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Weekly WOD Insights

Monday ***Bro Alert**** Bench Press Day!  But we’ll be keeping it light for this one.  Pick a weight that you can get at least 8 reps with unbroken.  Yes, I know there are plenty of dudes at the Sweat Shop that can get way more than 8 with 135lbs., but[…]

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“Breaking2” Documentary

  Big thanks to Rikus and Brandon who led me to this awesome documentary! If you’re into the nerdy science of athletic performance like me or just admire amazing athletic feats, be sure to watch this one! You always hear us referring to terms like aerobic capacity and building your[…]

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Accessory Time (not just for bicep curls)

I wanted to take some time this afternoon to talk about the importance of accessory work. If you haven’t yet, you may want to think about adding some accessory exercises to your normal workout routine! Accessory exercises are ones that we perform other than the main barbell lifts such as[…]

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Did someone say Booty Burn?

As coaches we are always trying to find resources and ways to educate you guys and girls on anything we feel is relevant to leading a better life. Whether its CrossFit specific, nutrition, or just general lifestyle, if we feel its relevant, we share it! Something I came across recently[…]

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Oct 9-15 WOD Insights

Monday Happy Birthday Roy! For Part A Deadlifts are going to be with a 2 second pause. Rather than dropping from the top, let’s work on controlling on the way down.  Score is sum of weight lifted. For the Amrap, focus on breaking and taking it easy the first 2[…]

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