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Weekly WOD Review – 9/28/20

Monday Goal: Consistent Cals each round, building off of last Monday. For those of you who were able to attend last Monday’s class, use the Cals (12/10) from that workout as a good number to shoot for. For those that were unable to attend class last Monday, I encourage you[…]

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9/21/20 Weekly WOD Review

Monday Run ~ 2:00 Squats/Thrusters ~ 1:00 Cals ~ 1:00 Total Time/Round ~ 3:30 – 4:00   Happy Monday! I’ve included some projected times to encourage you to pick a variation that gets you close to those time domains above. Doesn’t have to be exact though, think give or take[…]

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Weekly WOD insights 9/14/20

Monday  For todays olympic lifts you’ll have the option to cut it down to one rep if you are a more experienced lifter. We have been training for a couple months now so hopefully you all feel like you’ve been able to get some strength back. The finisher is a[…]

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Weekly WOD insights 9/7/20

Monday  I like to call workouts like these “Monday Movers.” Theres nothing flashy about them, no crazy movements, you just put in some simple and effective work. I like starting the week with these just to kind of get back into the swing of things and give yourself a little[…]

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Weekly WOD insights 8/31/20

Monday  We have been doing some strength for the past two months that is a little more cardio based. I decided to switch it up and just have you guys increase the loading and just aim to do the heaviest sets possible. If the clean is a weaker movement for[…]

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