Next On Ramp August 8th!

For those interested in our next On-Ramp, it will be starting August 8th at 6:45pm and will run every Monday and Wednesday night for 4 weeks. If you or know someone who’d like to reserve a spot, please email me at Spots are already filling up so be sure to stay on it! Check our On Ramp page for more information on the program and here for our fundamentals package.




Most of the time when someone mentions fasting our thoughts immediately go towards food. Recently I decided to fast something different, television. It is easy to sit down to watch a television show, and the next thing you know 2 hours have gone by with nothing to show for it. So far, my  experience with fasting from television has been refreshing. I have found myself to be increasingly productive throughout my day, and my mind is refocused on goals and priorities. I am only a week into a one month fast, and I can already say that I do not miss the comfort of television like I thought I would. I have found that I have had no problem filling my time with productive activities. I would invite all of you to examine some of the things that you fill your time with, and see if maybe a fast might be right for you.

No Classes this Weekend & Monday Aug. 1st


With Round 1 of maintenance work for the parking lot scheduled for this coming weekend, we won’t be able to run any classes on:

Saturday July 30th
Sunday July 31st
Monday August 1st

We will however be organizing some out of the box workouts on each of these days for anyone interested in getting some workouts in that are a change of pace from what we normally do at the Sweat Shop.  Here’s what we’ve got planned so far!

Saturday July 30thLafayette Reservoir Run – 2.7 mile loop – 8:30am

Sunday July 31stLyon St. Stairs workout in San Francisco (meet and carpool from Civic Park in Walnut Creek, departing at 8:00am)

Monday August 1st – if we can get at least 5 people to confirm, Jack has access to a pool in San Ramon, I’ll be bringing some dumbbells and we’ll be doing a swim WOD combined with some dumbbell exercises etc. workout begins at 9:00am (comment here if you are interested!)

Also on Monday only I’ve contacted my friends at Walnut Creek CrossFit and have worked it out so that any Sweat Shop member interested can attend the following Open Gym times at no charge:
Monday August 1st:
7:00am – 9:00am
12:00pm – 5:00pm
8:00pm -9:00pm

They have also offered us up to 5 spots for their 7:00pm class.  However, you MUST first email me to confirm a spot if you would like to attend the 7:00pm class.

Round 2 construction will be the following weekend, and there will be no classes on Saturday August 6th and Sunday August 7th.  Stay tuned as we will be organizing out of the box workouts for those two days as well.  Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!



Post WOD


Ping pong after the 5:30pm class this Friday!  Beer, tacos and the CrossFit Games stream.  Workout optional.

Congratulations Cathy & Brian!


Big congratulations to Brian and Cathy who got married this past Saturday!  These are two wonderful people and it’s always great to see them cheering each other on when they get to workout together.  Cathy can be seen with a smile on her face less than 2 minutes after completing a grueling workout, and while it often takes Brian a good bit longer to recover, you can always bet on him having a smile on his face by the time he’s heading out the door.  Be sure and congratulate them next time you see either at the gym!

PulsePoint App

I first learned about PulsePoint thought my husband, Kyle. As a firefighter, Kyle uses PulsePoint on and off shift. It wasn’t until a few months into using the app that we realized the creator  was Richard Price, husband of long time Sweat Shopper, Lisa Price. As someone who is CPR certified, I have PulsePoint on my phone and get updates around me. Check out this amazing story of how PulsePoint saved the life of a cardiac arrest victim.

Throwdown at Dog Days of Summer

dog_days_2016Sweat Shoppers Throwing Down!

This past weekend we had 3 teams from the Sweat Shop represent at Crossfit Danville’s Dog Days of Summer Throwdown. All 3 teams showed their competitive edge, drive, and will power as all the events were nothing short of “pain cave” workouts. Here’s a little recap of how the day went down.

Brandon and Manwell’s best workout was Event 2, which was a combination of 275lb deadlifts, burpee box jump overs, and 11′ wall balls. As these two are one of the stronger athlete’s in the gym, it was amazing watching them make 275lbs look like a warm up! But don’t let their strength fool you into thinking they don’t have an engine. Event 2 was a 12 minute AMRAP, and as we all know, 12 minutes is A FREAKIN LONG TIME. They both showed their grit and comfort in the pain cave, as Manwell finished with the fastest burpee box jump overs I’ve ever seen! It’s always fun doing a competitioin with these two guys, because not only do they work hard during the competition events, but man do they make hanging out in between events way more fun!

