Holiday Party This Saturday 6:30pm

 IMG_8074Rene, Lones and Mel — 2013 Holiday Party

Don’t forget the holiday party is going down this Saturday evening, 6:30pm at the Sweat Shop.  Hiroshi’s Catering will be providing dinner, P.S. I Cake You will be providing desserts, and Sweat Shop will be providing the beverages.  No need to bring anything, just your significant other… as long as they don’t mind a holiday party in a warehouse!  Park anywhere except the spots marked “Scania” or those directly adjacent to it (the ones to the right when you come down the hill from North Main.

Actually, now that I think about it, if you have any items that could be used for our “photo booth” feel free to bring them!

Lastly, there will only be one class this Saturday morning at 8am to allow plenty of time for us to transform the gym into a party-worthy atmosphere!

Black Friday Mom Stroll

Not mom walk related but an awesome picture nonetheless.

Ditch the Black Friday crowds and head out for a stroll. This Friday we will be having our second mom walk at 11:00. We will be meeting at Sweat Shop and walking from there. Coffee will be provided before we head out for our stroll.

###### *** Holiday Reminders *** ######

Thanksgiving Schedule


  • 8am Class
  • 9am Class


  • 8am Class
  • 9am Class
  • 10am Class
  • 11am Open Gym
  • 4:30pm Class

Holiday Party Saturday Dec. 5th 6:30pm @ CrossFit Sweat Shop

Row-A-Thon Wrap Up


This Saturday, we had 16 Sweat Shoppers compete at the Ericlee Memorial Row-A-Thon at CrossFit Walnut Creek. After I did this event last year with a couple Sweat Shoppers, I totally talked it up this year and was super excited to get to share it with a ton of teams! While most charity events are typically low key and easy going, this one is actually very upbeat, subtly competitive, and fun!

First, it was really fun to compete and be around several Sweat Shoppers that I rarely see in competition! This was Kris, Scott, Jack and Lydia’s (as a sweat shopper) first CrossFit event and they all did awesome! They ended up taking 3rd place overall out of 25 teams! They strategized really well and kept up with the top team and only lost to the second place team by 150 meters. Oh and by the way, big Scott did 20 tire flips at 500 lbs! It was also great to see Lones, who has been enduring a long rehab year for her knee back in action doing great on the row and smashing double unders! On the same team was her son Brandon, her husband Mike, and Melia. Some highlights on this squad was Chief destroying the airdyne…unknowlingly pedaling backwards and Melia, to everyone’s surprise flipping a 300+ pound tire! Many women forfeited this skill because they couldn’t lift it. We had another masters squad which was a couples team including Joel, Cassie, first time competitor Mark, and Jen. While Joel and Mark destroyed the rower, the ladies had awesome performances in the skills challenge and took 9th overall. Cassie got just under 50 KB snatches in two minutes and Jen did a 20 in vertical jump! Who knew Jen had mad hops!? Seriously, Nabil and I have tested verts on a lot of young athletes and very few can get 20in! Then there was my team with my wife Melaney, Jacqueline and Greg. While training Jacqueline over a year and Greg weekly for almost 3+ years, it was really fun to actually compete alongside them and we ended up taking 4th overall! While Jacqueline had some Games-level performances in the skills, what I enjoyed most was seeing her crush rowing, something she hates, and still be our team cheerleader at the same time. It was really cool to be able to rely on Greg, whom I train on a weekly basis, and see him carry the team with his outstanding rowing! And as always, it’s the best competing with Melaney. She may look easy going, but when Mel’s in comp mode, she gets after it. She took 2nd on the double under challenge with 140 in 2 mins and braving out the airdyne, 2 years in a row!

Big thanks to Milo, Roy, Steven, Jeff G, Jen O, and Lisa for coming down to support the teams. Lisa had to pull out of this event from an injury and in true Lisa fashion, she stuck around and was our loudest supporter and took all the pics! You can check them out here. 

Great work everyone, let’s do it again next year!

