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Intramural Open and 18.1 Prep

The 2018 CrossFit Open is finally here! The first workout was announced Thursday and folks will have untill Monday to complete it and submit scores online. I got to watch a couple folks go today so I’ve posted a few quick tips for preparation below. Also, the 2nd annual Sweat[…]

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Open Highlight Videos!

As many of you are probably aware, the CrossFit Open is upon us. If you do not know what the Open is, be sure to check out Rene’s post explaining what it is. If you need any more convincing to do the Open. be sure to check out Marko’s post on[…]

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What is the OPEN?

  For those of you have never competed in the CrossFit Open, you may be left with a few questions. The CrossFit open was originally designed as the first step in establishing the “Fittest on Earth” at the CrossFit Games. While the Open is still the first step in determining[…]

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Weekly WOD Review 2/19/18

Monday Today’s focus will be on Clean & Jerks. I like the 1:30 format as it allows enough time for the coaches to give some pointers to each of you in class AND allow for adequate rest in between sets. If something is feeling “off” I highly recommend taking it[…]

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CrossFit Open – Schedule & Logistics

Here is the important stuff you need to know about the CrossFit Open: If you’re planning on doing it, go ahead an sign up now so you can be included in our in house intramural teams and the draft that we’ll be having in the coming days The workouts are[…]

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