Greyson and I we’re able to make it to the final event, which was a new experience for both of us! The most impressive moment for us was how Greyson man-handled those KB Clean & Jerks in Event 3. Event 3 was a 20 minute workout that consisted of a mile run with a KB, 200 double unders, and 100 KB Clean & Jerks. I distinctly remember telling him (during my daze of being redlined), “Hey man, I need you on these because I’m smoked.” Without hesitation he nodded and kept chipping away at the 100 KB Clean & Jerks, keeping us in contention for the final event! As new as Greyson is to CrossFit, it’s amazing how our communication was on point, which is vital in team competitions.

Bri and Sarah we’re able to make it to the final event also, and you can call them the champs of the Dog Days of Summer Throwdown. This team was a power house as both of these talented ladies represented their respective gyms as Individual Athlete’s at this year’s Regionals, and it was amazing watching them work together. Their transitions were flawless, they moved effortlessly, and they crushed the competition taking 1st place overall! They had three 1st place finishes, and they put on quite the display in Event 4. Event 4 was a quick sprint that consisted of 21-15-9 Synchronized Toes to Bar and Ascending Weight Squat Snatches. Both of these ladies made that snatch weight look EASY!

I speak for the coaches as well when I say how proud I am of not only the display of fitness, but the camaraderie and sportsmanship that all 3 teams showed throughout the competition. We truly have a talented and class act gym, keep it up everyone! Can’t wait to see you all crush it at the next one!

Jacqueline Back At The Games!


It’s been a long year of training for many of our competitive Sweat Shoppers! As many of you all know, the CrossFit Games starts this week and keeping the strong competitive Sweat Shop tradition alive, we are lucky to have Jacqueline represent for the second consecutive year in the 50-54 women’s division. As her coach, I can’t begin to tell you how hard she worked this year. The physical work and mental focus to stay competitive throughout each part of the season is immense. Training for the Games starts immediately after the conclusion of the current Games, all the way through the Open season, Master’s Qualifiers, and if you are able to make it again, the Games. I truly mean it when I say that just getting to the Games is an accomplishment in itself! With that being said, she is ready to take the rookie tag off this year and is more hungry and ready to compete than ever! Last year, I wrote a bunch on her story before the Games, but since you’ve all gotten to know her well over the year, I’m going to copy and paste a response Jacqueline gave to the the Games media crew when they asked her about her training this season. She sums it up well:

I am excited to be back at THE GAMES this year! Last year, I was a rookie as the Games was my first official CF competition. I am very proud of the accomplishments last year, but I know I had a couple things help me out and still had a lot to work on. In Open last year, it had a 1rep max Clean and Jerk and the Qualifiers had a 1 rep max snatch. This helped my transition from Olympic Lifting to CrossFit very easy :) Finishing 9th at last year’s Games made me feel like I had what it took to compete amongst the best, but I knew if I was going to make it back, I had to improve many parts of my game, almost all of which were NOT LIFTING. This year, my coach and I focused on getting a better engine and improving gymnastics. It’s been a long year of the “pain cave” but I feel like I’m actually learning to use my engine competitively. The true validation was this year’s Open and Qualifiers as there was no max in the Open and every workout was about the engine! I felt really good finishing 15th, 3 points better than last year with NO HEAVY LIFT.  The Qualifiers had 1 rep Max Deadlift, which is my worst lift! I knew that I needed to put all the training into the qualifiers. I unexpectedly finished 5th in the world! Taken all the events of the Open and Qualifiers, I feel like I TRULY belong at the Games this year as a CrossFitter. I had no piggy back event. No wheelhouse. No specialty. I feel like a CrossFitter! Those weightlifting records are a thing of the past.

Reading it gets me so pumped to be down there and watch her pour it out. Jacqueline, crush it, and remember to do you. Play your game, leave nothing on the table, and remember to have fun with it! No regrets. Although it’s been a stressful couple months, know that we are all super proud of you and will be cheering our assess off for you no matter what!

You can watch and follow Jacqueline online on the Games Site/Youtube/and ESPN. You can check out the events and how to watch here. Her heat times will be announced throughout the week but she will have one workout in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Send your positive vibes to Jacqueline in the comments!

