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Beating Mental Blocks in Oly Lifts

I just came across this article at a perfect time as I’ve spoken to more than a handful of Sweat Shoppers about this recently; getting over the mental block on the lifts. The article is written by Greg Everett of Catalysts Athletics and I was surprised at a couple things,[…]

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Rowing Tips & Tricks

For those of you who are participating in the open, or who just want some helpful tips and tricks for rowing. I found this video that does a great job breaking down the segments of rowing. I am definitely guilty of non-efficient rowing, as some of you may have seen, so[…]

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Congratulations Andrew & Ashley!

Congratulations to Andrew & Ashley, who were recently married in Tamarindo, Costa Rica!  Be sure congratulate Andrew next time you see him in the gym, he’s easy to spot, with the gloomy weather we’ve been having in the Bay recently, he’s the only one at the Sweat Shop that is[…]

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