Deuces Wild Wrap Up & Holiday Reminders

deuces_2015The competitors and just some of our supporters at Deuces Wild this weekend

This past weekend was filled with Sweat Shop members competing at two different local competitions, including several first time competitors!  In Martinez we had 5 teams competing at the Deuces Wild partner comp.  As always, it was fun to hang out with, and compete alongside so many other Sweat Shoppers.  Among the  highlights were first time competitor, Greyson, who was paired up with Ali, finishing 12th overall, Bri and Nick finishing 9th overall, and myself competing with my amazing wife Helen, for the first time in several years…we not only got along great, she even didn’t mind carrying me throughout the entire competition!  Other highlights included Brandon and Kristen looking smooth and cruising thru the barbell ladder, Gomer hitting a bar muscle up after 10 consecutive chest to bar pullups, and Marko absolutely SMASHING out 6 clean & jerks at 185 in the final 30 seconds of workout #3, which totally redeemed himself after successfully snatching 195 in workout #1, then accidentally dropping down to successfully lift 190 when he thought he was going for 200.  And as always, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of those that came out to support and cheer us on, we really appreciated that!!

Stay tuned for a wrap up on the Row-a-thon from JB tomorrow!


###### *** Holiday Reminders *** ######

Thanksgiving Schedule


  • 8am Class
  • 9am Class


  • 8am Class
  • 9am Class
  • 10am Class
  • 11am Open Gym
  • 4:30pm Class

Holiday Party Saturday Dec. 5th 6:30pm @ CrossFit Sweat Shop


Bigger Than Fascia

IMG_9864Camilo. The happiest foamroller-ER ever! 

One of my favorite, yet difficult, exercise physiology related books I’ve read has to be Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers. To keep it simple, Anatomy Trains maps the entire body through myofascia and shows how the function or disfunction in one area of body tissue can effect another area along that line (i.e. hamstrings pain, caused by tight achillies). While his findings on fascia are very important in our field, I recently read an article of his annoyance of how much the word “fascia” is used. While he explains it’s importance, he reveals there are bigger things than simply “fascia” that need to be accounted for when improving movement.

From the article:

“I am so over the word ‘fascia’. I have touted it for 40 years – I was even called the ‘Father of Fascia’ the other day in New York (it was meant kindly, but…) — now that ‘fascia’ has become a buzzword and is being used for everything and anything, I am pulling back from it in top-speed reverse. Fascia? is important, of course, and folks need to understand its implications for biomechanics, but it is not a panacea, the answer to all questions, and it doesn’t do half the things even some of my friends say it does.”

Check out the full article here.




Saturday: Sweat Shop Comp Fever!

Deuces-Wild-Logo-No-Year 12243159_1009757042417868_4481182306525652670_n

We have 26 Sweat Shoppers competing this Saturday at 2 events! Come support and cheer them on! The Ericlee Memorial Row-A-Thon runs from 8:30am-10:30am just down the street at Walnut Creek CrossFit in downtown. The Deuces Wild Partner Competition starts at 8am and runs until 3pm at Diablo CrossFit Martinez.

Deuces Wild Squads

Nick D.




Row-A-Thon Squads

Chief Banks
Brandon B.

Scott C.
Kris D.

Jen M

Coach Glassman Speaking at CrossFit Walnut Creek

adam_kbYou won’t find some as ripped as Adam drinking soft drinks, and while he may understand the health risks, others may still not understand

CrossFit has recently taken on soft drink companies and legislation in a fight to require warning labels on soft drinks due to their high sugar content.  To help communicate their efforts, Coach Glassman has been touring around select cities and speaking on the topic.  This Thursday Nov. 19th he will be at speaking at CrossFit Walnut Creek (located in downtown Walnut Creek across from the old McDonalds) at 6pm.  They’ve just opened this event to the public but have asked that those who were initially sent the invitation to please send an RSVP as to how many plan to attend.  Therefore, if you are interested in attending please let me know by Wednesday.

More info here.