Sweat Shop Endurance Rx Programming


CrossFit Sweat Shop is proud to offer its members access to weekly endurance programming via the Sweat Shop Endurance Rx Program. Whether you are a competitive CrossFitter looking to take your conditioning to the next level, or a general fitness go-er looking for some extra endurance to your routine, the Sweat Shop Endurance Rx program is for you. CrossFit demands endurance. Plain and simple. While each workout of the day at the Sweat Shop has an intended physiological stimulus we’d like you to achieve, we know that it can be hard to account for all areas given your weekly workout schedule or if you have been training on a strength cycle. This program aims to: 1) improve upon the endurance weaknesses or gaps in your current fitness routine 2) help prepare for endurance-specific events or competitions by practicing pacing in different distance and time domains, and 3) improve recovery.

In order to achieve this, The Sweat Shop Endurance Rx program integrates the following endurance elements: Aerobic Capacity (AC), Lactate Threshold (LT), and Lactate Threshold with CF implement (LTCF).

Aerobic capacity (AT) refers to the highest amount of oxygen that can be delivered to muscles and be utilized. This type of supplemental training will typically be longer and monostructural in nature through running, biking, rowing or swimming. While most CrossFit events are within the 10-20-minute range and at very high intensity, it is essential to have a base of slower and larger work capacity in order to excel in the shorter workouts. An added benefit to engage in aerobic capacity training is that they are less intense. This can help with recovery by flushing out the nasty bi-products left in the tissues after the heavy and super high intensity days you do throughout the week.

Lactate threshold (LT) training is focused on improving the point at which you start to accumulate lactate. Think of it as the point when you start to feel the “burn” or when you begin to breathe heavily. While we do this a lot in most of our programmed workouts, the complexity of certain CF movements can make it hard to really gauge steady effort and to know when we are reaching this point and avoiding redline. So the focus of this will also be simply monostructural. Lactate, believe it or not, is not a bad thing. In most CrossFit events and many team sports, the primary energy source is lactate. This training will teach the body to efficiently use lactate as a source of fuel on par with the carbohydrates stored in muscle tissue and the sugar in blood. Efficient use of lactate, not only prevents lactate acid build-up, but gets out more energy from the body’s fuel.

Lactate With CrossFit Implement (LTCF) training will include everything stated above but with some element of CrossFit movements or popular CF formats.

As of next week, we will be posting the 3 Endurance Rx workouts via Beyond the Whiteboard each Sunday and will be listed under the Endurance Rx Programming Track. Most of them will be doable via a track or a hill but they can also be done in the allotted Open gym times. They do not need to be done in any particular order, or on any given day. Fit it in when you can and try to do them with your fellow buddies. Text your workout buddies or let them know on our Facebook group page “Sweat Shop Members” if you plan to hit one of them up. If you have any questions about the program or if you are looking for a personalized program for yourself, shoot us an email! Time to get MORE fit!

Competition Mode this Saturday


This Saturday we will be having 3 teams representing the Sweat Shop at CrossFit Danville’s Dog Days of Summer Throwdown. Check out the teams and their heat times below!

A Team Has No Name

Athletes: Manwell Gali, Brandon Banks

Event 1 – 9:22am

Event 2 – 11:11am

Event 3 – 12:52pm

Tiny Sweat Shoppers

Athletes: Greyson Bromstad, Marko Cantero

Event 1 – 9:35am

Event 2 – 11:26am

Event 3 – 1:38pm

Man Eaters

Athletes: Bri Gaipa, Sarah Hopping Estrella

Event 1 – 9:35am

Event 2 – 11:26am

Event 3 – 1:38pm

The competition is set to begin at 8:30am and should be done around 2:30pm. Sarah’s Paleo Pantry will be onsite for food, so bring some chairs and drinks and come hang out for a little bit!

New Wednesday 6:30pm Class Starts Tonight


We’ve added a new class to the schedule starting tonight.  Wednesday 6:30pm will now be a CrossFit Class.  Please note Wednesday Open Gym is now moved to 7:30pm.

Fish Oil

Dragon making that weight look effortless.

I’m usually not a fan of supplements, mainly because I forget to take them which then defeats the purpose. However, I have been taking cod liver oil for the past few months and have really enjoyed the benefits. I first tried out cod liver oil when I had a sinus infection this past spring. Check out what Mark of Marks Daily Apple has to say on fish oil.

Why Fish Oil?

Okay. Everyone – even peddlers of Conventional Wisdom, low-fat proponents like Dean Ornish, and certain vegetarians – agrees that getting enough fish-based Omega-3 fatty acids in our diets is good for us. In fact, the importance of dietary fish oil just might be the only point where I don’t butt heads with, well, almost everyone else. Still, though recommending a fish oil supplement is generally safe for anyone, it’s important to understand why fish oil is so beneficial. So why should we take it as part of a Primal lifestyle?

