Weekly WOD Insights 2/14/22


You may have noticed over the past couple of weeks we have been going through the various pressing progressions. We started with strict press, the following week was push press, last week was push jerk, and we are rounding out this little pressing cycle with split jerks. Split jerks are reserved for our olympic lifting days when we do the clean and jerk. We seldom get to only work on the jerk, but it is good to allocate time specifically to refining this movement. A lot of times after cleaning a barbell (especially a heavy one) you are dealing with some amount of fatigue before getting to perform the actual split jerk. This reduces your ability to work really get invested on working on the technical aspects of the split jerk, and this is why we are dedicating time to it specifically. If you don’t know what the split jerk is…..well you get to learn all about it today! Todays finisher should be a constant mover. All the movements are fairly simple and should be in manageable numbers. This leads me to a very important reminder: be sure to stand all the way up on your air squats! I am not always crazy about the crossfit standards but I do think it is extremely beneficial to stand all the way up at the top of an air squat and fully extend the hips on every single rep.


Split Jerk 





403m run
3 rounds
15 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (20 @ 70/44) (Beef 20 am swings 70/44)
20 Air squats (Advanced Jumping air squat)
200m Run (Beef 403m run)


Over the month and a half you’ve seen lots of positional work make its way into our olympic lifting days. Today is all about taking what you have learned, and applying it to the regular lifts. If you are prolific in your olympic lifts and want to try  out a complex that utilizes some of the pieces we have worked on recently, then we have a fun complex for you to give a try. Todays finisher will be about managing muscle fatigue. The box jump overs should be no problem for you and you should be able to breeze through those. You’ll have to manage your hanging knee raise/toes to bar fatigue though to make sure you do not hit a wall on those movements. If you know those are challenging for you, break them up early and try to keep to smaller sets with shorter rest.


A.) Every :90s for 15 minutes
2 cleans or snatches


Advanced Complex 
1 Hang clean (Above the knee) + 1 Hang clean (right below Knee) + 1 clean


B.) 8 Minute ascending amrep 
2 Box Jump overs
2 Hanging Knee raises or single leg v ups (Adv 3 T2B) (Beef T2B)
4 Box Jump overs
4 Hanging Knee raises (Adv 3 T2B) (T2B)
6 Box Jump overs
6 Hanging Knee raises (Adv 3 T2B) (T2B)


Through the 12’s- 84 / 60 / 84
Through the 14’s- 112 / 77 / 112
Through the 16’s- 144 / 96 / 144



I was pleasantly surprised with how many people enjoyed last Fridays mindful mover workout. I am never sure if people like the idea of toning down intensity since we generally aim to do the most work possible in our workouts. I firmly believe formats like this will still move the needle in the right direction, without burying you into the ground with intensity (which is nice sometimes!). The main focus for today is on movement quality while under a little bit of metabolic fatigue. I don’t simply want you to get the work done, I want you to get it done with mindful movement. Theres lots of gains to be made Today will be heavy on the glutes and quads so anticipate some sore 🍑  the next few days.


Mindful Mover 


8 Minute alternating Emom
1- 14 Dumbbell Reverse Lunges 30/20 (40/30) (50+/35+)
2- 6-12 Push ups (Ring push up or Kipping Hspu) (Strict Hspu or ring dip)

-:90s rest-


8 Minute alternating Emom
1- 6-12 Pull ups (C2B) (2-6 Bar muscle ups) (Ring muscle ups)
2- 6 ea side single arm dumbbell thruster (Beef 8 Double DB)


-:90s rest-


8 Minute alternating Emom 
1- 6-8 ea side dumbbell renegade row (same weight as other DB movements)
2- :40s calories any machine


Today is geared at working in the lower intensity/ longer time domain. Over the past couple of weeks I have tried working in some longer format, lower intensity workouts just to make sure that there’s a break from the high intensity workouts. My goal would be to have you stay in the 65-75% max heart rate range, or just aim to maintain a conversational pace if you don’t have a wearable. The goal for today is not to get a certain number of rounds, it’s really to work on understanding what an aerobic pace is. I think theres a wealth of untapped potential we could all dip into a little more with the more aerobic style training. A few of the direct benefits of building a bigger aerobic base are improving your ability to pump blood through your body, your ability to recover improves, and you primarily use fat as your energy source instead of glycogen (more abs!). Check out the digram below to see what you want t aim to keep your heart rate around.


27 Minute amrap 
600m Run
15 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (Beef 20 am swings)
12 Single leg v ups (Adv tuck ups) (V ups)



If you check back to a few weeks ago when we did tempo squats you will see that we did sets of 5 with the same tempo. If you were around for that day, you should be able to add 10-20 pounds to todays numbers. If you weren’t around for a couple weeks ago, or our last squat session, we have been working on some tempo squats. The numbers listed to the back squat title are the assigned tempo. Todays tempo for the Rx’d people will be 3 seconds down, 0 pause in the bottom, x explode up, and a 2 second pause at the top. The advanced tempo reads as 5 seconds down, 0 pause in the bottom, 5 seconds up, 0 pause at the top 🌶🔥🌶 . The goal with tempo squatting is to increase time under tension which means you will be doing less weight than your usual 3’s. You will definitely still feel challenged, and maybe even more so than usual since we have not done a lot of tempo work. Todays finisher is the opposite of yesterdays. Hit it hard and hit it fast. Choose a deadlift weight that will allow you to go unbroken the entire time, and find a pace on the burpees that feels sustainable for the entire workout. Burpees are an easy movement to go too fast on, and trust me, going too fast will catch up with you real fast.


A.) Tempo Back squat (30X2)
*Compare similar 1/28/22*


Advanced spice (5050)



B.) 4 Cycles
2 Minute amrap 
8 Deadlifts 115/75 (135/95) (185/125) (225/155)
8 Down ups (Burpees) (Bar facing Burpees)
-Rest :30s between cycles, pick up where you left off*


I like this format where you can end with the double unders since its low pressure and won’t disrupt the overall intensity for everyone. I think it can be beneficial for people of all levels. If you are still learning the double under, it gives you a low risk environment with plenty of time to practice. If you smash on double unders, you get an opportunity to go for very large sets and overall a lot of volume. For part B, you’ll be working at managing muscle fatigue and heart rate. The machine calories provide you an opportunity to really push the pace of the second part since the gymnastics are much mire limited by your grip or lats/abs. Don’t be afraid to really push the machine work, you’d be surprised at how long you can sit at your “red line” pace on those things!


3 rounds against a 2:30 clock 
Run 200m
16 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) (Beef 20 alt 50/35)
-Max double unders in time remaining-
*No rest between rounds*


-Between part A and B rest 2 minutes-


B.) For time
30/25 cals any machine (35/30) (Beef has to bike)

20 Hanging Knee raises (10 T2B) (Beef 20 T2B)

25/20 machine cals (30/25)
15 Hanging knee raises (10 T2B) (Beef 15 T2B)
20/15 machine cals (25/20)
10 hanging knee raises


Nothing too sexy about today. Come in. Get it done. And let’s all go to rooted after for some waffles and coffee. Just kidding. Today is about managing each individual movements pace so you can transition quickly into the next one. It can be easy to rip off a big set of wall balls, or box jumps, but you want to think about how that will effect your transition into the next movement, and the workout overall. With amraps you always want to take the mentality of “how can I get the best overall score,” as opposed to only focusing in on an individual piece.


20 Minute amrap 
10 Wall balls (14) (18)
8 Box Jumps (12) (15)
8 power cleans 95/65 (115/75 (135/95)


*at 5,10,15 perform a 70m (beef 100m)  sled push/ D ball carry/ farmer carry*