Weekly WOD insights 5/24/21: The Doggo Edition


The triple couplet. A classic. One could say one of the classic formats of CrossFit. Across the many years we have written workouts this format always seems to hit the sweet spot. You get just enough time on each chunk for it to be a good challenge, but you never feel like you get stuck on one portion. Today is a great day to mix and match levels depending on your skill level and your CrossFit aspirations. If your goal is to get better at a certain aspect (lets say the higher skill gymnastics) then you should push yourself to try to go beyond your usual comfort level with that movement. You can try to increase your volume on the movement, or try a more complex movement. This will most likely slow down your workout overall, but thats okay! If you ever want to get to the next level then you need to sacrifice speed in order to get to that level.


A.) 3 Rounds 
8 Burpee Box Jump overs (10) (14)
8 Pull ups (adv C2B) (Beef Bar muscle ups 3/1) (Bison 6 BMU)
-403m Run (Adv 603)-
B.) 3 Rounds 
8 Squat cleans 95/65 115/75 (10 @ 135/95)
Mama Grace!
12/9 Cals any machine (15) (18)


-403m run (Adv 603)-
C.) 3 Rounds
15 Deadlifts 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
12 Box Jump overs (15) (18)
-403m Run-
*Beef goes in reverse order* 


This will be the last week of our little push/pull mini cycle. I have talked to a few people who have seen some results by just sticking with the same pair of movements from week to week, which was exactly what I was going for. You would be surprised with how much progress you can make by just sticking to the same movements for a couple of weeks. And in the case of doing these push/pull movements, you will see a lot of transfer over to a lot of the movements we do in our met cons. If you have record of one of your time trials, select the one you feel most confident in beating. If it doesn’t feel like todays the day for a PR, thats okay! You can still give it a solid effort and then push it on the Amrap to get a great workout overall.


A.) 6 Minute alternating EMOM 
1- 8-15 Push ups, DB bench press, ring push ups, ring dips, DB strict press, Z press
2- 6-15 Ring rows, pull ups, Dumbbell rows, KB rows, strict muscle up, kipping muscle ups


B.) 0:00 
Time trial (pick one)
-1 Mile run
-2K row
-80/64 Cal bike


6 Minute amrap 
12 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (Am swings 70/53)
16 Air squats (Adv Jumping air squat)
Bring your grip (and grit) for part B. The combination will be a forearm burner, and thats by design. If you are really getting stuck on the hanging knee raises because your grip is shot, then feel free to mix and match hanging knee raises or toes to bar and sit ups to give your forearms a little break.


A.) Every :90s for 15 Minutes 
2 Clean and Jerks or 2 Snatches


1 Clean and Push jerk + 1 clean and Split jerk


B.) 4 rounds 
10 Hanging knee raises or sit ups, tuck ups, V ups (5 toes to bar)
10 Power Cleans 95/65 (115/75)
*Must perform 210m of Sled push 45/25 or D ball/ SB carry*
Beef/Bison Chipper 
20 Toes to bar
20 Power cleans 135/95 155/105
70m sled push, D ball carry, or Sand bag carry

15 toes to bar

15 Power cleans

70m sled push, D ball carry, or Sand bag carry
10 Toes to bar
10 Power cleans
70m sled push, D ball carry, or Sand bag carry




If you are newer to squats, then I would suggest opting for the 5’s today. This will give you the opportunity to get more volume, which will be better for improving your ability in your earlier stages of lifting. If you are experienced and are comfortable working in lower rep ranges, then opt for the advanced squats. The goal for the 5-3-1 is to find a heavy load for each set. The goal is not necessarily to set a personal best on any set, but if it does happen thats great! Todays finisher should be a quick burner🔥 . I remember doing this workout years ago when I used to work at a CrossFit gym in Marin, and I remember it being one of the more tough sprinty workouts I have ever done. Choose a shoulder to overhead weight that you think you could go unbroken on all the sets for. If you do need to break, make sure they are quick breaks and you are able to get right back to things!


A.) Back squat/ Front Squat/ Overhead Squat 


Adv Option *Compare similar to 5/17/21*


B.) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Shoulder to overhead 95/65 (115/75) (135/95 or DB 50/35)
Calories any machine




Todays amrap is very open-esque. All the movements are fairly simple and the format allows for you to ideally keep moving for the entire 18 minutes. This is fairly similar to CrossFit open style workouts where you really have to get to that uncomfortable place and just try and hold on. These workouts are always a great test of mental fortitude and your ability to silence that little voice in your head that tries to convince you that you need to stop or slow down. My advice for managing the wall balls would be to be very mindful of your breaks and rest that you take. When I did my wallballs (pre boot era) I would usually do small sets, but when I set the ball down I wouldn’t move my feet. I would wait about three seconds, then pick the ball back up and go again. Finding little ways to keep yourself moving can go a long way in winning that mental battle!


18 Minute amrap 
10 Wall Balls (12) (Beef 16)
12 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) (Beef 16 alt 50/35)
14/10 Row calories(16) (20)  or Assault bike cals 9/6 (12) (15)


Dallas and Lolo!


This ones for all the folks heading out to Cancun soon, or any tropical destination. The first portion will have the higher skill movements in the pull up and double under, which will give you the opportunity to do these in a slightly more fresh state. Even if pull ups and double unders aren’t your forte, you should still practice those movements and know you can get plenty of intensity from the finishing couplet. The finishing couplet will be more of a grinder where you need to find your pace and stick to it.


“Cancun Conditioning”
3 rounds 
10 Double unders or 30 singles (20) (60)
8 pull ups (C2B) (Beef BMU 3/1) (6)
12 Barbell lunges 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)


-Immediately into-


4 rounds 
10 power clean or snatch 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
403m Run (beef run 603/603/403/403)




You’ll be getting a solid amount of rest between rounds here, so don’t be afraid to push the pace on the buy in to maximize your time on the calories. Be sure to track your calories, that will be your time for today.


4 Minute clock 
12 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (AM swing)
7 Down ups (Adv Burpee)
12 Russian Kb swings
7 Down ups (Adv Burpee)
-In time remaining-
Max Cals any machine
*Rest :90s between rounds*


**Score will be total calories**