It all comes down to Omega-6/3 balance. You can’t talk about fish oil without getting into Omega-3 fatty acids, and discussing Omega-3 fatty acids is useless without understanding their relation to the Omega-6s. We’ve mentioned this relationship multiple times before, but I’ll reiterate: a 1:1 Omega-6::Omega-3 dietary ratio helps keep dangerous inflammation in check. Seeing as how most Omega-6 fatty acids can be found in “vegetable” oils (soybean, corn, peanut, sunflower – to only name a few), fake butter products, grain-fed animal fat, and other modern contrivances, it is understood that Grok rarely encountered them – especially not in the excessive levels most people see today. He was munching on nuts and seeds, sure,  and those have moderate amounts of Omega-6s, but he certainly wasn’t setting up processing plants to press wild maize for the Omega-6 rich oil. Simply put, Grok would have gotten plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids from seafood, wild game, and wild vegetation, with minimal amounts of Omega-6s, enough to give him a 1:1 ratio. On the other hand, the Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio of the Standard American Diet, replete with fake fats, processed vegetable oils, and grain-fed meat, is said to approach 30:1!

Read more:

Congrats to The Payawals!


Big congrats to CJ and Megan who tied the knot this weekend at the Lafayette Park Hotel! CJ and Megan have been a big part of the Sweat Shop community. CJ, one of Sweat Shop’s earliest members and one of my best buds, has always been a positive force in the gym. He is always down to do horrible workouts with you, always has words of encouragement for the class, and is just a chill guy to be around. Megan is always there to cheer everyone on, she shows her appreciation to the coaches, always spoils us with her generous gifts, and is the first to tell you how badass you are, even if you’re feeling blue…or pukie! Thanks for all you do for the Sweat Shop and most importantly, we wish you all the happiness in your future together! Cheers!

Lastly, check out this famous couple who was there!

David and Goliath


The weaknesses of strength and the strength of weaknesses.

** Reminder – Starting this Wednesday we’ve added a 6:30pm CrossFit Class each Wednesday night — PLEASE ALSO NOTE Open Gym has now been moved to 7:30pm **

I recently finished the book “David and Goliath” and it made me think twice about how I perceive strengths and weaknesses. The book seemed to relate perfectly to CrossFit because there are so many skills and movements that we either struggle with or excel at. For example, I am by no means one of the stronger athletes in the gym but I’d like to think that since I am a smaller athlete that I have a decent level of conditioning. You could say a strength of mine would be my engine and my weakness would be my strength. Now let’s take a 15-12 minute workout with some heavy snatches involved in it. I see it written on the whiteboard or online and I tell myself, “Well crap, there’s something that I’m not good at. I’m not going to do very good at that workout because those snatches are so dang heavy!” Wrong. It’s easy to get caught up in the things were bad at, but our weaknesses can end up being one of our strengths depending on how you look at it. Now lets go back to the previous situation, sure most of the stronger athletes would choose to possibly string some barbell reps together or move faster through that portion but that’s not my game. If I were to string together reps or go as fast as them, it would be lights out for me right out of the gate! My game is my engine and my ability to sustain work over a long period of time, and the last time I checked, a 15-20 minute workout is not exactly short in CrossFit. So I tell myself, instead of looking at the heavy barbell portion as a weakness, let me find a way to minimize it and use it to my advantage. Oh! Let’s do singles! To some, doing singles is almost like a sin (you know who you are) but what it does is helps me conserve my energy and allow myself to sustain work over the course of the workout, where a stronger athlete may not have the engine to sustain the effort. If successful, what did my weakness just do for me? It helped me create a “never give up attitude” or a sense of confidence or drive that can stick with you for a long time. What I’m trying to get at is, your weaknesses may not seem all that bad if you take a step back and look for  a way to minimize it and find a way to see that everything will be just fine. There is no “one size fits all” strategy when it comes to attacking any given workout. So take the time to find something that fits specifically for you and don’t get bummed if someone you look up to isn’t doing the exact same thing. If you have any questions on how to crush your next workout, feel free to ask one of the coaches! Apply this not just to your workouts, but the beauty is that you can apply it to any given situation in your everyday lives. The great thing about this book is that it tells stories about real life situations. It talks about how individuals have overcome poverty or mental disorders to become some of the most successful people today, their weaknesses instilled a “drive” to be successful that most people who are more fortunate don’t get the opportunity to experience or miss out on. A little different way to think about those weaknesses? Maybe not? If you want a good read, I would recommend the book either way!

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