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Weekly WOD Insight 7/16/18

For anyone planning on training Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is some running on each of those days.  While it’s less than 2 miles total, spread out over 3 days, for some it may still be a bit much.  Keep in mind that rowing, bike, or the ski erg are[…]

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Being a REDO Proponent

I thought today would be a good piggy back post to Nabil’s on “Mindful Training”, as I believe the concept of a REDO workout falls in line with being mindful and gives an opportunity to learn from our training. I’ve spoken a lot in previous posts about the benefits of variance in[…]

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Mindful Running

Just yesterday’s workout, while Alandi was running on the Assualt Air Runner, I told her to “be mindful while you’re running”…. meaning, I wanted her to really connect with what her body was doing and how it was moving, rather than just mindlessly putting one foot in front of the[…]

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Bottoms Up! Or in, or Out, or even Side to Side!

I have talked before about the benefits of bottoms up training which you can find here, and even Grand Master Nabil has given me a little shout out after incorporating bottoms up training into his workouts and seeing improvements in his shoulder health! 

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WOD Review 7/9/18

Monday I recommend taking 8-9 minutes to warm up to your working weight for Front Squats today. After you’ve done so, go ahead and pick one of the pulling skills to incorporate during your squats. Preferably, pick something that is a weakness and spend some time working on it. You guys[…]

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