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Weekly WOD Review 11/20/17

MONDAY  This workout will be different for everyone. For those who struggle on rope climbs, you want to move efficiently so that you don’t get to rope climbs smoked. It will get a little grippy towards the end, so it might be worth one or two quick breaks on STO[…]

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Right of Passage/The Forgotten Art Of Squatting

Good luck to Helen who will be competing in the 2nd annual Rite of Passage weightlifting meet this weekend in Oakland! For the past several months, Helen has been working consistently on improving her Olympic lifts and it has shown a ton in training. I’ve witnessed big improvements in her snatch and[…]

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Warming Up for Weightlifting

DJ had a great post yesterday about warming up for a good workout, today I want to dive a little bit more in taking extra time and putting in a little more effort into those barbell drills and lighter weights before hitting those EMOMs. In this case, I’m talking about[…]

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A Proper Warm-Up For A Better Workout

Its that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors, pumpkin spice fills the air, and people are busting out their favorite cold weather wear. Whether you like it or not, summer is gone and we are now entering the cold (relatively) days of fall and winter. As it gets[…]

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Sweat Shop Spartan Race

This past weekend there were five of us Sweat Shoppers competing in the Sacramento Spartan Race.  This was an 8-9 mile run with 20+ obstacles along the way.  For four of us, including myself, this was our first Spartan Race. While the run wasn’t too bad for me, I was surprised[…]

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