WOD’s for the Week – Review

Gomer, Taneya and Bri during the 2015 CrossFit Open

I wanted to try something new this week.  As I’m sure most of you already know, we take our programming very seriously, and are quite proud of all that we put into it.  In addition to posting the entire week in advance so that you may plan both physically and mentally, this week I decided to give an overview and insight into each of the workouts.  While we usually go over most of this same type information at the whiteboard during the workout brief, sometimes people miss some key points becasue they are either writing down the workout, or it’s just a lot to catch all at once.  With this blog post you can check back and read it as many times as you like in preparation for the workout.  Let us know if you find this post helpful.

Monday –

A.) Max Effort 1K Row

B.) 4 Rounds

14KB Swing 53/35 (ADV. 20 @ 70/44) (BEEF 70/53)
7 Pushups (ADV. 12 pushups) (BEEF 20 Pushups)
403m Run

Be ready to start part A. soon after the class starts so there is enough time to recover before starting part B.

Part A. is 1000 meter row for time.  We want this to be a max effort row and a true re-test for your 1000m row time, that’s why we have it as part A., rather than part B.  And while it should be a max effort, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some pacing to be had.  If you don’t know what your best 1000m row time is check your log book or Beyond the Whiteboard (if you don’t already use one of these let a coach know and we’ll get you setup!)  Most recently we did 1000m row on 7/19/17.  Since most people start out fast, and die off towards the end, use your previous best time to set your pace for this week.  If for example your best time was 3:54 (which is an average 500m pace of 1:57), try to approach it this time by starting out with a 1:55 pace (it should feel easy to begin with) and maintaining it through 850 meters, then hopefully you can turn it up towards the end, rather than dying off at the end.  Lastly, make sure you set your rower to count down from 1000 so it records the time you finish.  If you do this, you can even go back and check your 200 meter splits to see how you did on your pace.  When you log your workout, don’t forget to note your damper setting.  Set the damper lower than what you would if you were doing a max effort 500 meter row.  Also, to sweeten the deal, if anyone beats the current Sweat Shop records (men and women, or if our current leaders Rikus and Taneya, better their current best) for the 1000m row, they will receive their choice of a free Sweat Shop t-shirt or hoodie.

Part B.  – For most, this will feel more like a full on workout than a finisher.  Ideally we would like people to stay under 20 minutes.  The pushups may start to stack up towards the last round or two, so break them up if they are an issue for you.


A.) 12 min. EMOM
2 SQuat Cleans or 2 Squat Snatch approx. 80-85% 1RM

B.) *compare 2/18/15**

8 min. AMREP

500m Row
then AMRAP
9 Hang Power Clean 75/55
12 Wall Balls

750m Row
30 Hang Power Clean (ADV75/55) (BEEF 95/65) (BEEF+  115/75)
Max Rep Wall Balls

Part A. – For those that have a year or more of experience with Olympic lifts try to maintain 80-85% for all sets.  If you are still relatively new to olympic lifts, worry less about percentages and start with a weight that is light and you can perform comfortably.  If it feels good, add weight as you go as long as your technique does not suffer.

Part B.  – We programmed this one over two years ago and I distinctly remember doing it… the wall balls were such a mental battle!  Aside from not going all out on the row, if you get to the wall balls with more than 2 minutes remaining, break up your first set of wall balls a little early so your sets don’t have a huge drop off.  I’ve added an Rx’d version this time around that has a slightly shorter row, then an AMRAP of Hang Power Cleans and Wall Balls so that folks that are still learning the Olympic lifts aren’t doing 30 reps in a row.  The idea for these folks is to maintain better technique, and not let the intensity drop off.  So if you did “Rx’d” last time, that same workout is the “ADV” version this time around.


