Weekly WOD Insight 9/17/18

Were falling into Fall. My favorite season. Pumpkin spice on everything. Let’s take advantage of these last couple weeks of amazingly mild weather. I hope you can join me for the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) option on Sunday!


Same story as the last couple weeks with our Oly lifting EMOM here. If you are shooting for the ADV option and going across, make sure you start warming up early. Even if it’s super light, you should be hitting some warmup sets before the WOD briefing. For the finisher, keep to that strict time cap. Because there is only one set of the pull/muscle up, if you want to go for the bigger challenge, feel free, just try to to be stuck on that movement for more than 3 minutes. I want this to be a fun challenge but still intense!

EMOM for 12 minutes
2 Squat Cleans or Snatches
ADV: 1 @ 75-80%
10 Minute Time Cap
For time:
21 Thrusters 75/55, ADV: 95/65, Beef: 115/75, Bison: 135/95
15 Burpees (ADV: Bar Facing)
9 Pullups ADV: C2B (Beef: 6/4 Muscle Ups) (Bison: 9 Muscle Ups)
403m Run
9 Thrusters 😉

The goal for this workout is to elicit some stamina across a pretty long time domain. For this workout, you’ll want to work moderately/hard through the buy-ins, and relaxed and methodical on the AMRAP. This ratio of work to rest is pretty big so please realize that 1 minute of rest isn’t a ton of time. You shouldn’t be redlining on the AMRAP.  Try to choose a buy-in distance that you could do within 2:00-2:30.  Everyone does both intervals 3 times, you will just be alternating the buy-in every set. One total AMRAP score, start where you left off.

6 Sets (Alternating Buy ins each set)4 Minute AMRAP
8 DB Snatches 45/25 (ADV: 10@ 53/35 ) (BEEF: 12 @ 50-55/35-40)
8 Wall Balls (ADV: 10) (BEEF: 12)
-1 Minute Rest-

Interval 1 Buy in: 400m/300m row (ADV: 500/400) (Beef: 500 m/f)
Interval 2 Buy in: Run 400m (extra slow runners can do 200 or 200+100m runs) or Bike 18/16 Cals ADV: 20/18, Beef: 20 m/f)

In addition to our gymnastics skills sessions, you can expect to see this time allotted to other necessary, functional, non-functional body building, accessory, and symmetry work as a starter. These movements, just like with our gymnastics stuff, should be done for quality and with a smooth tempo. Not for intensity. Ask the coach for help on these if you haven’t done them before. A little different than Tuesday’s conditioning focus, there is no rest on this workout workout. So we want you to be moving at a pace that we can keep consistent reps for 20 minutes without a huge drop off in any giving movement.

3 Sets
20 Steps DB or KB Walking Lunges (choose weight)
Rest 90 seconds
8-10 Reps each DB, or KB Bent Row (choose weight)
Rest 90 seconds

EMOM for 20 minutes
Max Cal Row or Assault Bike
Max Power Cleans 95/65, 115/75, 135/95
Max Situps or HKR, (ADV+BEEF: T2B)
(1) 70m Sled Push (ADV+BEEF:: 45/25)

 The purpose for the short rest between the AMRAP is simply to recover the upper body. While this rest will help a little, if you struggle with either pullups or pushups, expect them to still be the limiter so pace it as best as you can to minimize the drop off.
Front Squat
3 sets of 3 minute AMRAPs
1-3 Strict Pull-Up (ADV 5 Strict or Kipping) (Beef: 5 Strict or C2B Kipping)
6 Push-Ups (ADV: 10/8 Pushups or 6/4 HSPU) (Beef: 10 HSPU)
9 Air Squats (ADV+Beef: 15)
-Rest 1 minute-

For today’s part B.), the limiter will be the shoulder to overhead. The deadlifts should be the easiest part in most all of the levels but still pick a barbell that you can smash on both (3 quick sets or less).
A.) Skills: HS WALK
Alt EMOM for 8 Minutes
-1 Wall Walk w/10-15 sec hold (ADV: W/ 2-3 Shoulder Taps)
-:30 Hollow Hold
Guided Skill  8 Minutes
Kicking up to wall progressions
Static Hold, Hands Further Back, Foot Taps, Walking to wall)

EMOM or E2MOM for 8 minutes
-15-30 foot handstand walk (More challenging: Try going over a couple plates)


4 Rounds
403m Run
15 Deadlifts 95/65 (ADV: 115/75) (Beef: 21 @115/75) (Bison: 135/95)
12 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65 (ADV: 115/75) (Beef: 15 @115/75) (Bison: 135/95)
9 Box Jump Overs (ADV/Beef/Bison: 12)
1 Rope Climb (ADV: 2 or 1 Legless/Regional) (Beef: 2 Regional)


A.) Skills:

Alt EMOM for 8 Minutes
1) 7-10 Ring Rows (Adv: Elevate Feet)
2) :30 Second Hollow Hold/ V-or L-Sit Hold

ADV+Beef go in reverse order
3 rounds
Row 400m
15 Wall Balls (ADV: 20) (Beef: 25)

3 rounds
15 DU (ADV: 30) (Beef: 60)
10 Kettlebell Swings 53/35, 70/44 (12 @ BEEF: 70/53)
3 rounds
200m Run
5 Burpee Pull-ups (ADV: 5 Burpee C2B) (Beef: 5 Burpee Bar MU) (Bison: 7 Burpee Bar MU)

Obviously you don’t have to do the trail bike option. Just wanted to change it up.
The BOYB “Bring Your Own Bike Option” buy in course is mapped here:
****Buy In:
1 Mile Run or 2k Row or 5K/4k Assault Bike or
“Bring your own bike” Option: Sweat Shop to Heather Farms Pool and back on CCC trail. See map.
15 GTO 95/65, 115/75, 135/95
18 Situps or HKR (ADV: 12 T2B) (Beef+Bison: 18 T2B)
20 Front Squats 95/65, 115/75, 135/95
22 Burpees (ADV: BFB)
20 Front Squats
18 Situps or HKR
15 GTO
****Cash Out: Half the distance of your buy in:
BYOB Course: Sweat Shop Mile Course