Weekly WOD Review – 8/29/22



You’ll use the same weight for both barbell movements today. It’s important that you base your weight selection off of your ability/comfort level with Shoulder to Overheads. To help you make your decision, I encourage you to select a weight for your Shoulder to Overheads that will allow you to complete a minimum of 8 consecutive repetitions. Deadlifts should therefore be relatively light as compared to previous workouts, and that’s ok for today. You’ll aim to complete about 2-4 total rounds of the AMREP below.


18:00 AMREP

5-10-15-20 Cals

Deadlifts 75/55 (95/65) (115/75) (135/95) (155/105)

Box Jump Overs

Shoulder to Overheads (use same weight as above)


*Score = Total Reps (110 Reps/Round)



I encourage you to warm up to a Front Squat weight that you are comfortable with performing with a relatively elevated heart rate. If you are accustomed to using percentages, warm up to about ~50-55% of your 1RM and go from there. Depending on how you’re feeling, you may start the workout lighter or a bit heavier. This is a great opportunity to work with your coach in determining a good starting weight for you. At the start of the workout, feel free to adjust the weight on your barbell based on how the workout progresses.

If you are one that is using an assisted version for Pull Ups in part b, I encourage you to select a version that will allow you to complete 4-5 consecutive repetitions.



Alt Every 1:30 for 18:00 (4 sets)


1) 5 Front Squats

2) 1:00 Max Cals

3) 1:30 AMRAP

8 DB Snatches 45/25 (Alt 50/35) (Alt 70/50)

8 Burpees -or- Lateral Facing DB Burpees


*Pick up AMRAP where left off



6:00 AMRAP

10/7 Pull Ups (8/5 Chest to Bars) (4/3 Muscle Ups)

70m Farmer Carry



Select a barbell weight that will allow you to complete all of the required Hang Power Cleans in 1:00 or less. You’ll also notice there is a generous 1:00 rest at the end of each round. This rest is a good opportunity to not only recover as much as you can, but it’s also a good time to make any adjustments to your pace as you get ready to go again. If you’re comfortable with the movements listed down below, I encourage you to try and keep similar intervals from round to round.


3 Rounds

403m Run

10 Hang Power Cleans 75/55 (95/65) (115/75) (135/95) (155/105)

8 Barbell Lunges (use same weight as above)

6 Hanging Knee Raises -or- Toes to Bar

403m Run

– 1:00 rest –



For the double under portion of today’s workout, select a version that will allow you to complete all of the required repetitions in about 1:00 or less. This is also a great opportunity to practice your Double Unders with a little bit of intensity. If this is the case for you, I encourage to give yourself at least 1:00 to practice your Double Unders or select a pre-determined number of attempts before returning back to the run.

If needing to select an assisted version for Push Ups, I encourage you to select something that will allow you to complete 4-5 consecutive repetitions.



8:00 AMRAP

25 Double Unders (50) (75)

200m Run


– rest 2:00 –



8:00 AMRAP

200m Run

7/5 Push Ups (10/7 Push Ups) (15/10 Push Ups)


– rest 2:00 –



8:00 AMRAP

15/10 Cals (20/15) (25/20)

15 Air Squats




Today you’ll have an opportunity to work on your weightlifting. You’ll have the chance to receive the bar in the power position as well squat your chosen weight. There isn’t much difference between the Power and Squat Clean besides where you are receiving the barbell. Your coach will be able to discuss the subtle differences between the two movements. Since you’re adding the Push Jerk into the mix, be sure to select weights that will allow you to think and process the movement. Once comfortable/confident with all of the movements involved, feel free to add additional load as the workout progresses. If not, it’s totally ok to get a few more practice reps/sets in at the same weight.

For the last portion of today’s workout, it’s important to select a weight for the Thrusters that will allow you to complete a minimum of 6 or more consecutive repetitions.



Every 1:30 for 9:00 (6 sets)

1 Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Squat Clean + 1 Push Jerk



Every 1:30 for 6:00 (4 sets)

2 x (1 Squat Clean + 1 Push Jerk)



For Time:

800m Run

30 Thrusters 45/35 (75/55) (95/65) (115/75) (135/95)

70m Run


*10:00 Time Cap



Although today’s workout can be done alone, I encourage you to find a partner and make some friends! The workout itself doesn’t exactly require both individuals to be equally proficient at the movements listed below, it’s more about being able to encourage each other as you both progress through 24 minutes of non-stop action!


With a Partner, Alt Every 3:00 for 24:00 (4 sets)

1) 3:00 AMRAP

10 Wall Balls

8 Russian KB Swings 53/35 (70/44) (American KB Swings 70/53)

6 Burpees


2) 3:00 Max Cals


*Score 1 = Total Rounds

*Score 2 = Total Cals


*Alt stations with a partner

**Pick up where partner left off



Be sure to pace yourself through this 20:00 workout. There are a few points in the workout, namely the run and the sled push, that will give you a little bit of rest upon completion before moving on to the next station. Other than that, pick a steady pace to start off with and feel free to speed up or slow down based on how your workout is progressing.


Alt Every 1:00 for 20:00 (4 sets)

1) 1:00 Max Cals

2) 140m -or- 200m Run

3) 1:00 Max Pull Ups (Chest to Bars) (Muscle Ups)

4) 70m Sled Push 25/15 (45/25) (70/50)

5) 1:00 Max Single DB Box Step Ups 40/20 (45/25) (50/35)