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Weekly WOD Review 1/7/19

We’ve done this format quite frequently in the past month, so this is a good opportunity to continue to progress if you’ve followed the instructions each time. As you compare this strength session to your previous ones, some ideas to change it up a bit are: to increase all of your sets by 5lbs or so, shoot for a more “across” type of workout (less weight changes, more sets at one weight), or use the same weights as before and try to make it “feel” better.
For the finisher, nothing too complicated in order to not take away from your strength session. Pick a light barbell weight that you can do all the prescribe reps at and try to move quickly on the run. If you enjoy running, but want to keep the barbell light…feel free to mix and match and do the longer runs and vice versa.
Every 1:00 for 12:00
2 Squat Cleans
ADV: 1 Squat Clean at 80-85% or 5-10lbs heavier than last time
*compare 11/6/18, 12/28/18
403m Run (603m)
15 Front Squats 95/65 115/75 135/95
200m Run (403m)
12 Front Squats
70m Run (200m)
9 Front Squats
For this workout, I primarily want to discuss scaling options for the push ups. If possible, scale push ups to a box, set up a barbell low on the rig, or even use a band. Try and avoid going down to your knees as much as possible. The reason being is that we would like you guys to incorporate the necessary midline work to keep those hips from sagging (similar to a plank). Keep in mind, the more you can stay conscious of how your midline is working translates very well to when we include barbells or other implements into workouts.
Alt Every 1:00 for 25:00
1) Max Cals any Machine
2) Max DB Snatch 45/25 (50/35) (Alt 50/35)
3) Max Push Ups (Handstand Push Ups) (4″/2″ Def HSPU)
4) 70m Sled Push 25/15 35/25 45/35
5) Rest
*score total cals + snatches + push ups
Similar to a few weeks ago, all levels will participate in the static holds for the skill session. It’s important to be able to hold specific positions of any range of motion in order to build awareness and increase your overall strength in any given moment. So for today’s skill session you guys will have some sort of “pulling” and “core” hold.
For the main workout today, you guys have a chipper-esque type of challenge. This workout isn’t meant to have a large number of rounds completed, so keep that in mind! Break things up early, manage your heart rate (I usually tell people that they should be able to hold a conversation), then try and pick it up for the last 2:00 or so! One thing to discuss is the power clean weight you’ll be choosing today. It will be a little bit on the heavier end since volume is relatively low. Think of a weight that you can complete at least 5-6 cleans in a minute.
8:00 Alt EMOM
1) :30 Static Ring Row Hold -or- Chin Over Bar Hold
2) :30 Deadbug Marches -or- Hollow Hold -or- L Sit on Box, Parallette, or Pull Up Bar
18:00 AMRAP
30 Wall Balls (35) (40)
25 Box Jumps (30) (35)
20 Hanging Knee Raises or Sit Ups (25 Toes to Bar) (30 Toes to Bar)
15 Burpees (20 Bar Facing Burpees) (25 Bar Facing Burpees)
10 Power Cleans 115/75 (15 Power Cleans 135/95) (20 Power Cleans 165/105) (20 Squat Snatches 135/95)
5 Pull Ups (10 Chest to Bars) (10/7 Muscle Ups) (15 Muscle Ups)
You guys will get another shot at some tempo work, similar to Friday’s but from the front rack position this time around. This time around, there are a couple of accessory movements that you will be fitting in during your squat session. Try and fit these in when you would like, but keep in mind you guys will have 25:00. Should be plenty of time though!
Less weight, move well will be the focus of today.
25:00 Clock for A1, A2, A3
Tempo Front Squat
**3 seconds down, 2 seconds at bottom, explode up, 3 seconds at top
Bent Over Barbell Row
3 x 10
Alt Z Press
3 x 16 total (8/arm)
500m Row (750m) (1000m)
20 KB Swings 53/35 (25 at 70/44) (35 at 70/53)
15 Double Unders or 30 Single Unders (25 Double Unders) (35 Double Unders)
20 KB Swings (25 at 70/44) (35 at 70/53)
200m KB Carry
*Adv and Beef: Start From Bottom
Feel free to mix and match today’s workout! If you enjoy running, but want to keep the barbell light and volume low…go for it! And the opposite is acceptable also! For all levels, the volume and load are relatively light. With that being said, the focus will be on constant movement. Consistency is fast and the name of the game! For your single arm dumbbell shoulder to overheads, go ahead and switch arms whenever you would like. And lastly, keep in mind you bison folks…you guys will be ADDING a 30′ Handstand Walk at the end of each round.
3 Rounds
603m Run (800m)
10 Deadlifts 135/95 (15 Deadlifts 185/135) (20 Deadlifts 205/145)
10 Single Arm DB Shoulder to Overhead 45/25 (15 at 50/35) (20 at 50/35)
*Bison Only: Perform a 30′ Handstand Walk after each round
Intervals are on the menu for today! All movements across the board are simple, so the name of the game will be to focus on heart rate and intensity. Try and stay consistent across each round in terms of reps, and keep yourself in the game mentally! As a heads up, rounds 3-5 will be the “grinder” rounds. Enjoy!
7 Rounds
:30 Max Cals any Machine
:30 Max Air Squats (Goblet Squats 53/35) (Front Squats 95/65) (Overhead Squats 95/65)
:30 Rest
– 3:00 Rest –
7 Rounds
:30 70m Run
:30 Max Burpees (Beef and Bison: Bar Facing Burpees)
:30 Rest
*Adv/Beef/Bison: Start with Part B
*One total score for part A. One total score for part B (just burpees)
I’ve included a barbell option for anyone that would like to practice them! If you are one of those individuals, substitute thrusters for wall balls. Also, we’ve included a monostructural workout in the past so I’ve included one today for those of you who just want to come in and sweat it out! Please come in and start no later than 20:00 after class starts in order to finish on time!
4 Rounds
1:00 Wall Balls (Barbell Option: Thrusters 95/65)
1:00 Hanging Knee Raises -or- V Ups (Toes to Bar)
1:00 Box Jump Overs
1:00 KB Swings 53/35 70/44 70/53
1:00 Rest
Monostructural Option:
Every 10:00 for 40:00
8:00 Max Cals any Machine

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