Weekly WOD Review 7/26/21


This workout is a more chunky version of the benchmark cindy but with some runs/rows to give you a break on the bigger sets. Sorry, you know this is a JB go to. Forced cardio rest ;). Feel free to work with the coach on scaling options for push and pull ups if you have unassisted but the reps would take longer than a minute.  For those of you who want a little more volume and less running, you can beef up the reps on gymnastics. Shooting for around 3:30-5 minutes per round.

AMRAP in 22 Minutes
10 Pullups (ADV: 10 C2B)
10 Pushups (ADV: 15/10)
20 Air Squats (ADV: 30)
403m Run

AMRAP in 22 minutes
5/3 Bar or Ring Muscle Ups (Bison: 10)
10 HSPU (Bison: 15)
30 Air Squats (Bison: 50)
403m Run

Today is the last week of this cycle and wanted to give you a chance to test build to a heavy single on lifts today, including those of you who have been doing the conditioning options. For everyone else, keep up the good work and continue to build on what we learned about pulling off the floor this month. Coaches have been informed to lookout for “complete and utter sandbaggage-ness” on the buy in for part b. Be extra proud today about your row time in addition to your total wall ball score.

Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes
2 Squat Snatch or Clean and Jerks
ADV: 1
A.) Conditioning Option
200m Run or Row or 10/8 Cal BIke

Build to Heavy Single Snatch or CJ for the day.

7 Minute Clock
1000m Row or 40 Cal Bike (Beef: 50)
Max Wall Balls in time remaining

You may have noticed the recurring theme during this cycle; each week had the same longer distance run/row/bike. If you have me for it, it’s OK, this is my last week. I hope you’ve gained some progress in these distances. If you want to break it up today, though, this is your chance. You can partition the cardio in however you see fit, or go straight through. The other movements must be done in that order.
5 Rounds
7 Deadlifts 165/115, 185/115, 205/135, 225/155, 275/185
15 Double Unders (ADV: 30) (Beef: 60)
7 Burpees (Beef: BFB)
@ some point during the workout, partitioned however, do ONE of the following:
Run Option
1 Mile Run (Beef: 1.5 Mile Run) (Bison: 2 mile Run)
Row Option
2k Row (Beef: 3k) (Bison: 4k)
Bike Option
80 Cals (Beef: 100) (Bison: 120)
This was fun to test out for you guys. I really loved how the middle gets easier as it was is a nice break of reps before going up again on the second movement. Work with the coach on some mix and matching for toes to bar and barbell to db ratios. I am shooting for this workout to be between 16-22. Please note if you are doing BEEF, there are more barbell reps.

21 DB Snatch 45/25, 50/35, 200m Run or Row
18 DB Snatch,  200m Run or Row
15 DB Snatch,  200m Run or Row
12 DB Snatch, 200m Run or Row
9 DB Snatch, 200m Run or Row
9 Situps, V-ups or HKR, 200m Run or Row
12 Situps, V-ups or HKR, 200m Run or Row
15 Situps, V-ups or HKR, 200m Run or Row
18 Situps, V-ups or HKR, 200m Run or Row
21 Situps, V-ups or HKR, 200m Run or Row
Barbell/T2B Option
*****BEEF reps 21-18-15-12-9-9-12-15-18-21
15 Power Snatch 75/55 200m Run or Row
12 Power Snatch 75/55, 200m Run or Row
9 Power Snatch 75/55, 200m Run or Row
6 Power Snatch 75/55, 200m Run or Row
3 Power Snatch 75/55, 200m Run or Row
3 T2B, 200m Run or Row
6 T2B, 200m Run or Row
9 T2B, 200m Run or Row
12 T2B, 200m Run or Row
15 T2B, 200m Run or Row


A.) Back Squat or Front Squat or OHS
Compare last 3 weeks triples.
Shooting for 75-80% of best double today for the 10 rep.
3 Rounds
20 Russian KB Swings 53/35, 70/44, (Beef: 15 American 70/53)
10 Box Jump Overs (Beef: 30 in)
70m Farmer Carry, Sled Push, or SB/DBall Carry
*Bison 15-30ft HS Walk after each round.
Grab your buddy today. This one was fun. Don’t worry about sharing equipment too, this allows for you to each have your own. The cardio portions are done together (Both cover same distance) but the WB, Burpee, CJ, and Pullups are split up however you see fit. There is a SOLO option as well, HALF THE REPS of everything except the cardio.
100 Wall Balls (ADV: 150) -one person works at a time-
800m Run -together-
80 Burpees -one person works at a time-
400m Run together -together-
40 Clean and Jerks -one person works at a time-
200m (ADV: 400) Ball Carry -together-
30 Pullups or 4 Rope Climbs (ADV: 20 C2B or 6 Rope Climbs) (Beef: 30 C2B or 10 Rope Climbs) -one person works at a time-


– Suns out guns out, beware of the bro’s out!
10 minutes
Bench Press, Push Press, or Push Jerk
Build to 2 rep max
B.) 15 Minute AMRAP
3-6-9-12-15 (After 15, go back to 3’s)
STO 75/55, 95/65, 115/75 or HSPU or Dips
Lunges 75/55, 95/65,115/75
Calories any machine–

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