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2018 CrossFit Open

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3/29/18 WOD Review (brought to you by icy hot)

Monday With weightlifting, it’s really important to understand and feel the movements. When a coach gives you an adjustment, try and really be aware of how it felt before and after the adjustment. A good goal is to try and make every rep feel the same! Hard to achieve, but it’s[…]

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Farewell Ryan!

  Next week Ryan will be leaving Walnut Creek, and California for Omaha Nebraska!  I feel fortunate to have gotten to know Ryan and it’s been really fun having him at the Sweat Shop for the past year.  I also feel fortunate that Ryan trained at the Sweat Shop for[…]

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Conditioning your Skills

As some of you start to add more skills (muscle ups, pull ups, chest to bar pull ups, handstand push ups, rope climbs, etc…) to your bag of tricks, the next step would be to use them in workouts! One thing that I try to remind folks is that just[…]

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18.3 Highlight Video

18.3 is in the books, this was a fun workout to watch for sure! Great job to everyone who competed this past week and a big shout out to those of you who worked hard on getting those muscle ups. Whether you got a muscle up or not, the effort and atmosphere[…]

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Got Stability?

The past couple of weeks we have had some exciting moments in the Open. We have seen people smash Clean PRs AFTER performing 55 dumbbell squats and bar facing burpees! Some have even got revenge on the much dreaded double unders that have given them so much trouble. We have[…]

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