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Be Great. Not Ordinary.

View this post on Instagram Ordinary people shy away from negative situations, just as they do with failure. They do their best to avoid trouble. What great people do is the opposite. They are their best in these situations. They turn personal tragedy or misfortune—really anything, everything—to their advantage. _[…]

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Weekly WOD Insights 2/11/19

  MONDAY As always, I’d like all folks to work with extra care and focus on the skill work today. Shoulder taps should be slow and controlled, handstand holds should be extra “tight” with full body tension upside down, and if you do the foot taps, maintain hollow. I think[…]

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Weekly WOD insights 2/4/19

Monday  Todays finisher will not be super high intensity. I wanted to incorporate some movements that might seem simple in nature, but actually have some serious technical elements. For the rope climb this is a good time to focus on rope climb technique, not just getting the work done. Same[…]

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Chiro + Functional Fitness= Awesome Results!

I am sure many of you have heard of have seen that our nooner chiropractor, Dr Alandi, and I, are teaming up to offer our respective services in a package experience that we have dubbed: Movement Intelligence. We are offering 1 chiropractic adjustment and 1 personal training session a week[…]

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1/28/19 WOD Review

Monday Today will be week 5 of 6 for tempo work. As we look towards building long-term strength, we encourage you to use this tempo phase as an opportunity to continue to build a solid foundation for a more “traditional” strength phase in the future. Emphasize movement mechanics over numbers, trust[…]

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