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Mindfully Capable

Today I want to take a moment to talk about mindfulness. I’m sure there are a lot of “mindful” topics on this blog already, but for this specific one, I want to focus on being mindful of your capabilities. As all of you have seen, we program multiple levels for[…]

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Podcast Recommendation

I’m a huge fan of informational podcasts and I’ve recently been loving the Primal Blueprint podcast. I’ve referenced Mark Sisson, creator of the podcast and Primal Blueprint, on the blog before. I really enjoy his take on wellness in general and this podcast has a wide variety of topics pertaining to overall[…]

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Weekly WOD Insights 5/7/18

MONDAY Our EMOM formats are used in a couple ways. Sometimes the focus is more about volume/conditioning by going longer or maybe more reps with less rest (every minute), or other times it’s to be able to go heavier with attempting every 90 seconds or lowering the reps to a single. Today’s is[…]

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Patience vs Variation

A student sent me this article on when we should be patient or stick the course on a current training piece and when to add variation or complexity. The article has a bit of kinesiology lingo but I think it does a good job of describing the basic programming concepts that[…]

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How to Properly Use a Belt

Amongst a couple of other popular items one of the more common things you will see in any CrossFitters gym bag is a weightlifting belt. The weightlifting belt, when used properly, can provide extra stability to the midline. This extra stability helps prevent back injury and increase the amount of weight a person[…]

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