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Weekly WOD insights 11/19/18

Monday I liked some of thew newer drills that Nabil implemented in the other week. I think a lot of you have been getting much stronger at pulling movements and some of these new drills are a good way to start to develop the necessary technique. For the finisher, you[…]

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Little Choices for Big Outcomes

I came across this post a couple of days ago and wanted to share it with you guys! It’s a friendly reminder that progress takes time and is an accumulation of the decisions you make. Often times, people want to see results in a matter of days or weeks but[…]

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Weekly WOD Insights 11/12/18

Happy week before Thanksgiving! While I know the smokey air has put a damper on our workouts the last couple days, I’ve made some indoor options ready for you if the air quality stays in the unhealthy range. There are several row, bike, ski options in the workouts this week.[…]

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Bring Back Planking

You heard it here first everybody, I want to bring back the trendy, but outrageous practice of laying flat on random objects. Take to your social media accounts and start posting pictures of you planking in the most random places. Lets work together and bring back this hilarious trend!….Okay I[…]

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Go Ahead. Challenge Yourself!

Someone told me that it’s good to challenge yourself. So I did. It’s no secret by now, but I’ve been on a golfing binge over the past few months. Still pretty awful, but I love getting out there and trying to improve my new craft. It’s been great! Instead of[…]

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