Row-a-thon 2024 – CrossFit Sweat Shop – Walnut Creek, CA


One of my fondest CrossFit competition memories is participating in the Row-a-thon held at Walnut Creek CrossFit many years ago organized by Andrew and Eric Williams!  Even though I’m not a huge fan of rowing, sharing the work with 3 other teammates made this much more enjoyable than I would have imagined.  Additionally, when the additional test (to earn bonus meters) are added in, it adds a whole other level of fun, challenge, and strategy.  Best of all, teams of mixed ability levels are able to participate and be just as competitive!

Here are the details!

Saturday June 15th @ 9:15am

CrossFit Sweat Shop

1401 Autocenter Dr. Walnut Creek, CA

Teams of 4 (2 Male + 2 Female)

2-Hours Max Meter Row

  • Each team will have (1) Concept 2 Row Erg.
  • Teams can decide how they want to split up work.
  •  In addition to rowing, bonus meters can be earned by performing 10 additional tests.  Any team member can perform any test, no tests can be repeated.  Tests will include:
  • 1-minute Max Burpee
  • 1-minute Max Toes to Bar
  • 90-second Max Double Unders
  • 1-minute Max Echo Bike Calories
  • 1-minute Max Ski Erg Calories
  • 1-minute Max Bar Muscle Ups
  • Max time towel grip hang
  • 90-second Max Rope Climb
  • 1-minute Max Chest to Bar Pullup
  • 90-second Max D-Ball or Sandbag Over the Shoulder
-This event will be capped at 18 teams
-Cost is $70 per person ($280) team
-Only team captain will need to register
a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Wounded Warrior Project
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