Author: Cristina DeMattos

WODs 11/21/22- 11/27/22

Monday 11/21  Part A: Every 3 min x 5 5 Back Squat 5+5 Squat Jumps   Part B: Alt. 10 min EMOM 10 Shoulder to Overhead + Max Cal in time remaining 10 Front Squat + Max Cal in time remaining   For part A, I programmed back squats pairs with squat jumps. Pairing strength […]

WODs 9/12/22- 9/18/22

Monday 9/12 3 rounds (30 m time cap)   X3  {15 Wall Balls 20/14 (adv 20 lb+) + 10 Box step ups w/ wall ball}   X3 {70 m Farmer carry 45/25 (adv 50+/35+) + 7 Pull ups (adv C2B) (beef BMU)}   The wall ball and box step up combo is spicy. I found […]

WODs 6/20/22- 6/26/22

Monday  Today between squat sets you will have the opportunity to work on beat swings. I know we often all use beat swings as a warm up, but I think there is benefit to getting extra practice on swing positions. I’ve noticed a lot of people wanting to progress to toes to bar and kipping […]

WODs March 28th- April 3rd

MONDAY A. EMOM 18 min  0-5 min: 3 Hang clean or snatch high pull 5-10 min: 2 Clean or snatch 1 in off the floor 10-18 min: 2 Clean or snatch   B. 800 m run or machine equivalent   Today’s lifting EMOM is a little longer than typical so everyone has more time to […]

WOD Overview- Week of 01/03/2022

Monday, January 3rd Happy New Year! Today’s work-out features a fan favorite, thrusters. There are also quite a few air squats, 96 for Rx and 144 for Adv. However, there are some good chunks of “cardio” to break up the squats and thrusters. Try to stay conscientious about movement quality in the air squats. It […]