of time is an audiobook. Audiobooks are simply what they sound like, they’re the audio version of books. The great thing about them is you can still drive, walk, and be mobile while still listening to a great book. Using audiobooks on long road trips has been a game changer for me as there is only so much music one can listen to in one sitting. You can get all the satisfaction of reading a book without having to take time specifically out of your day to read. Another perk about audiobooks is you download the book onto your device, so you do not have to rely on good network signal to stream it via wifi or data. The main site I use to get my audiobooks is If you have an amazon account you can get your first book for free. I would personally recommend the book, “The Martian”, by Andy Weir if you are into science fiction. If you enjoyed the movie, then you will enjoy the book even more (yes the book is better than the movie). So if you are interested in “reading” more books give audible a try and add another entertainment option to your commute!


Truly a great book! Compared to the movie, the book has much more detail and more plot twists that will surely keep you listening!


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