2015 CrossFit Liftoff Done!

Congrats to the Sweat Shoppers who finished up the 2015 CrossFit liftoff this week. For those who didn’t know, the Liftoff was a world-wide online competition of the 2 Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk) and one CrossFit workout. The Sweat Shoppers who participated crushed it! Check out some of the awesome lifts and PRs below! You can see how all Sweat Shoppers fared in their respective weight classes and age groups on the full leaderboard here. Great job everyone!

Clean & Jerk 
Patrick: 325 (PR)
Adam R:  305 (PR)
JB: 265 (PR)
Seth: 260 (PR)
Joel: 225
Nabil: 220
Bri: 215 (PR)
Bill: 200 (PR)
Helen: 192 (PR)

JB: 237 (PR)
Patrick: 235 (PR Match)
Seth: 215 (PR Match)
Adam R: 215
Nabil: 200
Bri: 172 (PR Match)
Joel: 165 (PR)
Bill: 150 (PR)
Helen: 140 (PR)

Which CrossFit Personality Are You?


The look you make when you think of someone for each “Personality”

One morning when I awoke from a deep slumber, I hopped on the world wide web and came across this hilarious article. One of the reasons I love the Sweat Shop is the amount of different and unique personalities we have at the gym. It makes coming to the gym each day a different experience. While I was looking through the article I could easily pick out someone for each personality type, which gave me a good laugh and started my day off on a good note. Just to name a few that immediately got my attention were…Helen at #7 with all of her social media posts, Mazzei at #4 always reppin’ the illest swag, and without a doubt CJ at #10 with no shirt. Go ahead and look through the article and comment which on personality is your favorite, which one you think you are, or who you think fits one of the personalty types! All in good fun, hope you guys get a good kick out of it as I did!

You can find the article here!

Mike Competing at World Wushu Championships!


Mike is once again off to compete in the World Wushu/Sanda Championships, this time in Indonesia!  He’s been kicking some serious butt at the gym in preparation for this event, and it’s always cool for us to see someone who’s training at the Sweat Shop is for the betterment of the sport they actively participate in.  Below is some words that Mike wanted to share with his Sweat Shop family:

Dear Sweatshoppers,
This is my third time being invited to represent our country at the World Wushu/Sanda Championships.  I have been fortunate enough to compete in Toronto in 2009 and Malaysia in 2013.  When I return stateside, it is always difficult to describe the magnitude and sportsmanship of this international competition.  Over 200 countries from across the globe send their top Sanda fighters to compete at the World Wushu/Sanda championships in hopes of attaining personal glory and national pride.  These athletes have trained for years, making personal sacrifices for just this one opportunity.  In recent years, countries have been limited to only send their best five male fighters and three female fighters.  I cannot begin to express the honor and the privilege to be one of only five male athletes from across the nation to represent you, the Sweatshop, and our nation overseas.
One thing always remains the same…Your support.  Each time I compete internationally, I am always amazed and grateful for the amount of support I receive from you as I prepare to fight.  Your belief in me makes me feel superhuman and gives me purpose.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to all of you for not only your sponsorship, but also for simply sharing this experience with me.  It might be only me fighting, but it’s your best wishes and confidence in me that provides my strength.
Fortunately this year, you will be able to watch the competition live online.
The time difference between here and Jakarta, Indonesia is 15 hours ahead.  I will be updating the my Facebook pages with my fight day and times.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to watch, if not at least on replay.
    Thank you again for all your support!  A special thanks to Nabil, JB, Rene, Marko, and DJ for their coaching, all the sweatshoppers for their motivation and inspiration, my family (Cat & Brian), and of course my future wife, Rowena for their unconditional support.
Mike ‘Dragon’ Lee

Tight Hips?


Basil demonstrating solid depth at the bottom of the back squat

Tight hip flexors can cause an array of problems ranging from low back pain to a lack of power in your lifts. If your hips are feeling tight, try dedicating 10 minutes a day to stretching them. Especially as the weather continues to get colder, the importance of a good warm up and stretching is key.

My favorite hip flexor stretches:
samson stretch
couch stretch
pigeon pose

I know most of us have done theses stretches plenty of times, but doing it with intention can really make the difference.

