Weekly WOD Review 9/23/19

Happy Birthday Alanna!
23:00 workout for today’s date
27 bar facing burpees for…I’ll let you all figure that one out
Burpees performed at 9:00 for the month (and 17:00 just for the cherry on top)
Name of the game is slow and steady. Pick a version that allows for constant movement for the entire workout, if done correctly, this should go by pretty quickly! I’m not looking for a ton of rounds, I’m looking for sustained effort for the duration of the 23:00. Enjoy!
“Alanna’s Birthday Cake Remix”
23:00 AMRAP
Buy In: 800m Run
then AMRAP…
10 Power Cleans 95/65 (15 Power Cleans 115/75) (20 Power Cleans 135/95)
10 Box Jumps (15) (20)
10 Shoulder to Overheads (15) (20)
10 Pull Ups (15 Pull Ups – or- 10 Chest to Bars) (20 Chest to Bars)
RxD: 15 Burpees at 9:00 and 17:00
Adv: 15 Bar Facing Burpees at 9:00 and 17:00
Beef: 20 Bar Facing Burpees at 9:00 and 17:00
Alanna’s Birthday Cake Remix: 27 Bar Facing Burpees at 9:00 and 17:00
Be sure to pick a load for the deadlifts that you can complete in NO MORE THAN 3 sets each round, and the same goes for whatever version of Sit Ups/Hanging Knee Raises/Toes to Bar you choose. Remember…short workout or long, heavy loads or light, complex movements or simple ones, the goal is always to move efficiently!
Back Squat
Deadlifts 135/95 (165/115) (185/135)
Sit Ups -or- Hanging Knee Raises (12-9-6 Toes to Bar) (Toes to Bar)
RxD: Buy in with 25/20 Cals any Machine
Adv: Cash Out with 30 Cals any Machine
Beef: Cash Out with 40 Cals any Machine
In the words of Jen M. – “Sandbag and stay the same!” Not technically the verbage I would use haha, but the goal IS to try and sustain your effort over the course of the workout. Maintaining the same amount of reps (give or take 1 rep here and there) is a good indicator of understanding your own pace! These kind of workouts, although not the most attractive on paper, do contribute to “knowing” yourself for future workouts. Give it your best effort everyone!
Skill Session:
6:00 Alt EMOM
1) Static Core
2) KB
7 Rounds
:30 Max Cals any Machine
:30 Max DB Snatches 45/25 (Alt DB Snatches 50/35) (KB Snatches 53/35)
:30 Rest
– rest 2:00 –
7 Rounds
:30 70m Run
:30 Air Squats (Front Squats 75/55) (Front Squats 95/65)
:30 Rest
*Adv and Beef: Start with Part B
**1 score for Total Reps in Part A
**1 score for Total Reps in Part B (1 rep for the run)
For those choosing to go with the Adv option for the EMOM, the goal is to complete your burpees + squat clean in NO MORE THAN :30. That way, you’ll get the intended “conditioning” stimulus”. Also, it’s important that you take the time to warm up before the EMOM to about 80-85% of your 1rm Clean & Jerk. You’ll stay at the same weight for all 12 sets, the goal is to stay calm/cool/collected under fatigue.
For those still new or honing in your skills for the squat clean, I recommend going with the “doubles” version. In doing so will allow you to simply get more practice!
Every 1:00 for 12:00
2 Squat Cleans
Adv: 5 Bar Facing Burpees + 1 Squat Clean (across at 80-85% of 1RM Clean & Jerk)
5 Rounds
200m Run
5 Clean & Jerks 95/65 (7 Clean & Jerks 95/65) (7 Clean & Jerks 115/75)
Take note that all levels are rowing 1000m at some point today. The RxD version will break up the row into 2 parts, which is a mentally refreshing way to complete 1000m! Adv and beefy folks you’ll hop on the rower one time and smash all 1000m at some point.
Skill Session:
6:00 Alt EMOM
1) Static Core
2) Ring
18:00 AMRAP
10 Russian KB Swings 53/35 (12 Russian KB Swings 70/44) (14 American KB Swings 70/53)
10 Goblet Lunges 53/35 (12 Barbell Lunges 95/65) (14 Barbell Lunges 115/75)
10 Double Unders (30) (50)
RxD: 500m Row at 0:00 and 10:00
Adv: 1000m Row at 5:00
Beef: 1000m Row at 13:00
Today’s workout will be done in pairs. Partner workouts are great in that it allows for some built in rest during the AMRAP. All the movements are relatively simple and short, so do your best to keep on moving through the 12:00 and cheer your partner on when they’re working and you’re resting! As for the second part, pretty simple and straight forward except you’ll both be working at the same time. You’ll be alternating stations with your partner, so keep those reps coming as best as you can!
If the partner version isn’t for you, never fear! You’ll perform the same workout (same reps and everything) just on your own! It’ll still be a good workout!
12:00 AMRAP
12 Wall Balls
9 Box Jump Overs
70m Run
*Alt Movements with Partner
– rest 3:00 –
10:00 Alt EMOM
1) Max Cals any Machine
2) Burpees
*1 Partner start on Cals, 1 Partner start on Burpees
**2 separate scores
**total reps for A (22 reps/round)
**total reps for B
5 Rounds
10 DB Snatches 45/25 (12 Alt DB Snatches 50/35) (12 Power Snatches 75/55)
7/5 Push Ups (10 Push Ups -or- 7/5 Handstand Push Ups) (10 HSPU + 30′ HS Walk)
403m Run
RxD: Complete 3 Rope Climbs at some point
Adv: Complete 5 Rope Climbs at some point
Beef: Complete 2 Rope Climbs and 3 Short Rope Climbs at some point