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Skills: Before, During, After

These guys love working on skills before ,during, and after the party! Look at those faces! After our class warm-up and whiteboard briefing, you’ll often here the coach say, “if you need any modifications or substitutions come chat with me”. While it’s a wonderful opportunity for folks who need a[…]

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Moving Your Feet: A Weightlifting Christmas Story

To move, or not to move your feet, a solid weightlifting question. To beginners, I like to cue people to “jump” off the ground during the clean or snatch. I’ve found this cue to be effective in that it teaches people what full extension (extension of the hips, knees, and ankles)[…]

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External Vs. Internal Motivation: Part 2

This post is part two of a post on internal and external motivation. Last week we tackled what external motivation is, the pros and cons of it, when, and how it should be used. We deduced that while there are reasons that we can benefit from it, it falls short on more[…]

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Sweat Shop Holiday Party Wrap Up

The Sweat Shop 2017 Holiday Party is a wrap folks. Thank you to all the members who came out and partook in the festivities. We had some great fun didn’t we? I would like to give a special thanks to El Agulia for providing the delicious tacos and P.S. I Cake You for[…]

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WOD Overview 12/11/17

Looking at the weather forecast I see nothing but clear skies and highs in the mid to upper 60’s, which for December is not good if you’re looking to get up to Tahoe, but for those working on our fitness we might as well take advantage of this unseasonable dry[…]

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