For more stretchy goodness, check out our Yoga on Tuesday nights at 8:00 with Ali. 

San Ramon Rookie Throwdown

group_san_ramonBryan, Shannon, Melissa and Camilo after a long hard day of kicking butt!

Congratulations to our two teams that competed in San Ramon this weekend at the Autumn Rookie Throwdown.  This was the very first CrossFit competition for all four of our Sweat Shop athletes.  Camilo and Bryan finished the day in 14th overall in the men’s category, while Shannon and Melissa took 1st overall in the women’s!  I had a great time watching these first time competitors and really enjoyed the overall vibe as there was little concern about what or how the other teams were doing, or gripes about judging standards or workouts.  It was just a day filled with people pushing themselves much further and harder than what they are used to, and supporting others while they do the same!  Awesome job team Sweat Shop, I’m proud of you guys!

See more pictures here.

On-Ramp Welcome/Rookie Comp This Sunday


IMG_8343Dan and Alyssa on graduation Day. Anna and Brenda were camera shy. 

Congrats to our recent On-Ramp “graduates” who just finished up our 4-week program. Alyssa, Dan, Brenda, and Anna did an awesome job and are pumped to join the regular classes! Be sure to give them a warm welcome when you see them. This was the last batch of 2015, so we will start our next On-Ramp in January. If you are interested in a beginner/start up program before the year’s end, know that we still have our Fundamentals package that runs throughout the year and is scheduled based on your availability. Find out more about our Fundamentals package here.


Also, we have two teams competing at the Autumn Rookie Throwdown at CF San Ramon this Sunday. Melissa is teaming up with Shannon along with Camilo and Bryan D. This will be the first ever CF competition for each of them! They’ve been working hard the past couple weeks strategizing and going through the events. Send them your positive vibes and come support! For info on the event, click here.  Good luck yall!

3. 2. 1. Lift Off!!


In the spirit of the CrossFit Lift Off, I wanted to offer some friendly advice for those going for their 1 rep max attempts or those looking to just lift some heavy weights this weekend.

1) Routine Routine Routine. Approach the bar like you would any other time. If you like to do a little “twerking” routine before each lift or stick your tongue out, do it for your heavy attempts! For me especially, having a routine before approaching the bar or attempting my lift gives me a sense of calm and consistency in a move where if one things goes wrong the result is most likely a missed attempt. If you don’t have one, I encourage you to eventually come up with one that is unique to you!

2) Warm Up Properly. As CrossFitters, we like to do things fast. When we apply it to going for heavy attempts or personal records, it may backfire on you. I have to confess that sometimes I like to hurry up and get to the heavy attempts, and I always have to remind myself to take my time. Try hitting a few more reps at a lighter to moderate weight before attempting your heavy reps. More importantly, use this time at the lighter loads to dial in your technique and make the movement feel effortless. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty in the tank for your heavy attempts!

3) Time and a Place for Everything. When we are starting to reach about 90% or even going for a personal record, now is not the time to make drastic changes. By this I mean, moving your hands wider, closer, or even setting up your feet in a different position. Changes like that should be made at sub-maximal loads, not at heavy attempts. Stick to simple adjustments like finishing your second pull more, keeping your chest up on the first pull, or actively pulling yourself under the bar.

4) Chill Out Bro. If you’re one of the folks that gets very VERY angry after missing a heavy attempt (that you believe you should’ve hit) or missing out on a personal record, it does you no good to throw a silly tantrum. Frustration is understandable, but in reality, you’re just wasting energy and making yourself more tired for the next one. On top of that, attempting a lift while you’re angry will probably result in another fail and then you’ll be more angry. Do yourself a favor and sit down, chill out, figure out what went wrong, and try to fix it.

5) Enjoy the Atmosphere! There’s nothing better then you and your friends attempting to break some personal records or just lifting some heavy weight. It’s a good time to feed off of the energy and encouragement from your peers. Try not to get so caught up in hitting a certain number, enjoy the moment and you may surprise yourself!

Hope these help, and I hope to see some of you this Saturday at 11am for some heavy clean & jerks and snatches!


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