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Movement Refocused: Hip Mobility Stretches

Our programming has evolved greatly over the years at the Sweat Shop. While there are many facets of this evolution, such as the selection of movements, scheduled strength days, training formats, skill sessions, etc, the core focus that we as coaches want all members to take home is improving on the quality of the movements. Training should always be evolving and we are always looking at ways we can make you better and show you knew ways to fine tune the things you already do pretty well! While we want your workouts to be fun and intense, we also want you to perform the movements in a way that gives you the best chance to reap the benefits of doing them. Enter “Movement Refocused”. While this first piece is about focusing on the everyday hip stuff we do, this video “series” will be added to frequently so that you all know what we are looking for during specific movements. This one is specifically on how to make the “couch” and “pigeon” stretches a little better along with activating the hip. Look for more of these videos coming your way! We hope you’ll find some benefit in them.


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