Weekly Wod Insights 11/18/19


Its been quite some time since we have tested out a one rep max so for you experienced lifters if you want to see what you are capable of go for it! If you haven’t tested out a one rep max before, but have been doing the olympic lifts for at least a year and half, today might be a good day to test it out! Also do not feel like you have to hit a personal record if you choose that option, you can always just perform a heavy single.


A.) Every 1:30 for 15 minutes 
2 Clean and Jerks


Adv Option
15 Minute Clock to build up to a heavy single


B.) For time
200m Med ball Carry
20 Russian KB swings 53/35 (adv 25 @ 70/44) (Beef Am swings 70/53)
25 Burpees (Adv + Beef 30 Burpees)
20 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (adv 25 @ 70/44) (Beef Am swings 70/53)
200m Run (Adv + Beef 200m Med ball Carry)


I like the simple yet effective approach to this workout. I feel like everything is short enough to where you can really push the threshold in terms of pacing. Remember that its a good idea to track your splits to see if you were able to maintain your pace. This can be useful if a repeat workout pops up(like this one) because then you will have a gauge as to how fast you should be going per round.


A.) 6 min alt EMOM
1- Pressing
2- Midline


B.) 7 Rounds          *Compare 2/11/19*
200m Run or Row (Adv 250/200m Row) 
5 Squat Cleans 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/105
6 Pullups (ADV: 7) (Beef: 7 C2B)
-Rest 1 minute b/t rounds-




The idea for today is to try and utilize the entire minute. You wil have :30s between each movement so try to utilize your entire work period to get the desired intensity. For the pushing movements always choose quality over quantity. The cals and dumbbell snatches should be more than enough in terms of opportunity for intensity.  


A.) Back Squat      *compare similar 11/8/19, 9/24/19*


B.) 2 Rounds 
1 Minute of Max DB Sn. 45/25 (adv 50/35 or KB snatch ~50/35) (Beef Alt 50+/35) 
-:30s of rest- 
1 Minute of Max Cals any machine 
-:30s of rest- 
1 Minute of Push ups (adv Ring push ups) (Beef HSPU or Ring dips) 
-:30s of rest- 


*score total reps* 


If you are still working on your rope climbing ability, and don’t want to do grounded ascents or rope climbs, you can opt for a farmers carry today. It will still develop grip strength for the rope climb but can be a nice change of pace. 


5 Rounds 
403m Run 
8 Ground to overhead 95/65 (adv 115/75) (Beef 10 @ 135/95) (Bison 10 Snatch @ 135/95) 


Perform at some point 
Rx’d- Complete 4 rope Climbs or four 35m farmer carrys 50/35
Adv- Complete 7 rope climbs at some point 
Beef- Complete 4 legless or Short rope climbs + 4 regular rope climbs 




As always anytime we do for quality work emphasize control  and good positioning over lifting as heavy as possible. For the finisher try to keep your head down and keep working. Focus on your pacing and breathing and the time will go by fast. 
For Quality 
4 Rounds
-12 Dumbbell Walking Lunges 40/20 (adv 50/35) (Beef 55+/40+) 
Rest at least :30s 
Rest at least :30s 


B.) 12 Minute Amrap 
10 Wall Ball  (adv 14) (Beef 18)
9 Deadlifts 135/95 (Adv 185/135) (Beef 12 @ 185/135) (Bison 225/155)


If you are worried about the volume of hanging knee raises or toes to bar, feel free to mix in sit-ups or single leg v-ups. We always want you to get the best workout possible, but not at the expense of you ripping up your hands! For Beef folks you’ll be working for 18 minutes straight so try and pace accordingly! And remember to bring your gymnastics grips!


A.) 6 minute alt EMOM 
1- Pressing
2- Pulling


18 Minute Clock
3 Box Jump Overs
3 Hanging Knee Raises or sit ups (adv Toes to bar)
6 Box Jump overs
6 Hanging Knee raises or sit ups (adv Toes to bar)
9 Box Jump overs
9 Hanging Knee raises (adv Toes to bar)
140m  Shuttle Run
Start Back from the top and ascend again
*at min 6, and min 12, rest for 1 minute. Pick up where you left off*
**40 reps per round (35m run = 1 rep)


Gymnastics grips have been one of the best CrossFit gear investments I have ever made. They are relatively inexpensive and since buying them my hands have not ripped!!
Beef version 
18 Minute Clock
3 Box Jump overs
3 Toes to bar
6 Box Jump overs
6 Toes to Bar
9 Box Jump overs
9 toes to bar
200m Run
12 Box Jump overs
12 Toes to bar
15 Box Jump overs
15 Toes to bar
18 Box Jump overs
18 Toes to bar
200m Run
21 Box Jump overs
21 Toes to bar


No rest for the Beefs (200m run= 1 rep) 
Through 18’s- 127 reps
Through 21’s-170 reps
Through 24’s- 218 reps
Through 27’s- 272 reps


Theres no rest between the two Amraps, only after both have been done. Score each Amrap separately.


A1.) 5 Minute Amrap 
8 Calories any machine
10 Russian Kb swings
10 Double unders or 30 singles (adv 20 Doubles) (Beef 40 Double unders)


A2.) 5 Min Amrap 
12 Goblet Squats 53/35 (adv front squat 75/55) (Beef 95/65)
10 Burpees (Adv Bar facing)


-3 min rest-


*after 2 minute rest, repeat and repeat A1 and A2*
**Adv and Beef Start with A2, then perform A1, then rest**
***Four scores***