Ed Chu

CrossFit Coach


Ed has come full circle to join the CrossFit Sweat Shop team. While visiting the area, he first dropped into a class in 2010 (40lbs overweight) and knew he was out of shape. With a background in wrestling, TaeKwonDo and lacrosse, he was used to training hard, and quickly gravitated towards CrossFit. In CrossFit, he finally found a training regimen where he didn’t get bored and has been consistently training since.
Life has led Ed to places like South Africa and Taiwan. He began his coaching career in Johannesburg when the head coach saw his potential and asked him to start coaching. When family led him to leave South Africa, he moved to Taiwan and immediately knew he was going to continue his CrossFit journey. There he opened his own CrossFit gym and began his passion for helping others improve their health and fitness.
Married with two children, Ed has learned a lot from CrossFit. These days he continues training at Sweat Shop to keep up his strength and endurance so he can enjoy time with his family. Ed’s goals for coaching is to help others live an active, pain free lifestyle.
Ed holds his CF Level 2, Weightlifting and Gymnastic certificates and enjoys helping others improve on their movements and skills.