3 Rounds
603m Run OR Row OR Bike/Ski Calories 35men/25 Women (ADV & BEEF 800m Run or Row OR Bike/Ski Calories 45men/35women)
15 Jumping Air Squat (ADV. 18) (BEEF 25)
15 Situps or Hanging Knee Raise (18 T2B) (25 T2b)
15 Jumping Air Squat (18) (25)

REST 2 minutes after completing each round

Since there is a decent amount of running throughout this week, for Wednesday you’ll have the option of running, rowing, biking or using the ski erg.  ALL of these are legitimate options and none would be considered “scaling”.  There’s a 2 minute rest after each round, which for most people won’t be enough time to fully recover, but the idea is to be able to start each round a little harder than what we would if it were simply 3 rounds for time.  Also, if you have toes to bar, but 18 reps seems like a bit much, feel free to go Rx’d, but with say 10 or 12 toes to bar instead.


A.) Back Squat
*ascending weight

B.)*compare 3/17/17
3 Thruster 75/55 (ADV. 95/65) (BEEF 115/75)
3 Deadlifts
3 Burpee



Part B. – The weight on the thruster will dictate which version you go with.  Yes, the deadlift weight here is really light, no, you shouldn’t use two bars so you can have a heavier deadlift.  When thrusters and burpees are involved take the light deadlift weight and be thankful for it.  We did this one on 3/17/17


A.) 10 minute to work up to heavy push press for 2 reps

B.) 5 Rounds
200m Run
5 Pullups (ADV. 7 Pullups) (BEEF 7 C2B or 2 Bar Mu) (BEEF+ 5women(7 men) Bar MU)
7 Ground to Overhead 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (BEEF 135/95)(BEEF+ 155/105)

Part A. – This won’t be like a full strength session dedicated to push press where we would normally spend 25+ minutes on one movement.  You’ll need to move quick through your warmup sets to ideally get 2-3 challenging work sets at or above 80-85% or your 1RM.  This should more than warm you up for the ground to overhead for part B.

Part B. – For ground to overhead most people will be able to move the quickest and safest with a clean and jerk, or a clean and push press.  But this option allows those that want to work on their power snatch do so.  Also, since we have lots of people that have just recently started doing bar muscle ups, the BEEF version has the option of either chest to bar pullups, or 2 bar muscle ups.  If you opt for the bar muscle ups it shouldn’t be something you spend more than 90 seconds per round on.


8 min. AMRAP

1st 9 minutes:

10 Box Jump
6 Pushups or Ring Pushups (ADV. 6 Ring Pushups or Ring Dips) (BEEF 8 Ring Dips)
6 Squat Cleans 115/75 (ADV. 135/95)(BEEF Hang Squat Clean 155/105)

2nd 9 minutes:
10 Box Jumps
6 Pushups or Ring Pushups (ADV. 6 Ring Pushups or Ring Dips) (BEEF 8 Ring Dips)
12 Deadlifts 115/75 (ADV. 135/95) (BEEF 155/105)

18 minutes can be a long time.  Quick break for the pushups or ring dips early will help you sustain on the later rounds.  As always, we recommend jumping up, but stepping down, to reduce the risk of injury on the box jumps.  Step up/down are definitely allowed for Rx’d and ADV.

If you’re prone to low back tightness be cautious if you are doing Saturday AND Sunday.  You can sub the deadlifts for something else on Saturday, or sub the DB snatch for something else on Sunday.


5 Rounds
403m Run
12 Wall Balls (18) (BEEF 25)
12 DB Snatch 45/25 (ADV 18 reps @50/35) (BEEF  25@ 50/35)

I love this workout, as you may have realized by now since this is the 3rd time I’ve programmed it in less than 1 year.  It’s simple and effective for all levels.  If you’re planning on doing the CrossFit Open practice switching the dumbbell in the air on the way down.  Everyone else, no need for anything fancy, and really no need to alternate.  It’s more important to “stay tight” (i.e. keep your posterior chain engaged).  If you’ve done this workout twice already, or you just don’t feel like running, feel free to sub the run for either a bike or the ski erg calories 25men/20women (I wouldn’t recommend row for this one)


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