Weekly WOD Insights 3/23/20: The At Home Edition

Hey sweat shoppers! I just wanted to let you guys know we will continue to support you guys through these tough times and will be providing you with workouts you will be able to do with very minimal equipment. We will do our best to ensure that you guys at the very least can maintain the fitness you have spent a long time accruing. Its easy to get knocked off track in times like these so we will do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen! We want to see you guys hitting these WODs wherever you end up doing them. Take a quick video, a picture, call some people out on social media, keep logging on beyond the whiteboard, have a zoom session with a friend and hit the workout at the same time! Stay involved with your fellow Sweat Shoppers and I promise this will pass much faster!


On a small note about the programming, you’ll notice that its catered to having a dumbbell/Kettlebell, and a jump rope. If you’re someone who has more or less equipment, or you feel like you need some more attention and customization, please reach out to me and we can talk about private programming! Stay healthy yallūüĎä



If you’re having a hard time with the pop squat footwork, just do normal squats! The goal for today is to keep it simple and keep it effective. The legs should be getting pretty pumped with the squats and wall sits being back to back.


20 Minute alternating EMOM
2- :30-:40s Tuck hollow Hold (adv Hollow Hold)
3- Down ups (Adv Burpees)
4- :45s Wall sit (adv Goblet loaded or single leg)




I would highly encourage you to take the shoulder health very serious! Especially in times like these when we may not be as active as usual, it’s very important to make sure we are keeping our joints happy and healthy. The finisher should be a simple high intensity finisher. The snatches will be taken from the hang position today, just to give you some variety and to allow you to move a bit faster. If you have a dumbbell thats very light, or heavy for you, don’t be afraid to increase or decrease the volume so it feels more fitting for you!


A.) Shoulder health Circuit

2-3 Sets

Just sprinkling in a little bit of extra attention for the shoulders today. Gotta keep them healthy and happy!
5 each direction Scapular Circles 


B.) 8 Rounds 
10 Sit-ups (adv Single leg v-ups or V-ups)



Today will be a mix of things that are strength building and Cardio-y. The push ups and bent over rows should be done with control and quality and the lunges and jump rope will be your chance to get the heart rate up! Again depending on the KB or DB you have, you can adjust the reps accordingly!


20 Minute Amrap 
6/4 Push ups (10/6)
14 Goblet lunges  (Kb or DB)
15 Double Unders or 45 singles






Today is supposed to be a nice day so I figured good opportunity for a nice running WOD! For the medicine ball toe taps, you don’t necessarily have to use a medicine ball, you can use a dumbbell or anything really that you can tap your feet on. With having limited equipment and space, don’t be afraid to experiment with new movements and workout styles just to keep yourself moving! If you don’t have exact running distances, just try to emulate the time it takes you to run each distance. If 600m usually takes you about 3 minutes, then run for :90s, turn around, and run back. It doesn’t need to be exact in this situation it just needs to keep you moving!


5 Rounds
20 Medicine Ball Toe taps (you can use a DB/KB to tap your feet on!)
-Run or row 600m (Adv 800m)-
4 Rounds 
12 Single arm Dumbbell Hang Clean and jerks (Adv 15)
20 Medicine Ball Toe taps (you can use a DB/KB to tap your feet on!)
-Run or Row 400m (Adv 600m)-
3 Rounds 
12 Single arm Dumbbell Hang Clean and jerks (Adv 15)
20 Medicine Ball Toe taps (you can use a DB/KB to tap your feet on!)
-Run or Row 200m (400m)-



The down up broad jump is a fun way to mix up your usual down-ups/burpees by adding an explosive element to it. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, you are more than welcome to just stick to regular burpees! The double dumbbell snatch is something you can do if you have a pair of lighter dumbbells, or you just really want to smash yourself with a full body movement.


5 Rounds 
1 minute of Down up + Broad jump  or Burpees
1 minute of Dumbbell Snatches or Double Dumbbell snatch or Kettlebell snatch



I am a huge fan of this format because I think it yields great intensity. Keeping it simple and effective this one should be a pretty high intensity effort! That being said, the mountain climber is a core movement. You should have good control over the movement and be able to keep solid position with your hips and midline. If double unders are not your jam, opt for the singles on this one to keep intensity up!


5 Cycles
3 Minute clock
3 rounds
10 Air Squats (Adv 15)
20 (total) Mountain Climbers (Adv 30)
-In time remaining-
Max Double or Single unders


-1 minute rest between cycles-




Supposed to be a gorgeous day! As I am writing this its projected to be 69 degrees and sunny ūüėéūüĆě. This would be a great one to hit at a track if you are able to. For the russian twists, remember that its still a core movement so be sure to utilize as much control as possible, while maintaining intensity. Again if you have a lighter/heavier DB or KB, adjust the reps accordingly.


Buy in 1200m Run (Adv 1 mile run)
Head outside and hit this with a buddy (But stay six feet apart!)
6 rounds
20 Russian Twists (30)
Cash out: 800m Run (Adv 1200m)